Dragon, 77

In Something as Chaotic as an Orgy, it’s Good to Have a Gameplan

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“How much farther are we going?”

“We’re almost there.”

Gavin tightened his grip on Owen’s wrist. “That’s not an answer to the question, dipshit.”

“I love you too. We’re literally two minutes away.” Owen could see the building in question. They’d rented a hall made of mostly one big room.

“We’d better be,” Gavin complained. “I’m counting and if it’s longer than two minutes I’m going to punch you in the kidney.”

“Stop being so spoiled.”


Owen kissed his cheek, just under the blindfold. “Okay.” He kept walking, and one minute later, because Owen knew Gavin really well, “We’re here.”

“Finally,” Gavin said, reaching up to take off the blindfold as they stepped inside. Edwin and Erik were guarding the door, and quietly saluted Owen as Owen led Gavin inside. He may have arranged the guard schedule so that Edwin, Erik, Parry and Stuart were the guards for the night—after checking with all of them to make sure they were okay with that. He didn’t want any of them to feel obliged.

He also wasn’t sold on wanting Erik there, but he was hot and Edwin liked him, and it was all in good fun.

Owen stopped Gavin from taking off the blindfold, led him further inside. The rest of them followed quietly. It wasn’t quite the time Owen had told everyone to arrive, so they were alone. Just inside the door, Owen started to undo Gavin’s coat. “Do I ever get to find out what this surprise is?”

“Eventually,” Owen promised. “Can I trust you to take off your clothes without losing the blindfold or should I do it for you?”

“You can do it for me,” Gavin said, smirking. “So you going to take this off me after we fuck and it turns out we’re in some public place?”

Owen rolled his eyes as he started undressing Gavin. “That doesn’t sound like something I’d do. And who said we were going to fuck?”

“I did. I remember a time when you used to get shy if someone came in while we were having sex.”

“What can I say?” Owen asked, shrugging even if Gavin couldn’t see it. “You’re a terrible influence on me.”

He got Gavin naked in short order, careful not to jostle the blindfold. Owen knew full well that Gavin would have figured all this out by now and definitely knew what was happening, but the story of it was fun. Then Owen took off his clothes, and led Gavin to the centre of the room, to one of the nice sofas that was sitting there. He laid Gavin down on it.

Owen took one of the many bottles of oil from nearby and poured some on his hands, then took Gavin’s cock, oiling it up as it got hard. “That’s funny,” Gavin said, breathing slowly. “I remember you saying we weren’t going to fuck.”

“That’s not quite what I said,” Owen said, and he straddled Gavin, slid himself down, letting Gavin inside hard and fast. “Now quiet, let’s fuck.”

“If you insist, Sir Owen,” Gavin said, giving a thrust up. “But you can do the work, since this is all your master plan.”

“Deal.” Owen started to move, feeling Gavin inside him. True to his word, after that first thrust Gavin didn’t do anything, just lay there and let Owen do the work. So Owen did the work, bucking back and forth hard in a way that he knew Gavin would like, clenching hard around him and dipping down further in a way that he liked, and Owen had made sure not to cum all day except for this morning, so he was primed to go pretty quickly and had to clench something to try and not cum right away.

But in the end it was a lost cause, and a minute or so later Owen was spilling onto Gavin’s chest, and then as he gave a particularly hard buck of his hips, Gavin made a sound of surprise and was soon filling Owen’s hole.

Owen sighed, happy, and leaned down to kiss Gavin. “Love you.”

“Love you too, but next time you’re wearing the blindfold.”

Owen chuckled and got up, wishing that he didn’t have to let Gavin’s cock out of him, and helped Gavin stand. As he’d asked, Edwin had gotten the knights into formation while he’d been doing that. “Okay, I’m going to take the blindfold off. Ready for your wedding present?”

“Of course I’m ready, numbskull,” Gavin said, elbowing Owen in the ribs.

Owen chuckled, and reached up to take it off, tossing it on the sofa. “Surprise.”

Gavin’s face broke into a grin. Yeah, he wasn’t surprised. Of course. “Oh, hey, you got me a bunch of oiled up knights. How’d you know that was what I wanted?”

