Character Profile: Nicholas

Name: Nicholas Wainwright, Nicholas Wright (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Clay Elk, Nikky

Title(s): Tren’keit (maybe)

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Hazel

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 66 kg

Build: Stocky

Distinguishing Marks: Mysterious birthmark on his upper right arm

Dick Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Bianca (girlfriend), Isaac (boyfriend), Aaron, Andrew, Chester (roommates), Peter, Jacob (close friends/sex partners)

Family Relationships: Natalia and Hugo (parents)

Sexuality: “Straight”

Preferred Positions: On top, standing

Kinks: Exhibitionism, orgasm denial

Orgies Attended: Academy Shower Room Orgies, The Isaac of Clearwater Memorial Orgy, The Peter Swiftheart Birthday Party Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born during an eclipse to a wainwright and her husband in a southern Dolovin village called Upper Hiven, Nicholas enjoyed an ordinary childhood of playing with his friends, learning his family trade, and dreaming of being a knight or a famous mercenary when he grew up. He never thought much about the funny birthmark on his arm until one day when he confronted a man who was trying to rob Upper Hiven’s only inn and lit the man’s clothes on fire by mistake. For about a week after that, Nicholas had a series of magic-related mishaps that had many people, himself included, grateful when a mage from the academy appeared to take him for training. Informing him that he was not only a mage but the chosen one of legend reignited in Nicholas old dreams about saving the world, and he happily went off to face his destiny.


  • If he hadn’t developed magic, Nicholas would have wanted to make a living as a mercenary, but realistically would have stayed in Upper Hiven and replaced his mother as a wainwright
  • Nicholas is heterosexual (just ask him). Nicholas has never interacted sexually with a girl
  • Nicholas’s pain tolerance is high, bordering on abnormal
  • Since he was a child, Nicholas has been afflicted with a headache disorder in which migraines correlate to gaps in his memory. No medication he has ever taken has helped with this
  • Nicholas had periods of despair as a child when he didn’t grow as regularly as his friends. He tended to grow in very short spurts rather than gradually
  • Nicholas doesn’t dream, or if he does, he has never remembered a dream
  • Though not the most charismatic boy, Nicholas was often the centre of groups because he was considered dependable and levelheaded
  • No matter what or how much he eats, Nicholas’s metabolism seems determined not to let it affect him physically, for better or worse
  • Nicholas feels most like himself when he’s running. It helps him think
  • If being the chosen one doesn’t work out, Nicholas has gone back to counting on ‘mercenary’ as his backup career


  • “You probably shouldn’t talk about that in front of people.”
  • “I don’t want to sleep with you. I like girls.”
  • “I’m different from them.”
  • “I thought this was all going to go a certain way and when you were here, it was…frustrating.”
  • “I came to you this time. I expect us both to have pants on next time.”
  • “It’s not a game. It’s not a game if lives are at stake, sir.”
  • “You talk like you’ve assassinated someone before.”
  • “My dad always told me I’ve only got one body, so I should be careful with it.”
  • “I’m running. You can run with me.”
  • “I always had a personality, you just pretended I didn’t because you didn’t like me.”
  • “Yeah, well…I see what all the fuss is about now. It was better than I imagined.”
  • “If someone was going to do it, I wanted it to be someone like Isaac who knew what he was doing.”
  • “Look. I’m not who you think I am.”


  • Nicholas has ripped every pair of pants he’s ever owned eventually, always by accident except once
  • Puppets unnerve Nicholas to the point where he doesn’t like to be around them
  • Nicholas’s first time masturbating happened because he heard about it from a friend and wanted to try it
  • When he was seven years old, a cart collapsed on top of Nicholas. It was considered a miracle that he wasn’t hurt
  • Nicholas always wished he could have a big brother
  • Animals tend to ignore Nicholas. This makes him vaguely sad
  • Nicholas once (accidentally) spied on a girl bathing in the river and decided someday he’d ask her to be his girlfriend
  • To date, Nicholas has been anally penetrated by eleven of his friends, anally penetrated fourteen of them, been orally penetrated by fifteen and orally penetrated all of them. All of these friends have been male
  • Even before he admitted to having an exhibition kink, Nicholas used to masturbate in places where people could easily find him in theory
  • At ten, Nicholas had a plan for how his life was going to go. This included saving a prince from a dragon, becoming his best friend, fighting an evil wizard and some pirates and a few other adventures after that. Though none of this transpired, he is not unhappy 

Modern AU: Modern Nicholas was surprised that he’d won some scholarship to go to St. Sebastien’s, but he wasn’t about complain about the chance to go to a fancy private school with a reputation for its students going on to be successful. Coming from a working-class background, it’s all a bit fancy for him, but he’s adapting okay. He’s also adapting okay to his co-scholarship recipients, who are not the kind of people he ever knew before. He’s got a girlfriend at the academy and has made a lot of good friends, and is very happy with that. When he’s not studying or in class, Nicholas runs recreationally and as part of the school’s track team, and volunteers at a local youth shelter.

16 thoughts on “Character Profile: Nicholas

  1. Doesn’t like puppets, huh? While ordinarily I would suggest that this hints at a subconscious awareness of what he is and what happens during his blackouts, exposure to Li’l Cal (go ahead. do an image search.) has left me with deep sympathy for this sentiment.


      1. …I can’t tell if that was a joke, or if you genuinely didn’t get MY joke and thought I was referring to your character Cal’s dick.

        (Seriously, do an image search for “Li’l Cal”. He is a thing of nightmares and horror.)


          1. Ah. Well, forget the Homestuck angle, then. The point is, I’d suspect Nick’s disliking puppets to be related to his situation with Klaus if not for the fact that I know from personal experience that this is an entirely legitimate and reasonable fear to have.


            1. 😀 It is that, and you might be right! It’s a totally legitimate fear to have (my sister is phobic of puppets actually), so it could be a Klaus thing, or it could be just a regular fear. Hard to say!

              Also, I don’t hate Homestuck or anything to be clear, I just haven’t read it and have had many experiences of people talking at me about it for a long time, which is the only reason why I tend to change the subject rapidly when it comes up haha.


  2. Wait, Nicholas has parents? That doesn’t gel with Klaus’s claims of him being artificial. Are Nicholas’s parents working for Klaus? Was he adopted? Are they homonculi themselves? Did Klaus do something to mess with their memories, or Nicholas’s? Was Nicholas’s mother a surrogate for an artificial embryonic Nicholas? Is anything real? Am I just a butterfly dreaming of being a hopeless nerd?


    1. Natalia and Hugo’s biological child was stillborn; Klaus replaced the baby with Nicholas before they could notice (a small amount of memory altering was required). They are biologically related to him in a fashion–Klaus infused him with their essence, enough that he resembles them both in physical appearance and behaviours, just like any child does with their parents.

      So everything’s real, except for the parts that aren’t. 🙂


  3. How aware is Bianca of Nikky’s “straight”ness? Is she internally rolling her eyes at him, or can we expect a surprised Pikachu face from her in the future?


    1. She knows he’s fucking Isaac and his roommates, and she knows though he’s never told her that he’s started bottoming regularly. So she’s doing a lot of eye-rolling on the sidelines while she waits for him to just come out already. But honestly she just thinks it’s all cute, haha.


  4. I suddenly crave a scene where Nicholas, at some point after Klaus has dispensed with the charade and started puppeting him openly without even trying to hide it, manages through sheer stubborn willpower to not only throw off his control but actually turn the tables and mindjack Klaus.


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