Character Profile: Jacob

Name: Jacob of Haven, Jacob Harper (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Debonair Duke, Hiccup, Jakey, Eclipse Moth, the Nightstealer, Query the Absent, Steven, Yemender the Seven-Eyed

Title(s): Nanny to House DiGorre

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Green

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Build: Skinny

Distinguishing Marks: A small birthmark on his ankle

Dick Size: Slightly below average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Isaac, Peter (boyfriends), Silas (Dom), Frederick (fellow sub) Nicholas (friend), Gus (brother’s boyfriend/Dom)

Family Relationships: Callie, Cyrus, Matthias, Dee, Ignatius, Robin, Roberta, Pax (siblings), Abner (caretaker, deceased), Dominic (caretaker/employer/father figure), Sylvester/Alec (mentor), Franz DiGorre (former blood enemy/patron), Donovan DiGorre (charge)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Against a wall

Kinks: Fully dressed sex, role play, dominance and submission, semi-public sex

Orgies Attended: Academy Shower Room Orgies, The Isaac of Clearwater Memorial Orgy, The Peter Swiftheart Birthday Party Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Raised in the eastern city of High Haven, Jacob is an orphan trained to be a thief with his siblings. When their caretaker Abner died mysteriously and they were taken in by a minor lord named Dominic, Jacob and his family were eventually separated from one another, and he spent his adolescence travelling the continent training and working. He is very good at his job if he does say so himself, and he specializes in political espionage. Now living in the Dolovin capital of Three Hills where his skills are most useful, Jacob inhabits the belltower of an old church/orphanage and sneaks out at night to commit crimes for fun and profit.


  • Jacob is ambidextrous
  • Jacob speaks Daolo, Kyn, Gronnde and Chez’n and can read and write but not speak fluently in several other languages. He is also an expert codebreaker
  • Jacob is an amateur astronomer who knows more about astronomy than most professional astronomers
  • Jacob is never caught when he’s working. But he does occasionally get caught committing petty robberies for fun, mostly because he likes running away from the authorities
  • Moreso than any of his siblings, Jacob is committed to his suave and mysterious thief aesthetic, despite not being suave or mysterious
  • Jacob is the only of his family to work in permanently close proximity to Dominic. He’s not sure if this is acknowledgement of his skill or because Dominic feels he needs supervision
  • Jacob works as a messenger and delivery boy by day and gives most of the money to the church where he lives. He also occasionally makes anonymous donations of larger sums of money
  • Jacob sometimes feels guilty that he’s started to think of the kids at the church as his little siblings
  • Jacob has never been sick or seriously injured
  • Jacob burgles people for fun most nights. He usually stops several muggings or assaults along the way, also for fun


  • “Don’t follow me, you idiot! Now they’ll catch both of us! And more importantly they’ll catch me!”
  • “Not everything has to be my problem, Ivan. Sometimes you have to take responsibility for your own actions too.”
  • “I didn’t forget your name. I just pretended I did so you’d think I was cool.”
  • I’ve been waiting all night for you. I mean…Not all night. I have work, you know. Better things to do than wait around for you. I’ve only been here for a minute or so. I was thinking about leaving because I assumed you weren’t coming.”
  • “We’ve only met three times. You shouldn’t trust someone you’ve only met three times.”
  • “Mercy is for cuddly people.”
  • “Do…you know where the ocean is?”
  • “Don’t worry, I’ll disregard your feelings properly next time I see you.”
  • “I, um, I work for this guy Dominic. He’s sort of like my foster father or something.”
  • “If I had my way, I’d be an astronomer.”
  • “Stop ruining my aura of mystery with your stupid magic tricks. I had a whole entrance planned and everything.”
  • “I’m not shy, just mysterious.”
  • “It’s just a bit weird putting your dick somewhere where your brother’s dick has also been.”


  • By the time he was six, Jacob could scale a building and juggle knives, though not at the same time
  • Prior to Isaac, Jacob had sexual encounters with a half-dozen different people (not counting his siblings), but only dated one person, a girl named Gemma
  • Jacob isn’t quite as widely travelled as his siblings; he’s only left Dolovai once
  • Size-wise, Jacob has always been slightly below average in many respects. This is not at all related to his vehement insistence, specifically among his brothers, that he is the oldest
  • At eleven, Jacob was nearly trampled to death by a herd of angry oxen. To this day, he does not know who pulled him away at the last second; he hadn’t seen anyone around
  • As a child, Jacob exchanged sexual touches with all of his siblings at least once, though mostly with Roberta or Cyrus
  • The highest watchtower in Bethel’s Frontier is Jacob’s favourite place in the world
  • There are two weeks missing from Jacob’s memory when he was twelve. He remembers seeing a metallic object in the sky, a bright light, and then he woke up in a field two weeks later sore all over and with no clothes on
  • Jacob has been cursed so many times that he has a favourite cursebreaker in every major Dolovin city
  • Jacob feels that he has a lot in common with bats, and that he would make a very good bat

Modern AU: Modern Jacob is also a career criminal, raised in a crime family that valued sneakiness and duplicity. On paper he is homeschooled, though he’d have to have a permanent home for that to be true. After trying to pick the wrong boy’s pocket, Jacob now has more than one boyfriend and lives with Isaac’s parents part-time, helping out at their shelter. Though he still sneaks out at night to commit crimes for fun and profit, Jacob also works part-time as a messenger boy, donates money to centres for homeless children, keeps his schedule open for his boyfriends, and keeps in touch with his family when he can.