Edwin and Erik, and Stuart and Parry were standing there in front of him, attention in more than one way. “Oh, I must have intuited that you wanted it from the ten or fifteen times a day you mentioned it.”

Gavin laughed, kissed Owen’s cheek. “You’re the best husband I’ve ever had.” He turned to face the knights, approaching them. “Now, can I assume that Owen has talked to you all about the fact that I don’t honestly expect you to do this? I don’t want anyone feeling obligated just because of who we all are.”

“We don’t feel obligated, sir,” Stuart promised.

“Really? Because I distinctly remember you particularly saying you didn’t like boys.”

“Well…” Stuart shifted, boner wagging a little. “I don’t, but I like sex, sir.”

Gavin snorted. “Fine. Nobody who plans to fuck me better be calling me sir tonight, except Owen. And I’m serious. I don’t want you guys waking up tomorrow feeling like you were tricked or forced into something you didn’t want.”

“Nobody feels that way,” Edwin promised, grinning lopsidedly. “Don’t worry.”

“In that case,” Gavin said, hands behind his head. “Who wants to suck my dick?”

Edwin ended up pushing Stuart forward, and Gavin kissed Owen as Stuart got down on his knees. “So,” Gavin said to him quietly. “The rules are…”

“Everyone who shows up is here to have fun,” Owen told him, hand on Gavin’s back as Stuart started work. “So fuck whoever you want.”

Gavin snickered. “Okay. You too, then. In fact, fuck everyone.”


“Everyone who’s willing, at least,” Gavin amended. “I’d enjoy watching you. I think you can do it.”

Owen did too. “Okay,” he promised, kissing Gavin’s cheek. “I guess I’ll start with Erik.” Parry and Edwin were making out, leaving Erik on his own for now. So Owen left Gavin to Stuart and went over. “Hey there. Just going to watch Edwin all night?” Not that Edwin wasn’t hot with Parry’s hand on his ass.

“I imagine I’ll find other things to do at the same time,” Erik said, eyeing Owen. “I was surprised you invited me.”

Owen hadn’t. Edwin had. “You patched things up with Edwin.”

“I did. Thanks for the punch in the leg.”

Owen nodded, and they shook hands. “You want to fuck?”

Erik snorted. “I’d make fun of you for being so straightforward, but I guess the setting calls for it. I suppose you want to top.”

“I suppose you do too.”

“Fight you for it.”

“Deal.” Owen would have happily bottomed, or just had neither of them get it up the ass, but hey, this sounded fun.

Erik pulled Owen forward and headbutted his chin, dazing Owen. Owen staggered, stepped back, but caught Erik’s punch, twisted his arm and kneed him in the gut, pushing him to the ground as he was doubled over, pulling Erik’s arm behind his back. “I win.”

“Fuck,” Erik sighed. “I guess so. Go ahead, then.”

Owen nodded, grabbed another bottle of oil and poured some on his cock. Erik didn’t seem like he bottomed much, but he was a knight and he must have been a squire at some point, so he couldn’t be unused to it. So he was slow, but not entirely gentle as he spread Erik’s ass cheeks and pressed his cock inside his fellow knight.

“Man,” Owen grunted, Erik tight around him. “Fuck. You don’t bottom often.”

Erik shook his head. “Not since I was a squire…”

“Right,” Owen said, pushing further in. “Too bad…it’s fun.”

“So I’m remembering.”

They didn’t talk much after that, Owen just getting into the swing of fucking Erik. After a few minutes he freed Erik’s arm, the better to grip his hips and fuck him harder. In Owen’s opinion, Erik seemed like the kind of guy who just needed his ass absolutely rammed.

By the time Owen came, the room was louder, more people must have arrived. He shot inside Erik, their balls touching, and only when he was done did he notice his audience. Edwin was just sitting there, boner strong, watching raptly. Owen smiled at him, pulled out, and patted Erik’s ass. “Thanks.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Owen kissed Edwin once he was close enough. “He’s all yours,” he said. They needed to have a chat about Darby, but not right now.

“Yeah, he fucking is,” Edwin muttered, hurrying to take Owen’s place. Owen chuckled to himself, leaving them to it. He’d fuck Edwin later, he didn’t want to take away from his fun. Besides, Parry was buried inside Gavin and that made Owen just a tiny bit jealous, so he did what any good husband would do and came up behind Parry, holding his cock so that on Parry’s backwards thrust it would penetrate him, and then pushing forward to sandwich Parry between them.

