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It May Not Seem Likely, but Feelings Other Than Orgasms Can Happen at Orgies

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“Now,” Cal said, as they approached the place. “Is everyone sure they want to do this? If anyone has any last-minute reservations, now’s the time to air them before we go in.”

“I have a reservation,” Travis said, raising his hand.

“You don’t have to raise your hand,” Cal said, surprised. He hadn’t actually thought anyone had reservations, but hey. “What is it?”

Travis cleared his throat. “There aren’t going to be girls here, are there?”

Oh. Cal sighed. “No, I’m pretty sure it actually is a boys-only orgy.”

“Okay.” Travis looked visibly relieved. The others were snickering at him. “What? I don’t want to accidentally touch a girl!”

“They’re not going to give you diseases, Travis,” Mick said, rolling his eyes.

“Well no, cause my boner would die as soon as I touched them!”

“Can’t relate,” said Cal, who’d lost his virginity to a boy and a girl at the same time. “I guess if it was Beatrice I’d see your point. Anyway, if that’s the only worry, let’s go in. Have fun, everyone.”

And they went in, though Sully hung back, hand on Cal’s wrist. Cal looked at him. “Are you sure you’re okay with me being here?”

Cal sighed, pulled Sully closer, and kissed him on the cheek. “Yes, I am. We all are. You can leave if you want, but we want you here.”

“I just feel…”

“You fucked up,” Cal told him. “It was stupid. We forgave you. Move past it.”

“It’s not that easy.” Sully sounded upset. Cal was upset too. “They only forgave me because you did.”

“I think you overestimate the pull I have over the people in this relationship.”

“I think you underestimate it, Cal,” Sully said. “God or not, they worship you.”

“I wouldn’t put it quite that strongly.” But part of Cal knew that behind the exaggeration, Sully wasn’t entirely wrong. “Look, I get that I’m in charge for a reason. But if they were as angry as you think, they’d have said something.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. And I’ll talk to them tomorrow about it again, okay?” Maybe they were more upset than Cal thought.

“I don’t get why you aren’t mad.”

Cal shrugged. “I almost cheated on them with you, remember?” He couldn’t exactly claim moral purity here.

“Only almost. You stopped.” Sully swallowed, not making eye contact. “I only stopped because you did.”

“I know.” Cal did know that. “Look, if you want to go back to the house, I think Darby could use a babysitter.” Cal didn’t actually know where Darby was, but he wasn’t here tonight, or at least he wasn’t supposed to be. “And if you’re really uncomfortable…”

“Don’t, don’t even offer,” Sully said, hand on Cal’s chest. “No. Let’s go in, it’ll be fun. I haven’t been to an orgy in like three hundred years.”

Cal nodded, but he didn’t go in. This wasn’t the time for this, but… “Sully?”


“The reason I’m not mad is because I know what you being immortal and us being mortal means for you in the long term.”

Sully flinched, shut his eyes. “I…that wasn’t why I did it, But…yeah. I think about that sometimes. A lot. And it scares the shit out of me.”

Cal nodded, pulled Sully into a hug. “I’m sorry.”

“You fucking should be, making me fall in love with you like that,” Sully sniffed, holding Cal. “You little shit.”

“Yeah.” They held each other for a good while, just standing there in the door.

“Listen, don’t tell the other guys about that, okay?” Sully asked as he stepped back. “I mean, I’m sure they thought of it too. But…I don’t want to fucking…guilt them into forgiving me with it, okay?”

“Okay,” Cal agreed, taking Sully’s hand. “But I do want to talk about it all together someday. You shouldn’t feel like you have to hold in something that’s scaring you that much.”

Sully nodded. “Okay. Thanks.”

“Of course. Now, that’s enough feelings. Let’s go fuck a bunch of people.”

“Starting with each other?”

“Of course.” Cal kissed his cheek. “And I love you too, you shithead.”

Sully blushed. “Careful, you’ll turn me on, calling me names.”

“Yeah?” Cal asked. He’d had a feeling about that. “What else turns you on?”

“Not much,” Sully muttered. “It’s all old hat to me at this point.”

