Character Profile: Daniel

Name: Daniel, Daniel Silver (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: N/A

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Green

Height: 151 cm

Weight: 41 kg

Build: Petite

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Small

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Theodore (master), Marcus, Hugh, Simon, Trevor, Al (fellow slaves, former), Ozzy (best friend)

Family Relationships: Harvey and Daniela (parents), Harper, Herb, Doyle, Dianne, Hank (siblings), Benedict (master’s butler) Greg, Roderick, Bradley, Denver (fellow trainees/slaves), Pascal, several others (fellow trainees/slaves, deceased)

Sexuality: Gay/demisexual, aromantic

Preferred Positions: Astride partner

Kinks: Power plays, rough sex

Orgies Attended: Regular Slave Orgies

Bio: The youngest child of a very poor family with a lot of debts, Daniel grew up in a dockside slum in White Cape, cold and underfed but happy. He spent his time doing odd jobs to give coin to his parents, and the rest of it dicking around freely with his brothers and friends, mostly making trouble because they could. Then one day, he was taken to Merket and sold into slavery just before puberty to pay off his parents’ debts, and was quickly bought for a high price as part of a long-term plan to assassinate a wealthy pervert. Along with many others, most of whom didn’t survive, Daniel was trained in a number of things before being sold again and purchased by a new master who happened to be a wealthy pervert, after which he began to find his real purpose in life.


  • Daniel was taught to lie at a very young age and almost everything in his life has reinforced that lesson
  • Other people’s fascination with sex has always confused Daniel a little, but now that he has a few people he likes to have sex with, he gets it. He’s still unsure what the whole romance thing is about
  • Daniel used to be left-handed. He’s ambidextrous now but tends to use his right hand because people are less likely to pay attention to that
  • Daniel never thinks about the family who sold him
  • Daniel was never modest, but he did used to be shy because he was so small compared to others. Several years of enslavement have cured him of any worry about his body
  • Daniel has always known how to be and stay quiet, but now he’s improved that to the level of instinct
  • Spontaneity has never been one of Daniel’s skills, and his preference for a lot of planning often trends into a fear of commitment to one course of action
  • Daniel has never been much of a leader. He prefers having someone to direct his actions
  • Of all the boys in his group, Daniel wasn’t the best fighter, or the strongest or the fastest or the smartest. But he was the one most willing to become what he needed to become
  • Daniel’s greatest fear is the idea of being completely alone


  • “The man ta..taug…Taught. The man taught the boy to read.”
  • “I hate you. I hate you, I hate you. I hate you so much. Just…die…”
  • “I didn’t come to live here. You brought me here. It wasn’t my idea.”
  • “Not a killer. Just a slave. A scared, naked little boy who’s too stupid to realize he’s being used.”
  • “Most people would rather hear lies than the truth. They’re easier to hear.”
  • “It’s not about my best interests.”
  • “We’re all just tools to them. To all of them. Just…property.”
  • “You’re all I have, Theodore. Why would I leave?”
  • “They never trusted me. They bought me and broke me and sold me. They never trusted me, they never told me the truth. This was all a lie from the beginning.”
  • “I’ve never told a lie in my life.”
  • “Saint Daniel, that’s me.”
  • “Oh. Right. The fucking little boys thing. I almost forgot about that.”
  • “Fuck Theodore.”


  • Daniel was nearly taken to the market and sold on his fourth birthday (though his parents were going to pretend it was his fifth), but a sudden change of circumstances for his parents led to his continued freedom
  • Daniel was five when he first saw people having sex—it was two older boys behind a pile of netting, and he watched the whole thing, including the transaction of money after
  • When Daniel was seven, he snuck onto a ship in the harbour to steal food. He got caught by a boy a little older than him, who claimed to be the first mate and gave him a bag to keep the fruit in so he didn’t drop it
  • Daniel used to want to be a sailor when he grew up
  • Daniel retains a fear of seabirds from his childhood; he was bit by several as a child
  • Daniel was often too shy to interact with people sexually as a boy, though he did do so on occasion if someone else suggested it, and he didn’t masturbate for the first time until after he’d been enslaved and all the boys were doing it together
  • Daniel feels most like himself when he’s doing flips or other gymnastic feats
  • When Daniel was ten, he choked on a piece of crabmeat and swore he’d never eat crab again
  • Daniel was bullied frequently as a young child, and was frequently hit or pushed around, made to do things for other boys, and on several occasions was stripped naked and made to walk home, which often led to him being naked for several days at a time because clothing was expensive.
  • The biggest thing that still surprises Daniel about Theodore’s house is how warm it is, even in the winter

Modern AU: Modern Daniel has been in the foster system for many years, or at least that’s what everyone assumes, since his paperwork for a two-year period seems to have been misfiled and nobody is quite sure who was caring for him during that time. Either way, he’s now being fostered by Theodore Silver, a wealthy philanthropist known for taking in orphaned and homeless boys and caring for them, where he’s gotten stuck in a game of power between himself and Theodore with the other boys in the middle. When he’s not playing high stakes games with his own body as a playing piece, Daniel is a member of the school’s gymnastics team and sometimes correspondent for the student newspaper.