“Having fun?” Owen asked both of them, and they both nodded, Gavin reaching around Parry to take Owen’s hand briefly. It was fine. This was what Owen had known would happen, and no matter who they both fucked, they were always going to love each other. Gavin could fuck every guy in the world and that wouldn’t change anything.

And so for a few minutes Owen fucked Parry, until a hand on his thigh got his attention. Owen glanced over his shoulder and saw Stuart, looking a little sheepish. “I hope it’s okay if I…”

“Go ahead,” Owen said, nodding, and Stuart got in on their rhythm, sliding into Owen. He wasn’t a big guy, but Owen clenched around him as if he was, wanting him to have a good time since he was the one guy here that Owen knew didn’t like guys.

Soon, Parry was making noise, tightening all over as he came inside Gavin, who gripped his arms, came himself a minute of thrusting later. Gavin gave himself a minute to recover before extricating himself from Parry, kissing Owen on the cheek as Owen came inside Parry. “Going to go over there. Have fun.”

Owen nodded, pumping his cum into Parry while Gavin went off. Stuart moved oddly for a moment inside Owen, and a glance over his shoulder showed someone else behind Stuart. They were getting a little train going.

Owen was at the front of the train now as Parry stumbled off his cock, grinning at Owen. “Thanks.”

“Anytime,” Owen said, not meaning it. He wasn’t anticipating any non-Gavin (or Edwin) sex happening to him after the orgy ended. Then Parry wandered off, letting Owen get down on his hands and knees to make Stuart more comfortable.

It was a few minutes before Stuart came, leaving fingermarks on Owen’s thighs as he whinged. “Wow,” he muttered, as he and Owen separated, and Owen turned around. It was Travis behind him, so Cal’s team must be here, that was good. “Having fun?”

Stuart nodded, eyes shut. “Y-yeah…”

“Can I have a turn when Travis is done?”

“Whatever, sure.”

“Cool,” Owen said, calmly jerking Stuart off while he waited his turn. Stuart whimpered, but didn’t ask him to stop. Soon Travis gave a hard thrust up and came, a blissful look on his face. Then he pulled out.

“All yours,” Travis said, pulling out. His scales went all the way down, and his dick seemed to poke out from a hole in the front, big and red and kind of pointed.

Owen considered it while he pulled Stuart into his lap, sliding inside him without too much trouble. “Want to put that in me while I do Stuart?” he asked. He kind of wondered what it felt like.

Travis shrugged. “Sure.” And Owen put Stuart on his back, fucking him, and Travis came around behind him and took just a second to push inside. It wasn’t that different from a regular cock, though the pointed tip felt funny when it hit his prostate.

Owen didn’t want to ignore Stuart, so he kept his hand on Stuart’s dick, jerking him as Owen fucked him. Stuart had his eyes closed. “Bigger than David,” he muttered quietly.

That was all he said, and the three of them fucked for a good while until Stuart came under Owen’s hand, Owen came in Stuart’s ass, and a moment later, Travis came inside Owen. Owen gave Stuart a kiss, and Stuart blushed. “You sure you don’t like boys?”

Stuart nodded as they decoupled. Detripled? “Pretty sure.”

“Okay,” Owen said, helping him stand. “Sorry for the lack of women. Gavin’s not into them and it’s his wedding present. We’ll try to have some ladies at the next one, okay?”

Stuart grinned. “I’d like that.”

“Me too,” Owen admitted. Joey seemed to be here and Louis was definitely coming, but Owen sure wouldn’t have minded if Mathilda had come and made it a dragon trifecta. But maybe next time. This time it was a boys-only orgy.

“I’d even suck your dick in appreciation,” Stuart said, eyeing it. “But for now I’m going to go see if I can get someone who likes boys to suck mine. Thanks for the, you know.”

“I’m here all night if you want it again,” Owen promised, and Stuart went off. Travis was still there beside him, and he nodded over at Gavin and Joey, who were fucking.

“You looked away,” Travis said. “So he took his chance.”