“Hm.” Inside the room, people were already fucking. Travis and Joey were with Owen and Gavin and some of their knights, and Wes and Mick were with Edwin and Erik. There was a pile of clothes in the corner, so Cal started adding his to it. “Maybe I should spank it out of you? Or whip it, maybe?”

“Oh, fuck off,” Sully said, almost crimson now as he took off his boots.

Cal smirked. “Maybe everyone would feel better about your little transgression if we all got together and punished you for a night.”

“As if you have the balls.”

“You’re basically asking to be hog-tied.”

“Just get your pants off and fuck me, would you?”

“Not even going to pretend you want to top, huh?”

“You know what?” Sully asked, and then he was kissing Cal, pushing Cal’s pants off for him, the two of them falling over right in front of the clothes pile.

“Finally,” Arky said, thrilled. “I thought you guys were going to gab for the whole fucking night.”

Cal ignored him, kissing Sully harder, waiting as Sully got his own pants off, letting Sully stay on top for fun, until eventually, with a frustrated noise, Sully flipped them over so Cal was on top. Cal snickered.

“Can it,” Sully grumbled, touching Cal’s dick for a second, leaving it wet with something by magic. “Will you just put that thing to good use?”

“Someone needs to learn to be less bossy,” Cal told him. But he put his cock where Sully wanted it, pressed it inside, not giving Sully a chance to snark back. “But tomorrow, maybe.”

Sully nodded, looking up at Cal as Arky danced on Cal’s shoulder. Cal kept Sully pinned to the floor as he fucked him, their ankles tangling together as Sully kicked his pants the rest of the way off. Cal had less success doing that from this position, but Sully managed it with, Cal imagined, a little bit of help from magic.

The fact that Cal’s boots disappeared as he fucked Sully was a hint.

Sully being pinned to the floor was a fiction from start to finish, but he stayed right there as if Cal had put him in place, and Cal felt like he was suddenly learning a lot about Sully as he went. And so instead of kissing him, Cal bit his lip, hard enough to draw blood, and Sully whimpered and, almost immediately after, came under Cal. Cal kept going, unconcerned, and didn’t stop until he’d cum too. Only then did he let Sully go, and help him stand in such a way as to make clear that he expected Sully to stand. “Happy now?”

“Do you care?” Sully asked, sullen in an embarrassed way.

Cal patted his ass. “Nope. Now are you going to be good, or do I have to put a leash on you?”

Sully shuddered. “This isn’t as sexy as you think it is.”

“Sure it’s not,” Cal told him. It was kind of fun, though. “Go do something inappropriate with someone, will you? Oh look, Edwin and Erik are free.” Wes and Mick were now entertaining Stuart and Parry, and Travis and Joey were fucking Owen and Gavin, respectively.

So Cal just walked Sully over to the other two knights, who were making out. “You guys free?” he asked.

They broke apart as if embarrassed, and Edwin moved faster, taking Cal’s hand. “Fucking God might be fun,” he said with a grin.

Cal shrugged. “I know a few guys who give it good reviews if you want to give it a shot.”

“It’s about time you bottomed,” Arky complained.

Cal continued to ignore him as Edwin—who was taller than he seemed when he was dressed—pulled Cal over to him and leaned down to kiss him, which led to Cal pushing them both down so that wouldn’t have to annoy him, which led to Cal being in Edwin’s lap while they made out. Edwin was a good kisser and Cal got into it, able to ignore Arky in his ear whispering for him to get to the butt stuff already.

Arky had no appreciation for the finer things, like making out.

But eventually Cal lifted his hips a little, let Edwin pull him up a little more, spreading his ass cheeks, and Edwin penetrated him while Arky made content sounds in Cal’s ear. Edwin was a good size, and Cal slid down on him slowly, not because he couldn’t take it but just to be safe, taking his time to enjoy the first of what would probably be several cocks inside him tonight.

He and Edwin moved together, kissing as they went, and Edwin was just the right amount of pushy and had just the right amount of give, and it worked between them way better than it should have for two people who’d never touched each other before now.