12 thoughts on “Character Profile: Daniel

  1. YOU KNOW YOU’RE OBSESSED WITH HBTUAS WHEN: You learn that a certain character hates crabmeat, and that rings a bell because didn’t this same character say ‘crab’ when he was asked what’s his favourite food to eat once, like, a million words ago? And you check, and indeed it is.
    1) We can chalk this up as Exhibit #7351799461684 that Daniel is a lying liar who lives and breathes lies.
    2) That’s not so bad because I love him anyway *hugs*
    3) Yes, I am obsessed with HBTUAS, but then I knew that already 😉


    1. 😀 I’d hoped that some dedicated fan would notice that! Daniel’s been lying both to Theodore and to us from the very beginning, sometimes just because he can. But hey, I love him too, so I’m glad that you do! So thank you, and I hope to continue justifying the obsession! 😀


      1. Daniel knows Nate? What if Daniel stowed away? But oh no, would that mean Pax would need to deal with Theodore in exchange.

        Daniel’s a masochist. Was he hoping that if Theodore fed him the crabmeat it would kill him? Or did he plan to be sick everywhere? Or was he just being contrary? Being as poor as Daniel is I can’t think he had much choice on whether or not to eat crab. They’re free scuttling about on the beaches.

        Of course the importance of Daniel asking for crab, is that Ian and Theodore also bonded over crabs. I can definitely see neither of them wanting to eat another crab ever.


        1. Daniel does know Nate, or at least they’ve met! I feel like if he and Pax had switched places, Pax would be very, very unhappy but would probably talk himself out of Theodore’s bed fairly quickly, and Daniel would have been a good deckhand but probably not risen much in the ranks on the ship.

          Daniel was probably thinking that Theodore was offering him his favourite food to lull him into a false sense of security–so he told Theodore something he didn’t like to avoid that. He’s never enjoyed a meal with Theodore as a result. 🙂 And notably, of course, Daniel said he wasn’t going to eat crab every again–the profile doesn’t say that he didn’t. You’re right that it’s a common foodstuff where he’s from. Refusing to eat his only source of meat when he also didn’t have access to many vegetables would have resulted in malnutrition and quite possibly stunted growth. 😀

          It is important to note that crab is an animal/food with significance to Theodore as well. Maybe another reason why Daniel reminded him of Ian from the get-go. I think it’s very possible that Theodore would also prefer not to eat crab, if he had the choice. 🙂


          1. Theodore would adore Pax, since Pax is extremely clever. Too clever for Theodore. That would be a very sad Pax though and we don’t want that.

            Ha! I love the idea of Theodore also disliking crab, even though he built his empire on money he earned from them as opposed to a small million dollar loan from his father.

            And that every time they eat crab they’re both nauseated by it.

            Daniel’s a liar so of course he will eat crab again.

            Bleurgh crab. Nasty nasty yuck.


  2. We definitely don’t want a sad Pax, we’ve seen that and it was Not Good.

    I do also think there’s a certain poetics in Theodore disliking crab even though (or because) it’s where he started. And the fact that both he and Daniel are forcing themselves to eat it, both thinking it’s for the other’s sake.

    Daniel being a liar is the one constant thing about him, so always count on that. 😀

    And yes. Crab is gross and bad. Ocean spiders. Ew.


  3. I cannot put into words how funny the crab thing is XDDD I saw the crab thing and was confused because I also remembered Daniel saying it was his favorite, but then I came down to comments to find that actually that was a lie and Daniel’s secretly been hating every time Theodore’s offered him crab since XDDD it’s extra funny to read that one scene where Theodore served crab cake and realize that Theodore probably meant for it to be a peace offering, but Daniel secretly hated the food XD also, seeing the comment that suggested that Daniel’s aversion to crab may have contributed to him being tiny? Absolute nuggets of gold, how dare anyone allow them to be buried here XDDD


    1. XD The crab thing is one of my favourite details about Daniel, honestly. I love that he’s been lying to both Theodore and the reader from the very first chapter. The crab cake scene becomes especially funny in context, I agree, cause it probably was Theodore trying to be nice, and Daniel was just like “ew, gross,” hahaha. And of course yes, his aversion to the only meat available to him might well be why he’s so small, which I love. It’s classic Daniel cutting off his nose to spite his face.

      Sometimes you have to bury those nuggets of lore! That’s just all part of the fun of reading How Best to Use a Sword! 😀


    2. I think it gets even better if you add in that Theodore probably ate way too much crab when he was younger too. And he can now afford fancy expensive food. Crab probably reminds him of poverty, and Ian. Crab cakes in particular are what you make out of leftover crab generally, so Theodore’s sitting there, pretending to like eating crab with Daniel who is also pretending to like crab and neither of them is having any enjoyment at all.


      1. Yes, that’s such an important element of not only that conversation but all meals that they’ve had together! Neither of them has ever liked the food that they’ve shared. 😛


        1. They need a huge bottle of ketchup to help.

          I am picturing an AU slave who tells Theodore their favourite food is ketchup. And who stares at Theodore as the proceed to smother all other foods in the red sauce and watch him die a little inside. Who sends his filet mignon back because it’s raw inside and they want it well done, drowns it in ketchup, and then says McDonalds is better.


          1. I mean, if there was ever a way to make sure that Theodore didn’t want to kiss you no matter how cute you were, having permanent ketchup breath would probably do it. 😀 Amazing concept.


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