Owen chuckled, shook his head. Gavin sure seemed to be enjoying bottoming there. “Hey, want to piss Joey off with me?”

Travis rolled his eyes. “Yes, you can fuck me if you want. Come on, let’s go do it where he’ll see.”

Owen clapped his shoulder. “You’re the best.”

“You know you can just ask if you want to fuck Joey,” Travis said, as they got closer, right beside Gavin and Joey, who were going at it pretty fast. Joey’s tail was wrapped around Gavin’s ankle.

“Yeah, but this is more fun.” Owen got Travis do lay down, spread his legs.

“I think you might be part dragon,” Travis muttered.

Owen smiled. Gavin had Joey’s undivided attention, though Joey didn’t entirely have Gavin’s, who definitely noticed Owen sliding into Travis and starting to move. Owen gave his almost full attention to Travis, and after about a minute Joey’s attention was as divided as the rest of theirs, and he sped up, fucking Gavin harder, which Gavin certainly didn’t seem to be complaining about.

Owen thought about matching Joey’s speed, but instead fucked Travis slower, outwardly keeping his attention on Travis, jerking him off with his other hand mostly for an excuse to hold his dick because it was fun. Joey growled as he came inside Gavin, nipping his collarbone, and Gavin cried out. Owen just smiled at Travis, who also seemed distracted, and kept going.

Seeing him still going, Joey didn’t stop in Gavin, growling a little now. Owen just kept going, all but ignoring Joey as he worked on Travis. “You like that?” he asked. Travis nodded. “More?” Travis nodded again.

So he gave him more, just a little harder, until Travis was cumming on his stomach, and then he kept giving it to him for another minute or so until Owen, rather than cumming inside, pulled out of Travis and shot all over his belly and even his face.

Joey did the same a second later with the all but laughing Gavin, and just as Owen had coaxed Travis to sit up and was offering his dick for Travis to lick clean—which was unnecessary but made the point—Joey all but leapt on Owen, knocking him back from Travis, and they ended up rolling on the floor for a while as Joey growled, summoning all his strength to try and show Owen which of them was boss.

Even with Joey’s tail pulling his legs out from under him—which Owen had taught him, he was using it well—there was no getting around Joey being half Owen’s weight and soon he was on the floor on his back, struggling to get free, glaring at Owen. Owen smiled at him. Joey struggled. Owen readied his cock. Joey tried to get away, but didn’t complain.

So Owen pushed his cock inside, enjoying Joey’s grunt, and started fucking him just at the same pace he’d been doing Gavin before. Normally this would be a two-minute fuck, but given how busy Owen had been since they’d started, fifteen minutes later Owen was still going at him. It was around that point that Joey’s protests became token, that he was moving more in tune with Owen than to escape him, that he wrapped his tail around Owen’s waist, was gripping Owen hard.

Owen took it as a sign of victory that Joey came first, whimpering as he did. Owen kept it up for a few more minutes, before pulling out and shooting his whole load right on Joey’s face. Then he collapsed beside Joey, taking a second to recover.

“I…hate you…” Joey panted, looking at the ceiling.

“Yeah,” Owen agreed, nodding. “Me too.”

Joey looked at him, and Owen looked back, and Joey started laughing first. Owen joined him, and they helped each other sit, chuckling. “I’m going to win next time,” Joey promised.

“Looking forward to it.”

“Hope you’re not tired out,” Gavin said. He and Travis were cuddling together, watching. “You’ve still got a whole room full of holes to fuck.”

Owen saluted him. “Not to worry, your Highness. Just a quick rest, but I’m still up for the task.”

Joey snorted as he went over and sat in Travis’s lap. “You can’t stay hard much longer.”

“Sure he can,” Gavin promised. “Owen’s going to fuck every guy here at least once.”

“No way. Humans don’t have that much stamina. He’ll never do it.”

“Bet he will,” Gavin said, confident.

“Bet he won’t.”

“Okay,” Gavin said. “After you lose, you have to offer Owen a blowjob every single time you lose a sparring match to him from now on.”

Joey glared, glancing at Travis, who shrugged. “Fine, but when I win, I get to fuck you for a whole night and Owen just has to sit there and watch.”

“Do I get a say in this?” Owen asked.

