Villain, 57

Care Is A Different Thing for Everyone, Especially Those Who Hate it

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“How are you feeling?”

Sam sighed, wishing he wasn’t standing. “Fine.”

“Are you sure?” Henry asked.


“I’m just saying, if you were sore, that wouldn’t be surprising.”

Henry sounded amused, which just annoyed Sam. “My ass hurts, okay?” he snapped. “Your big strong hands have left me all sore and now my ass hurts.” It had hurt all day, all through his breakfast with the former rebels, who’d survived their first night in the castle in better shape than he’d expected, and it still hurt now while he stood in this stupid destroyed room waiting for James to fucking get here. “Happy now?”

“Yes,” Henry said, patting Sam’s ass, probably enjoying his flinch. “You want Todd to come to the room tonight?”

Fucking Henry. Of course he’d know Sam was thinking that. “Derek,” he said, because he wasn’t as predictable as Henry thought. “He’s been getting too smug lately, I want to remind him of his place.” Again.

“Okay. I’ll let him know after this. I assume your new friends are going to be taking his place at some point?”

“We’ll give them a few days to think that we’re not going to hurt them before we start hurting them,” Sam told Henry. “I think we’ll let them pick between themselves for the first one to join us. At some point we’ll take the two brothers together. I want to find out which of them will agree to rape the other first.”

“Or,” Henry suggested. “We could be nice to them.”

Sam considered the merits of that. “Let’s not, since that’s stupid. Also, I want the dragons to fuck Todd sometime.” Maybe at the same time. Sam hadn’t decided yet.

“Of course you do.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

Henry swatted Sam’s ass again. “It’s supposed to mean that last night I hit you and it’s put you in the mood to hit someone else to forget it happened.”

Sam snorted. “Please. As if the crap that gets you off has any bearing on what I do.”

“Sure.” Henry grabbed his ass now. “What I think is really interesting is that used to be, you’d want to hit me back. But now you just want to hit someone else.”

Sam didn’t answer that for a minute, letting the pain distract him from the comment. “Used to be,” he said, after a second, “that you’d have tried to actually stop me from turning the rebels into sex slaves, instead of helping me do it.”

“Well,” Henry muttered, pulling Sam a little closer. “We’re not who we used to be.”

“No,” Sam agreed, leaning against Henry, just a little. “We’re not.”

The door opened then, and Sam stepped away from Henry, annoyed. Two sets of feet came in, along with the tapping of James’s staff.

“I hope you haven’t been waiting for too long,” James said without preamble. “Ron was being difficult.”

He said it like Ron had been refusing to put his shoes on or something. He said it in a way that made Sam sure that James had told Ron the same thing about Sam last night. Like they were all just annoying children for him to discipline.

“It hasn’t been that long,” Henry said, being way too nice about it. “You have everything you need?”

“Yes. We didn’t come with anything. Thank you for putting up with us. I know we overstayed our welcome by a few days.” James’s magic was in the air now, and Sam could feel him working to open the portal.

“Of course.” Any longer and Sam would have slammed them both in the dungeon, but they didn’t need to know that.

“It was fun,” Henry said, giving Sam a slap on the ass again. “I’m looking forward to having you guys again.”

“You can come back to our place, I’ll make supper,” Ron said, for all the world like they were all normal people. “What kind of food do you guys like?”

What the fuck was this? Henry answered for him, thank God. “Sam doesn’t like anything too spicy.” And of course, made him sound like a child.

“Oh, nevermind. I’m cancelling our alliance,” James said suddenly.

What? What the fuck had triggered that? Sam wasn’t going to have sat through all this bullshit only for James to pull some capricious stunt and…

“Don’t worry,” Ron said, interrupting Sam’s train of thought. “I don’t like it either, and James doesn’t cook.”

“I cook,” James said, sounding petulant.

“Not when we have guests.”

Oh. They were joking, or something stupid. Fine. Whatever. Sam just huffed and hoped Henry wasn’t laughing at him.

“I’ll open up another portal when we get home,” James said, sounding tired. “You can send Derek and Todd through that when they come to visit. Come for supper next month, just after the full moon. The winter solstice is the same day and I’ll be busy, but if you come a few days after that, we should be free. And contact me if anything happens with your demon.”

