Noble, 10

Sex Is Sometimes Politics and Sometimes A Good Break from Politics

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“Do you suppose that Hans ever plans to let any of the nobility leave the capital?” Geoffrey asked, wondering if he should have another glass of wine. Probably not.

Leonie Elderbyne was one of the last people Geoffrey had thought would ever extend a dinner invitation to him. She was a quiet woman who kept her hair cut short and was still wearing mourning black for her husband. She nodded. “I presume he’ll do so once he’s presented the princess and prepared the transition of power.”

The only transition of power Hans was planning would be from his cock into someone else’s body, whether this imaginary Dahlia’s or someone else’s, but Geoffrey nodded. “We can only hope that’s soon.” There was no way Leonie was stupid; she had to know that wasn’t going to happen.

“Are you eager to return home, Lord Geoffrey?” she asked him, pouring another glass for herself.

Geoffrey was not, though it did have its appeals. “I’m thinking of sending Giacomo back when I can. He loves the capital, but it’s so dangerous here and I can’t help but worry for him.” He looked around as if looking for Giacomo, but he and Alfie had disappeared with Uri and his companion Fabien after dinner had ended. They were ostensibly looking at the drawings Fabien had done of Uri, but Geoffrey wasn’t stupid.

“That’s most unfortunate. Uri really seems to value his friendship.”

No doubt he did. Boys Uri’s age valued the attention of boys Giacomo’s age. Even boys Giacomo’s age who’d killed their dads. And Geoffrey had a feeling that was the real reason he was here, but it hadn’t come up yet as a topic, as though they were just normal people who didn’t have the beginnings of a blood feud between them. “Giacomo likes Uri a lot,” Geoffrey said. “He talks about him often.” He thought about it a second and decided fuck it, they’d basically been exchanging pleasantries for two hours. “He feels terrible, about what happened.”

“About killing our father,” Uri’s sister Lydia translated, though she’d let her mother do most of the talking so far.

Well, they weren’t mincing words. “Yes,” Geoffrey agreed. “He believed it was necessary at the time, for the stability of the kingdom.”

“For the stability of the kingdom,” Lydia snorted. “And for revenge for killing your father.”

“Lord Ulrich never raised a hand against my father, and I’ll remind you that Giacomo and I were the biggest supporters of the people who did.”

“Second only to my father.”

Geoffrey nodded. Lady Leonie stood up. “I’ll leave you two to talk.”

“Mother, you needn’t…”

“Nonsense, dear,” she said, looking at Geoffrey. “I was never any good at politics, and I’ve lost what little taste for it I managed to acquire. Lydia’s the head of the house with Ulrich’s death, so I plan to retire from the public scene for good as soon as the king regent lets everyone go home.”

That…was good. He could do without Ulrich Elderbyne’s widow hanging around reminding everyone that Giacomo had killed a loyal man. “Hawk’s Roost will be losing a singular woman with your absence, Lady Leonie.”

Leonie Elderbyne smiled. “Thank you, Lord Geoffrey. Please tell Giacomo to be careful with Uri. He’s fragile.”

“I will.”

She nodded. “It’s late. I’ll ask the servants to prepare guest rooms for you and your brother. Please, stay the night.”

Geoffrey didn’t really want to do that, but it was a generous invitation. “We will, if it’s not an intrusion. Thank you for the invitation.”

Leonie nodded one more time, then withdrew. “Goodnight.”

Geoffrey watched her go, then turned his gaze back to Lydia, who’d also waited. She took after her father, long in the face. “We don’t have to stay, if you’d rather we went home.”

“No,” Lydia said with a wave. “Uri would enjoy it. He has a crush on Giacomo.”

“Everyone has a crush on Giacomo.”

“Including you?”

“Yes.” Why lie?

“So it’s true.” Lydia snorted. “Whatever. Your brother killed my father.”

“Your father helped orchestrate the deaths of a number of people, including the queen, the king, the crown prince and my own father,” Geoffrey reminded her.

“Yeah, he did,” Lydia agreed, shaking her head. “I asked him not to do that. He didn’t listen. Let’s talk about what you can do so I don’t have to publicly hate you for the rest of our lives.”

Geoffrey nodded, slow. Lydia was more practical than he’d expected. “Do you plan to privately hate me for the rest of our lives?”

“Hard to say. For the next few years, probably.”

Geoffrey sighed. “Oh, good. So you’re not going to insist we marry.”

“Dear God no, then I’d have to touch your cock and I know where that’s been.” Lydia smiled. “No. When your plan to marry Giacomo to Dahlia DiGorre fails—which you know it will—you’re going to help ensure that my bid to court her is successful.”

Ah. Well, now that was interesting. Lydia seemed like someone Geoffrey could be friends with. “And I presume we’re all aware that the girl we’re competing over is not Dahlia DiGorre in the slightest.”