“No.” Gavin took Joey’s hand and shook it. “Deal. Now, Owen, you’d better get going.”

Sighing, Owen got to his feet, and kissed Gavin. “I’ll make you proud, love.” Winning meant more to Gavin than most things, after all.

“I know. I’m going to give Joey the cum you denied his asshole while you get started on that.”

“Have fun,” Owen said, shaking his head. He could do this.

“You too.”

So Owen went, looking to see who wasn’t busy. Poor Stuart had ended up on his hands and knees getting railed by Wes, with Edwin beside him doing the same with Mick. Erik was with Cal, Sully and Parry, the four of them tangled up in an involved way. They seemed pretty busy, so Owen looked past them to the far corner.

He was a bit surprised to see Pax at the orgy, but there he was, wearing nothing but his medallion and fingering himself with three fingers. He really hadn’t seemed like the type, but there it was. Owen pegged him as wanting more than fingers, so he wandered over, dick first. “Hey, didn’t figure you’d come.” He wondered who’d invited Pax, to be honest.

Actually, it would have been Denver or Louis, through Edwin, who was kind of dating both of them, it seemed like. Edwin really got around. But it seemed to make him happy, so good for him.

“I didn’t either,” said Pax, instead of making the obvious joke about coming. “But someone had a change of heart.”


Pax smiled at him in a very un-Pax-like way. “Pax, actually. Hi, I’m Nate.”

Owen’s eyes went to the medallion on Pax’s chest. “The boyfriend?”

“Yep. He’s not super into orgies, so he’s letting me borrow his body for the night with full permission to do whatever I like with it. You can even ask him if you want.”

Owen shrugged. “I believe you. Want to fuck, then?”

“Only if you top,” Pax—Nate said with a grin.

“That was the plan,” Owen said. “Can I take from your fingers that you’re good to go?”

“As it happens,” Nate said, pulling Owen down to the floor and spreading his legs, making lots of room for Owen. “Be gentle, though. Pax isn’t used to bottoming.”

“Got it,” Owen promised, and he very gently dipped two fingers inside Nate, just to make sure he was okay, before putting his hands on Nate’s thighs and pushing in slowly, giving him time to get used to it. “Good?”

Nate nodded, Pax’s face squishing kind of cutely. Pax was kind of cute. Owen wondered what Nate looked like, but he was content just to imagine Nate as naked Pax with that cute look on his face. Nate squished a little as Owen gripped him, which was nice to hold, and Owen pushed inside slowly, making sure he wasn’t hurting Nate.

“So…” Nate grunted, as Owen fucked him. “You do…this often?”

Owen nodded. “Yep. Only with…Gavin, though. You?”

“Usually…only…with Pax…” Nate took a deep breath. “Fun, though.”

“Yeah,” Owen agreed, and then they were quiet as they went. Owen jerked Nate off, and it wasn’t too long before the inevitable happened, and soon Owen’s cum was leaking out of Nate’s ass too. “That was awesome. Never know that Pax isn’t a natural.”

“Well,” Nate said, kissing Owen’s chin. “I happen to be.”

Owen chuckled at that. “Me too, usually.”

“We should hang out sometime. With clothes on.”

“Yeah, I’d like that.” And Owen and Nate shook hands, and that was that, they were friends now.

Owen’s next orgasm walked up to him and waved. “Hi,” said Denver.

“Hi,” said Owen, and Denver all but jumped on him and Owen had to hold out his arms to catch Denver, who was soon wrapped around Owen’s waist, arms around his neck. “Something you’d like?”

“Cock, please,” Denver said, a grin on his face.

Owen couldn’t help but laugh. “Can do.” It took a moment of manoeuvring, but he did get his cock into Denver’s already leaking asshole, and Owen didn’t bother sitting or laying down, he just worked out hip movements and fucked Denver standing just like that.

“You going to fuck Louis?” Denver asked, a small hitch in his voice the only sign that he was having a time with this.

Owen nodded, thrusting up as hard as he could. He hoped Louis could see this. “Yep.”

“He thinks he’s going to fuck you.”

“He’s wrong.”

“I know that,” Denver said with a giggle and a bounce. “And you know that. I don’t think he knows that yet.”