Cal could have done this all night, but dicks and the things they did had a time limit, and Edwin happened to be really good with his dick, and Cal sighed and let his orgasm come over him, clutching Edwin. Edwin held him close, letting Cal cum, before he started to move again, gentle, his touches light, his movements fluid. And when he came inside Cal, it was nice, warm. Cal smiled at him. “Wow.”

“You too,” Edwin agreed, red in the face.

They sort of cuddled for a second before breaking apart, and Erik and Edwin went and switched places, Edwin climbing on top of Sully, and Erik taking Cal into his arms from behind. “Can I have a divine experience now?” Erik asked, already pressing against Cal’s hole.

Cal snorted, didn’t stop him. Erik was rougher than Edwin, but not terribly so. He fucked Cal hard, but not so hard he couldn’t handle it, and though he didn’t jerk Cal off, that was fine, Cal didn’t need to cum every time—he’d run out of cum pretty quickly that way. Plus, he was having fun watching Edwin and Sully.

Partway through his fuck with Erik, Parry came over. “Can I share?” he asked, blocking Cal’s view of anything but his cock.

Cal nodded, though he had a feeling Parry had been asking Erik, and opened his mouth, Parry sliding in there. Cal sucked him as far down as he could in this angle, which didn’t give him much control over how much he took in, and Parry reacted positively, giving him more cock.

Erik came in Cal with a grunt, giving Cal little warning before pulling out, the last strand of cum hitting Cal’s back. Then he was gone and Parry, apparently an opportunist, pulled right out of Cal’s mouth and turned him around, putting him on his back and sliding into Cal’s ass.

“See, these guys know a cockhole when they see one,” Arky said, happy as anything as Parry got his rhythm and Cal got used to it.

Just as he was, Erik came back with Sully and after a second of wiggling around, Sully ended up underneath Cal and Erik’s cock ended up between them, both of them sucking and licking it up and down, alternately making out with each other. Cal got his cock between Sully’s legs, fucking his thighs.

That went a minute or so before Parry came with a groan and pulled out of Cal—honestly, Edwin was the only knight who knew about cuddling—pushing him up a little and onto Erik’s cock so he could fuck Sully now. Erik ended up painting both their faces and then rapidly turned around and stuck his cock right in Cal’s mouth. Cal deepthroated him with just a small shudder, letting Erik fuck his face. Sully’s cock ended up in Cal’s ass and Sully had his face buried in Erik’s hole, and pretty quickly Cal came with a moan, his erection not abating.

“Someone’s gone and cast a fuck-spell on the room,” Arky said happily in his ear. Cal hoped he couldn’t read minds now. “To make sure nobody runs out of spunk too soon. Whoever did it is kind of a genius, actually, you should build him a statue or let him fuck whoever he wants or something, he’s basically saving the world here.”

Cal was barely listening as he tried to keep up with Erik in his mouth, with moving his hips on Sully. Sully soon made a noise and added to Cal’s mess, but he was stuck there until Parry was done, which was another few minutes later. Nobody seemed to be running out of anything, so maybe Arky was right.

Erik had taken hold of Cal’s head and, as Parry disentangled himself, started fucking Cal’s face with a lot of power. Sully had slipped out of Cal and was replaced with someone else, but Cal paid little attention to that until Erik was shooting down his throat. “Holy fuck,” Erik said, finally taking his balls off Cal’s chin, pulling out. “That was amazing.”

Cal nodded, swallowing spit. His throat was sore. “Yeah.”

“Might have to do it again,” Erik said, stepping away. “Take care of yourself.”

Cal nodded, glanced over his shoulder. It was Stuart fucking him. He smiled down at Sully. “Having fun?”

Sully just nodded, apparently content to lay there until Stuart shot inside Cal and pulled out slowly. “Uh, thanks,” Stuart said.

“Anytime.” Or anytime tonight, at least.

Stuart chuckled. “Never thought I’d fuck God.”

Cal was starting to see what people meant when they said that joke was getting old. “New experiences make us who we are, right?”

“R-right,” Stuart said, seeming like he’d taken something very serious out of that, even though it was just something Cal had seen embroidered on a pillow once. “Uh, thanks.”