Sam didn’t know why the winter solstice mattered, but whatever. Maybe it was some stupid tree-fucking witch thing. “I will. Or your mother. Don’t be surprised if she pulls something.” It would be just his luck that James would get murdered next week now.

“Right. She’s going to be desperate now that she’s lost you as an ally. I’m not sure where she’d go if not to me.”

She’d be awfully stupid to go to James after trying to kill him—and probably not realizing she hadn’t succeeded, but people were stupid. And she might think he was dead and go to retrieve the stone.

“Thank you for your help in the battle,” Henry said, while Sam thought that through. “For saving Sam. I appreciate it.”

“You too. For healing James,” Ron said.

Sam didn’t want to fucking do this for hours. “It was nothing. Just a simple healing spell. Any idiot could have done it.”

“But you did,” Ron said, sounding closer. Henry grabbed Sam’s wrist, lifted his hand, and Ron took it. They shook. “Thank you.”

“Uh. It’s fine.” Sam let go as soon as he could. This was getting weird. “Don’t fucking worry about it.”

“Okay. I’ll see you guys soon.”

“Yeah. Looking forward to it,” Henry agreed. He probably fucking was, too. Freak.

The portal snapped open in Sam’s mind. “It’s ready,” James said. “Let’s go.”

“We’ll be back,” James said, mostly a threat. “Be safe in the meantime.”

Finally, they were leaving. Henry jostled Sam. Right. “You too.”

And that, mercifully, was that. “God, fucking dammit,” Sam sighed, once the portal had closed. “I can’t handle talking to them all the time.”

“It’s not that bad,” Henry said, hand back on Sam’s back.

“Fine, you can do it, then.”

Henry sighed. “You know what you need?”

“If you say another spanking I swear to God…”

Henry started rubbing Sam’s shoulders. “Something to eat. And then maybe a nap, since you didn’t sleep much last night.”

“And whose fucking fault was…”

“Mine, and I’m taking responsibility. We’ll give you a bath too, it’ll make the soreness better.”

“Not a little boy,” Sam grumbled as Henry led him from the room.

“No,” Henry agreed, kissing Sam’s temple. “But you’re my husband and I’m taking care of you.”

“I…I hate being taken care of,” Sam said, not knowing how else to make clear that he thought those were the same thing.

“I know. But indulge me just this once and you can take it out on Derek later, okay?”

“Fine, but I’m making him scream until his throat bleeds,” Sam said, leaning against Henry. “Do you think James will rape them?”

“Course he will,” Henry said, guiding Sam in a less than straight line. There was probably still shit on the floors everywhere. “That’s what they’re for, isn’t it?”

Sam smiled at that. “Turns out Derek is also pretty good at bringing in other people for us to rape. Maybe we should start a campaign. Send him around the plateau, have him come back with a bunch of little boys in tow, we’ll fuck them until they’re good at it, then send them home for their families and neighbours, bring in more of them.”

“Eventually we’d run out of boys.”

“It’s not like people don’t keep making more,” Sam scoffed. “But I may have to institute a law saying only we’re allowed to take their virginity.”

“You’d share with me?”

“Of course I would, I share everything with you, don’t I?” Sam asked, knowing that to be true.

“You do,” Henry agreed. “Okay, keep talking. I want to hear your plans to make the world a better place.”

Sam snorted, gave up and rested his head on Henry’s shoulder as they walked. “Okay. Well first of all, most kids have fathers, and they’re still growing up not knowing how to take a cock at all. So once we’ve broken them in, we need a training regime where we bring the fathers in and start them on fucking their boys daily…”

Even before they got that food, nap and bath, Sam was already starting to feel a little better. Maybe he’d be okay getting taken care of, just this once.

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2 thoughts on “Villain, 57

    1. Indeed, there does seem to be a shade of that going on, I think. If only because Sam has hang-ups about fathers and sons that come from his relationship with Solomon and so he never manages to talk about a father-son relationship of any kind without that at least hanging over it. 😀


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