“I don’t think dragons ever do,” Owen sighed. It was way too short a time before he was blowing inside Denver, and he felt like it was his first of the night. Like a sex second wind, or something. Denver kissed him, and they ended up making out for another minute before Denver came against Owen’s chest, smiling.

A soft growl interrupted them, and Owen smirked and let Denver down. “Problem?” he asked Louis.

Mine,” was all Louis said.

Owen smiled at him. “He jumped on me. Maybe you’re not satisfying him?”

Louis moved to lunge at Owen, but a voice stopped him. “Now, now,” said Gavin, coming to stand by Owen’s side. “Let’s not fight, boys.”

Louis just growled again, but Gavin stepped forward, arms crossed. “No. We’re not doing the masculinity thing. You want to fuck me?”

Louis nodded. He was kind of blushing, which Owen thought was a strange thing to do at an orgy.

“Good. Then you’re going to get down and lick Owen’s cock clean like a good boy.”

Denver giggled. The rest of them were quiet. For a minute it looked like Louis might complain. But then he did, averting his eyes from Gavin and taking Owen’s cock in his hand, tongue lapping over it. “You have to show me to how to do that,” Denver said, watching in awe.

“It’s all in the posture,” Gavin assured him, kissing Owen. “Not everyone needs to be punched into submission.”

“Not when there’s someone they’d happily submit to,” Owen agreed, enjoying Louis’s tongue.

It was a full few minutes before Gavin got Louis to stop. “My turn,” he said, but instead of letting Louis lick him, he slid his cock into Louis’s mouth, taking his horns in his hands and using them to get leverage to move back and forth, back and forth, until he was just fucking Louis’s face and Louis was just letting him do it.

Gavin gestured for Owen to take Louis’s other end, and so Owen did, lifting his tail and just pushing right into his ass, enjoying the happy sound Louis would later pretend he hadn’t made. He was gentler with Louis than he had been with Joey, fucking him deep and slow. When Gavin came in his mouth, he pulled away, letting Owen wrap his arm around Louis, getting in between his wings, breathe on his neck. “Having fun?”

“Sh-shut up…” Louis muttered.

So Owen snorted, reached around and grabbed his dick. “Is that a no?”

“Fuck off.”

“Just for that,” Owen said, jerking Louis, “I’m not going to let you cum.”

And he didn’t, pulling as he fucked, but letting go of Louis as he started to cum, filling Louis up, then pulling out. “You asshole.”

“Yeah, that’s what they say,” Owen agreed, enjoying the way Louis’s cock twitched.

Gavin replaced him inside Louis, saying in his ear, but audibly, “if you can cum just from me inside you, then I’ll let you put yours inside me next.”

“Excuse us.”

Gavin looked up at the new voice, not pausing. Four guys were sort of standing there, and one of them was a dragon. Owen didn’t know any of them. “Hello,” said Gavin. “Who are you?”

Owen stayed in between Gavin and them, but the guy in front—skinny, stupid hair, standing really close to the dragon—bowed. “I’m sorry to intrude—I’m Cyrus. I wanted to introduce one of my friends here to you, sir, and I didn’t realize this gathering we were crashing was an orgy.”

Gavin snorted. “Well, feel free to stay and orgy. The more the merrier and whatever.” He paused, smiling as Louis came onto the floor. “What a good dragon you are,” he said, patting his horn. “If you’re not into orgies, come find me tomorrow afternoon.”

“We’ll stay,” Cyrus said. “Or Cassius and I can. You two can go if you want.”

“No, it’s fine,” said one of the two southerners with him. “We don’t mind.”

Gavin nodded, pausing to shoot. When he was done, he pulled out, made Louis turn over. “Well, if you’re interested, Owen’s fucking everyone here. I’ll happily talk to you after I’m done with Louis here.”

The dragon was smirking at Louis’s position and Louis looked more embarrassed than ever, not that he stopped Gavin from straddling him and beginning to slowly ride him. Cyrus had turned to Owen. “I’m game if you’re interested,” he said.

“Hold on,” said the dragon, who was taller than Owen. His wings were mostly red, a little grey, and Owen wondered if he were a distant relative of Joey’s or if that was racist to assume. “Nobody fucks my humans but me.”