“Now, that hardly matters, does it?” Lydia asked with a smile.

“No,” Geoffrey chuckled. “I guess it doesn’t, really. Okay. Deal.” It hardly mattered anyway. Plus, the fact that she knew about it meant that Jorge had told someone, so that was good. “We should start by getting you a position on the council.”

“So that I can be your flunky?”

“No, I don’t need any of those.” Geoffrey leaned back in his chair. “So that you can be a vocal critic of Hans’s connections with the Sorcerer King.”

“How vocal?” Lydia asked, rocking from side to side just a little.

“Vocal enough that him being kept on as regent would be a bad idea. Therefore forcing him to show his true colours when he refuses to step down.” Geoffrey shrugged. “But, you know. Not vocal enough that he decides to have you assassinated.”

Lydia nodded. “If you can get me on the council I can do that.”

“Sounds good.”

They both stood. “I’ll have someone show you to the guest rooms. Goodnight, Geoffrey.”

“Goodnight, Lydia. Thanks for the invitation.”

“Of course. And just so you know.” Lydia paused at the door. “I don’t care what Uri does in his bedroom. He’s young, but I don’t care. But if Giacomo hurts my brother, I’ll hurt his in exchange, got it?”

Geoffrey nodded. “That’s fair.”

“Glad we’re on the same page. Goodnight.”

A servant led him to a guest bedroom, and Geoffrey sent him away, telling him he didn’t need anything before bed. And once the door was closed he smiled to himself. This was going to work out okay, he thought.

Geoffrey undressed, lay in the bed. It took him a while to start to drift off, and when he did, there was a click. He looked up, and a panel in the wall opened, admitting Giacomo, who waved. “Hey, they have secret passages between the rooms here. How come we don’t have secret passages between the rooms?”

“What can I say?” Geoffrey asked, grinning. Giacomo was naked. “Our house sucks.”

“Yeah,” Giacomo agreed, gesturing. Out from the passage came Uri Elderbyne, a slight boy with frizzy hair, and his companion Fabien, who was awfully light skinned, enough that one of his parents must be a northerner. Alfie was bringing up the rear, shutting the passage behind him. None of them were wearing anything.

“Doing some naked exploring?” Geoffrey asked as he sat up to see the four of them properly. Uri seemed a bit shy, hiding a little behind Giacomo.

“Exploring something, anyway,” Giacomo said, hand on Uri’s wrist. “Do you want to tell Geoffrey what you told us?”

Uri did not look like he wanted to tell Geoffrey anything, which since it was definitely something perverted and Uri had only ever spoken to Geoffrey to say please and thank you when he’d been with Giacomo, was not super surprising. But he swallowed. “I want…to try having a real dick inside my butt.”

If Geoffrey hadn’t already been hard and naked he’d have ripped a hole in his pants with the force of that. “Well, it’s pretty fun,” he said. “I’m sure Fabien would do it if you asked.” Fabien was kind of nodding beside Uri.

“I already…me and Fabien already did…” Uri swallowed. “We were hoping we could…um…”

“He wanted me to do it,” Giacomo explained, sounding very proud of himself. To be fair, he’d outdone himself to get Uri this needy this quickly. “He wants to fuck a bigger boy, Geoffrey. But I told him you were better at it than me, so you should do it before I do.”

Aw, that was so nice of him. “Are you sure? He’s your friend.”

“And I want the best for him, and that’s you.”

Geoffrey chuckled, waved them all over to the bed. “If you’re sure that’s what you want,” he said to Uri. “I know Giacomo’s very convincing, but he’ll still be your friend if you say no to him, promise.”

Uri shook his head. “No. I do want it. Please. Geoffrey?”

“Well, how am I supposed to say no to that?” Geoffrey asked, beckoning him over. “Come on, then, let’s get you prepared.”

Uri beamed, crawling right into Geoffrey’s lap. Geoffrey kissed him, one arm around him, being gentle, getting him comfortable. He held out his other hand and Giacomo sucked on his fingers for a second, and then Geoffrey pulled those out and used that hand to cup Uri’s butt, waiting until he relaxed a bit to start sliding one finger around the rim of his hole. “Let me know when you want me to stop, okay?” Geoffrey asked him quietly.

“I’m fine,” insisted Uri. “I’m not a little boy.”

Geoffrey chuckled. “No, you’re not.” He popped a finger inside and Uri gasped, and clenched hard around it. Giacomo and Alfie had pulled Fabien in between them and Giacomo had his hand on Fabien’s belly as they watched.

Geoffrey went as slowly as he could, kissing Uri nicely and getting him used to the finger, sliding it in and moving it around, until he was once again relaxed enough to have forgotten it was there. “How do you feel?” he asked.

“Good,” Uri said, content, his boner pressed against Geoffrey’s belly.

Geoffrey pressed another finger inside, slowly. “How about now?”

