So there might be something like this that I missed but I’m interested in knowing how everything relates between the stories. I guess what I mean is do you have like a map or character guide showing kingdoms and people. Or something similar. It would be interesting. Also I really like your stories. Thanks for writing!

Thanks so much for asking! You can find a link to the characters page on the very top of the blog (it only features main and major secondary characters at the moment, but updates to that are coming soon), which gives a basic rundown of who the characters are and who is related to whom and so forth. The maps are a bit harder to find (sorry about that), but there are links to maps of all the major locations in the series on the world page, where you can also find other background information about the series. I hope all that helps!

I’m still hoping to find a way to make that material more obvious and accessible, but in the meantime, feel free to ask me any questions about anything else that’s unclear!

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