And he headed off. Cal started to roll over. “Let’s see if we can get two steps before someone tries to fuck us again,” he said to Sully.

He did not get two steps, but he did get halfway rolled over before a small hand stopped him. “My turn,” Joey said, no preamble at all as he just stuck his cock inside Cal and Arky squealed with glee. Travis took Sully and was being slightly more gentle with him. “This is so much fun,” Joey said. “I’m so glad we got to come to this.”

Cal nodded as Joey set a fast pace, holding Cal’s leg in the air, his energy full either from the fuck spell or just because he was a dragon. Cal had never counted but even outside his rut it seemed like Joey could cum a dozen times without breaking a sweat, which just seemed excessive and unnecessary, but that was dragons. Or maybe it was just Joey. It was hard to tell.

Sully managed to escape after Travis was done with him, but Joey didn’t content himself with just one orgasm, fucking Cal a second time, slightly more slowly, letting Cal cum this time, before finally deciding he was satisfied and pulling out to kiss Cal for a bit. Beside them, Travis was fucking Denver, who Cal hadn’t noticed arrive. That must mean Louis was here too.

“Hey, Cal?” Joey asked quietly.


“I love you.” Joey swallowed. “I…I don’t think I ever said that before.”

Cal felt himself go all soft at that, and he touched Joey’s horn. “I love you too.”

Joey erupted in red, biting his lip so hard Cal was worried he’d bleed. “I wasn’t sure,” he whispered. “I…I thought you might only…with Wes and Mick, I mean. But then you said to Sully, and I thought…”

Cal got it. “I said it because I meant it, Joey. I love you. And Travis too.”

“Good,” Joey said, looking relieved. “Okay, good. Because I wasn’t going to let you go either way. Can we fuck one more time? Then I want to have a turn on Denver.”

Cal chuckled, flipped them over. “Sure. But I’m topping this time.”

“Thank you, I was about to gag at all that gross emotion junk,” Arky informed him as Cal started to fuck Joey.

Cal made sure Joey came before him—which wasn’t hard, Joey always came fast—holding his dick in one hand as they went. Then, when they were done, Joey smiled up at him. “Want to help me fuck Denver?”

Cal nodded. “Are you only doing that to piss Louis off?” Louis was over there getting ridden by Gavin, but there was no way he wouldn’t notice Joey fucking his human.


“Well, I do like pissing people off.” So they got up and moved the few paces to where Denver was cuddling with Travis, hand on Travis’s cock. Wes was getting fucked by Mick nearby. Cal couldn’t see Sully.

“See, told you they’d want a turn,” Travis said, squirming as Denver jerked him off.

Denver nodded. “You were right. So which if you wants to go first?”

Cal and Joey looked at each other for a second. Joey was pouting just a tiny bit. “Him,” Cal said, taking pity on Joey, and also taking note of the way that Joey was clearly deferring to his decision.

Joey gave Cal a quick hug, then settled himself between Denver’s legs. “You ready for this?” he asked Denver with a grin.

“I’ve been fucked by a dragon before,” Denver reminded him. “Today, even.”

“Yeah, but I’m bigger than Louis,” Joey bragged, and Cal had to stifle a laugh.

As Joey went about proving that, Cal leaned over and gave Travis a kiss, and then, because Denver seemed like he’d be receptive, he moved so that he could slide into Denver’s mouth. As expected, Denver was happy with that, still jerking Travis off as Cal and Travis kissed. Denver was good at this, Cal realized. He was attentive, made sure to use his tongue and his hand on Cal even as he worked Travis and even as Joey pulverized him.

Cal heard the growl after just a few minutes, and then there was Louis, behind Travis, and judging by Travis’s yelp, inside him too. And when Cal came in Denver’s mouth a few minutes later, he pulled out and just watched the dragon fucking show for a minute. Until Louis finished with Travis and came around, not a word spoken as he just pushed into Cal. Cal let him do it, grunting just a little. Joey had cum inside Denver—twice, Cal had a feeling—and he kissed Denver thank you before moving over into Travis. Louis and Joey were glaring at one another through all of this.