Owen snorted. “Yeah, yeah. I’ve killed scarier dragons than you.” After all this time, he knew how to talk to a dragon. “Just bend over and make this easier for yourself.”

“Uh, you probably shouldn’t…”

The dragon snapped out his arm, reaching for Owen, who casually stepped back, then stepped back again, which looked like a retreat but was actually forcing the dragon to step forward too fast, to lunge out, to take himself off balance, to…

Owen grabbed his horn, his wrist, forced him to the ground, knee just below his tail. “You got a name?”

The dragon just growled, and Owen shrugged. He didn’t try that hard to stop Owen from sticking it in, and ten minutes later, Owen could happily say he’d gotten his dragon trifecta. Then, because they let him, he fucked Cyrus and the two southerners, the second of whom he was careful with because the guy looked all beat up. Then he stood up, wiping sweat from his brow. Gavin was just finishing with Louis, who looked fit to pass out. “Good to meet you guys. Have a good night.”

And he kissed Gavin and headed off to fuck more people.

“Mind if I slip in here?” he asked Wes, who was spitroasting Sully with Erik.

“Go ahead,” Wes grunted. There was cum on his thighs, and in his fur.

Owen pressed inside. “Must be a bitch to get out of the fur.”

Wes shrugged. “Worth it.”

After Wes, Owen took his place inside Sully, who didn’t talk much around what was now Mick’s cock in his mouth. Stuart came over and fucked Owen again while Owen was taking his time with Sully, and was with Denver by the time Owen was done.

Cal was next, and Owen got to him just as the new dragon had finished with him. “Room for one more?”

Cal snorted. “Sure.”

So Owen just went right on in, spending about twenty minutes with Cal. “Never thought I’d fuck God,” Owen muttered when he was done.

Cal rolled his eyes. “You’re only the fourth person to make that comment tonight.”

After that, Mick rode Owen for a while as Owen jerked him off. His dick was weird, it had little bumps on it that would probably feel neat inside Owen. Hopefully once Owen was done topping everyone, Mick would top him too.

Owen sucked Wes off while he fucked Mick, and ended up getting fucked by that one southerner, who it turned out was a friend of Mick’s. They were catching up by the time Owen was free, and Owen headed over for the last person he had to get to tonight.

Before he could reach Edwin, though, Owen was ambushed. He’d gotten overconfident, and didn’t notice that a dragon and a half were flying towards him until Louis and Joey were on top of him, pinning him to the ground. “Ha!” Joey declared.

That was about the warning that Owen got before Joey was pushing inside him, and yes, he was as big as he looked, as it turned out. Louis scrambled off and pressed his dick into Owen’s mouth before Owen could complain. At least he probably thought that, and Owen just opened his mouth and let him do it. No harm in it, and Owen had been topping a lot. “Teach you to look down on dragons,” Louis grunted.

“Yeah!” Joey agreed, ramming Owen hard. “Puny human.”

Owen laughed, which just made both of them go harder, until they were fully hilted inside him. They were really, really big, but Owen could handle it and he did handle it without complaint. They fucked him in either end and then switched places, Louis grumbling that he’d been supposed to get Owen’s asshole first. Owen came when Louis fucked him, but he didn’t think Louis noticed. Both dragons came on his face instead of in his throat when the opportunity presented itself.

Once they were satisfied they pulled out, sitting beside Owen and grinning smugly. Owen, also smiling, just sat with them, wiping cum out of his eyes. “Feel better?”

“A lot,” Joey agreed.

“Good, I’m glad.” Owen could have pointed out that it hadn’t taken two of him to beat either of them, but why ruin the fun. “Hey, is it my imagination or is Joey’s bigger than yours, Louis?”

Louis blinked, glancing at Joey. “It’s your imagination.”

It was not Owen’s imagination. “Okay. I’m going to go orgy some more. Let’s do that again, it was fun.” It had been. It was too bad that dragons had to tie topping with power, because letting them fuck him had been fun. Not that it mattered much since this was probably the only time he’d ever do it.

Edwin was busy when Owen got there. “Hey,” he said, kissing Edwin.

“Hey,” said Edwin, who was getting fucked by Erik from behind. “You taste like dragon cum.”