“Ng,” Uri said now, making a bit of a face. But he got through it, the finger going in. And Geoffrey repeated the process until he was comfortable again. His dick wanted to burst, but this was worth doing right, and not just because he didn’t want to hurt Uri. Fabien was getting fingered by Giacomo now too.

“Hey, how many times have you sucked Giacomo’s dick tonight?” Geoffrey asked out of curiosity as he stretched Uri.

“T-two,” Uri whispered, swallowing.

Geoffrey grinned at that, and found Uri’s prostate, rubbing it hard. “That’s nice of you.”

“Ah…” Uri said, gasping suddenly. Geoffrey kept at it, waiting until he was fully lost in it, writhing in Geoffrey’s lap, to start pushing in the third finger. It was partway in before Uri noticed and when he did, Geoffrey just bumped his prostate harder, making his body ignore pain in favour of pleasure. By the time his fingers were all the way in, Uri didn’t seem to care.

He lay Uri down on the bed, keeping his fingers inside. “Can I get wet?” Geoffrey asked the other three boys, and then Fabien was there, licking and then going down on Geoffrey’s cock with Giacomo’s fingers still inside his other end. Geoffrey fucked Uri with his fingers for a bit, one goal in mind. And after only a few more minutes, he got there. Uri shuddered and made a funny sound as Geoffrey’s fingers because too much for him, and it was all he could do not to cum in Fabien’s mouth at the same time.

He got Fabien to move off and waited until Uri was done, climbing over him to kiss him on the lips. “How did that feel?”

“G-good,” Uri said, panting. “Really good.”

“Do you still want my dick or are you okay?”

“No,” Uri said immediately. “Put it in. Please?”

“Okay,” Geoffrey said, pulling his fingers out, and then lining up. The other three were watching. And then, in the house on his mother’s invitation and having just forged an alliance with his sister, Geoffrey slid his cock inside Uri. Uri whinged and gripped the sheet’s and Giacomo’s arm, struggling to keep still, and Geoffrey went slow, slow, as slow as he could, pulling back when he met too much resistance and sliding back in, setting up a gentle rhythm that soon had Uri’s hips moving with his, and they worked together until Geoffrey was all the way inside.

“You’re doing so good, Uri,” Giacomo said from his side.

Fabien nodded. “Yeah, good job,” he agreed. Alfie had taken over his fingering, but he seemed pretty used to it now.

Uri nodded, eyes shut. “It’s so…cool…”

“Yeah,” Geoffrey agreed, starting to move, still slow, because otherwise he’d cum in ten seconds. “It’s great, right?”

Uri nodded again, and they kept going. But it wasn’t destined to last long. Uri was so sensitive it was no surprise when he started shuddering again, and Geoffrey went a little faster, a little harder, and soon was spilling inside him while Uri held Giacomo and Fabien’s hands.

Uri, not so fragile as his mom thought, grinned up at Giacomo as Geoffrey pulled out. “You were right,” he said. “That is really good.”

“Told you.”

“Can you do it now?”

“You sure you can handle it?”

Uri just nodded, and Giacomo took up his position. Meanwhile, Fabien had slid off Alfie’s hand, and was laying beside his companion, holding his hand and looking at Geoffrey. “Please?”

“If you’re sure.”

“I am.”

And so Geoffrey started to push into Fabien’s well-stretched hole, and Fabien clung to him as Geoffrey helped him grow up too. And when he was done, he let Alfie take his place, and Geoffrey sat back and watched the four of them exhaust themselves.

When Giacomo and Alfie were done, and when Uri and Fabien were done, they all lay there together for a good while. “I liked that a lot,” Uri said after several minutes. “I want to do it again.”

“We will,” Giacomo promised. “If you want you can hang out with me and some of my other friends, too.”

That had the desired effect, and Uri cuddled Giacomo close. “You’re so nice.” He was a bit high, but that wasn’t unusual. Uri yawned.

“You should get them back to their room so Leonie doesn’t realize they spent any time here,” Geoffrey muttered, and Giacomo nodded, sitting up. “And hey?”


“Thanks,” Geoffrey said, giving his brother a kiss.

“You too. Come on, Uri. Fabien’s falling asleep. I need to show you guys how to clean up, okay?”

“Okay,” Uri pouted, and he let them pull him and Fabien to their feet and stumble over to the secret passage. “Goodnight, Geoffrey.”

“Goodnight, Uri. Come stay over at our house sometime.”

“I will.” And with a giggle, he disappeared, followed by Fabien and Alfie. Giacomo smiled at Geoffrey one last time before following after them, leaving Geoffrey alone in the room.

That was House Elderbyne well and truly taken care of, Geoffrey thought. Lydia would betray him eventually, but Giacomo would have Uri forever now. And more importantly than politics, they’d all had fun.

Sometimes that was important all on its own.

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