28 thoughts on “Character Profile: Jacob

    1. I will confirm that it was, but leave the why to speculation. According to outpost’s biological observation team, selection of which planetary inhabitants will be examined in laboratory is performed at random, though with attention to demographic diversity.

      If there was a reason beyond that, they’re not telling anyone. 😀


  1. considering the kind of story this is i can only assume that the alien abductions round these parts involve particularly vigorous anal probes


  2. Wait wait wait. He has a birthmark on his ankle? Don’t tell me he’s ANOTHER Chosen One candidate that no one’s noticed yet…


    1. A year and a half before he met Isaac, Jacob picked up an enchanted helmet that cursed him to de-age by a day for every step he took. Memorable for the worry of having to figure out how to get to his cursebreaker while taking as few steps as possible (he got someone to carry him a few blocks). Also memorable because breaking the curse didn’t immediately re-age him and he was stuck as a seven-year-old for a week while he waited for someone to find a way to put him back.


  3. Dominic could be technically Batman. With all the rest of them as the Batboys/Robin equivalents. They’ve the orphans trained as children thing going on.

    I want to see this AU! The AU where Jacob is a robin-equivalent, (although obviously not Robin since Pax would not approve of anyone being bird themed), and they’re all a super-villain/hero family? (Maybe up against the villain/hero team of murderboys.)

    ACTUALLY I think what I most just want to see is Jacob being the sort of superspythief supersuave guy he keeps trying to portray.

    Would also love to see Jacob and Isaac go on another sweet romantic date. Isaac needs to be romanced a bit more.


    1. Dominic does have all the characteristics of Batman…rich, likes to make kids do his bidding, kind of reclusive but only secretly. It all works! I think a superhero/villain AU with this lot would be awesome, actually. 😀 Would be super fun.

      Jacob actually being the highly mysterious and suave character he wants to be would be something to behold, I think. The difference between him acting and him actually being would be quite something.

      Rest assured that if Isaac ever stops being a ghost, they’ll go on another romantic date eventually! 😀


      1. What if it was a curse? What if he was somehow cursed to be that person and not actually himself, and sure it’s fun to start with, but then it starts getting annoying and pretentious, because he can’t answer a straight question, everything has to be mysterious, and he keeps speaking in double entendres. And it’s one of those “be careful what you wish for” scenarios. And sure everyone’s swooning over him, but it’s more this image of him they have that’s not actual Jacob. And would that matter?


        1. Oh, poor Jacob! He’d definitely learn pretty quickly that he much prefers it when people like him for what he’s like–or at least what he actively pretends to be like–rather than just an accident of his personality (and/or a curse). He’d grow to resent people only being into the new him!

          Thank God there’d still be people like Isaac who’d be into him no matter what.


    1. Oh my God, this is amazing! And so in character, hahaha. I think it’s safe to say that this is happened canonically. 😀 I’d say poor Jacob, but he clearly enjoyed himself!

      Thank you so much!


            1. Very much inspired indeed! Poor Devon, haha. Cursebreaking ain’t all its cracked up to be, sadly. But hey, the horny and not very smart people of the world thank him!

              And I sure hope he enjoys his date. Which of course, given who he’s with, he definitely will. And probably will be less frustrated at the end of it.

              Also, I love Jacob only using half the ointment and then trying to get a refund when he presumably only half-shrank. Very in character. Him getting into trouble for artificially cock-growing…repeatedly…is definitely something I could see happening. His being small is just a fluke after all, waiting to be remedied!

              Thank you so much. This was awesome. 😀


              1. I think the plan was fill the bucket up with water and then pour all of it over himself so everything would grow, but… he decided to start with his cock, which was a bad idea. First time he didn’t take a bucket and the spring is just a paltry trickle you can’t really bathe in.


              2. Ah, that explains it. Also a very Jacob thing to do, not going to lie. Jacob! Don’t start with your cock when enacting magical transformations! He’s just lucky he didn’t get hard, he wouldn’t have been able to walk!


          1. WordPress being a pain! I wrote another fanfic for you very much inspired by Jacob and the above conversation even if he’s not there.


            1. WordPress being a pain indeed! But rest assured I did get the initial comment. But to repeat, the story is amazing and I love it and I can confirm, sexy curses (or “curses”) are definitely the vast majority of what most cursebreakers see.

              Devon definitely needs that vacation!


  4. I could swear to god that i read that Jacob was abducted by aliens in explicit terms somewhere… It’s suggested here, but I definitely read the words “Jacob was abducted by aliens…” SOMEWHERE on this site O.O also, did he encounter a ghost amongst those oxen…? Also, very very randomly, I just realized that, if Seth and Isaac were ghosts when they saw Cal at the Daughtry house and at the orgy, would Cal have been able to see them…?


    1. I definitely said it outright somewhere on the blog! Possibly on one of the posts that was about the aliens, but I can’t remember off the top of my head. 😀 As for what he encountered amongst the oxen, I’m just gonna shrug for now…

      Cal did not see Isaac and Seth at the house or the orgy, because they were a slightly different kind of ghost thanks to being trapped outside the Web. Now he might be able to see Seth even when Seth thinks he’s invisible, though. 😛



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