“Thanks.” Owen nodded at Erik, who nodded back. “I was hoping to do that, but looks like Erik got here first.”

Edwin chuckled. “Want a blowjob?”

“Sure,” Owen said, and Edwin started to bend over.

Then he paused, looking over his shoulder. “Wait. You guys can do me together.”


Erik stopped. “What?”

Edwin nodded, grinning. “Fuck me at the same time. I can take it.”

“You…sure, Ed?” Owen asked. That sounded like a recipe for Edwin to get hurt.

“Yeah, it’s fine, come on.” Edwin stood, reaching behind him to get his arms around Erik’s neck, and lifted his legs off the ground, making Erik hold him up. “Come on. Please?”

Erik chuckled, gave a thrust. “Well, I’m game if Sir Owen wants to try.”

Well, why the fuck not? Owen stepped forward, tried going in there with a finger, found that there was room. Edwin had probably had a dragon up there at some point too, which was useful. So he shrugged, pressed his cock against Erik’s, and slowly started to press inside Edwin. “Tell me if it hurts,” he said, meaning it.

Edwin nodded, eyes shut. “It’s fine, it’s okay for…ah…” Owen stopped, waited until Edwin’s breathing was normal again. “Okay.”

That was the only complaint Edwin gave, and Owen pressed the rest of the way inside, marvelling at the tightness, at the strange feeling of another cock there. And then they started moving, more and more and soon he and Erik were both almost going at regular speed, not quite in sync, but Edwin sure didn’t seem to mind. He came long before either of them, tightening so much that Owen feared his dick would fall off, but then Edwin went slack and just let them both go, and go they went.

Well, not for that long. Soon Erik spilled inside Edwin, and the strange feeling of being so close to that brought Owen over the edge too, and he added to the mess in Edwin.

They all sort of fell after that, and Owen slipped out of Edwin and eased him into Erik’s lap. Edwin was dopey, grinning. “Thanks. Love you,” he said to Erik, who kissed him. Owen did too.

“I think we’ll just sit here for a bit and rest,” Erik said, moving Edwin’s hair out of his eyes. “Edwin might be down for the count.”

“Wouldn’t blame him,” Owen said, as Edwin cuddled Erik. Seeing them together like that really made Owen realize how similar they looked. They had to be related. Cousins, probably. Owen could see why they wouldn’t spread that around, but it wasn’t that big a deal if cousins fucked. Though it was a bigger deal when one of them was sometimes an asshole.

Erik shook his head. “Me either. Thanks for that, Owen.”

“You too. I’ll let you guys rest.” Owen would check on them later, but for now he got up, headed over to Gavin. He needed a rest as well.

Gavin was sitting on the couch where he’d been at the start, and Owen sat beside him. “I have a report.”

“Yeah?” Gavin asked, also catching his breath.

“I’ve fucked everyone here but one person.” Which, considering that had included four people Owen hadn’t been expecting, he thought was pretty impressive.

A smile played at Gavin’s lips. “So you’re reporting failure to me, Sir Owen?”

“Not at all.” Owen pulled Gavin into his lap, slid inside him without any trouble. “I’m working on that last person right now, your Highness.”

“Oh, good,” Gavin said, and he just rested his head against Owen’s shoulder while Owen made love to him. They went for a good half-hour before they came together, sighs mixing into the room.

“This was a very nice wedding present,” Gavin murmured, watching everyone have fun. “Thank you.”

“Anything for my prince,” Owen said, kissing his neck.

“I hope I didn’t make you feel like you had to do this.”

“Not at all. I just knew you’d like it.” Owen hugged him. “I also know you’d have been happy with just me for the rest of our lives.”

“And I still would be,” Gavin promised.

“Me too.”

Gavin nodded, and they watched for another moment. “Okay,” Gavin said, standing. “I think we’ve had a nice warmup. Shall we get started with the real party?”

“Of course,” Owen said, taking his hand. “Let’s teach these guys a thing or two.”

It was such a fun night that Owen almost regretted the sunrise.

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  1. Do we ever explicitly find out what message Cyrus carried from Klaus to Gavin? The description of the message Cyrus gave to Pax was, as Juniper might say, penguin bullshit


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