Louis was big, and he was rough and hard and fast and Cal barely heard Arky cheering as it happened. It was less than five minutes, if Cal was any judge, before Louis was done, shooting hard inside Cal before pulling out just as hard and going to fuck Denver again. “Wow,” Cal muttered. Denver just nodded.

Cal got a break of one minute before Joey was done with Travis, who had time to shoot Cal a sympathetic look before Joey was on top of him and inside him, growling quietly. “You’ve got a future as a dragon cumrag,” Arky assured Cal.

Joey and Louis finished around the same time, and then they just leapt on each other, wrestling hard in a short match that ended with Joey on his back, Louis slammed into him, growling the whole time. “Remind me to make him jealous more often,” Denver said vaguely.

“As long as you don’t need to walk the next day,” Cal agreed, though he wasn’t as sore as he’d thought he’d be.

It was kind of fun to just watch the two of them go at it, but in typical fashion they didn’t last long, and Louis pulled out and came all over Joey’s face at the end.

And just as Cal assumed that was that, the third dragon appeared. “Who’s that?” He was bigger than either of them, darker-skinned, red and grey colouring.

Denver shrugged. “Good question.”

“Kind of saw him with the prince earlier,” Travis muttered.

“Weird,” said Cal. He hadn’t known that Gavin knew any other dragons. The new dragon just stood there for a second, looming over Louis and Joey. Waiting to see if they were going to challenge him, Cal had a feeling.

Of course they did, but that didn’t last long. With one arm each he pinned them both to the floor, waiting for them to submit. Then he proceeded to ram his cock into Louis. “I’d have made a good dragon,” Denver said wistfully. “Look how they communicate.”

“Yeah, it’s not a hard language to learn.” The guy who spoke was slender, moved quietly, sandy hair that was in his eyes a little. “Hi, I’m Cyrus. Sorry about him, he just had a bottoming experience and feels it necessary to prove his superiority over someone.”

Cal snorted. “It happens. Cal.” The other two introduced themselves as well.

Cyrus snorted. “Nice to meet you guys. If it’s not too forward, you mind if I…”

“Nah, go ahead,” Cal said, shifting to make room. “Lots of space up there now.”

Cyrus nodded, smiling. He had a pretty smile. Once he was between Cal’s legs, he leaned in close and kissed him, keeping his face beside Cal’s as he slid in. “I know this isn’t the time or place for this, but it’s the only chance I’m going to have to talk to you. Act normal,” he added, when Cal went stiff. “I’m not here to hurt anyone.”

“Because everyone who’s ever said that has meant it,” Cal growled as Cyrus started to thrust.

“My boss wants to talk to you,” Cyrus said quietly. “Just talk, that’s all.”

“And which too mysterious to be human asshole is your boss?” Cal asked.

Cyrus chuckled at that, giving a grunt and a hard thrust. “Klaus. Take it you’ve heard of him?”

Cal nodded, thinking about Rawen’s request. “Tell him I’ll meet him at Saint Lyra’s Cathedral in two days just after noon. The real one.”

“Got it,” Cyrus said, resting his head. “Sorry for making you work during this.”

“It’s fine. No rest for the divine, right?”

Cyrus smiled at that, and he very nicely made sure Cal came before he finished himself. “I appreciate the time.”

Cal nodded, and Cyrus went to go fuck Travis for a bit. “I guess he thought you were alone,” Arky muttered.

“Hopefully he’ll think I’m coming alone to the meeting, too,” Cal said. “Really didn’t want to think about this shit tonight.”

“Then don’t,” Arky advised. “Focus on getting more cock inside you where it belongs. Look, the big guy’s done.”

And the big guy was now coming over here, Louis and Joey just sullenly watching him. “Let me guess,” Cal said as he approached. “Now you fuck their humans to prove that you’re the boss and there’s nothing they can do about it?”

The dragon smirked. “You know a thing or two.”

“Or three,” Cal agreed, wondering if the dragon was just Cyrus’s muscles or if he knew what was going on. “I’m Cal.”

“That’s nice.” The dragon moved in.

“Nope,” Cal said, foot on the dragon’s cock, which was bigger than his foot. “Name.”

“You don’t get to make demands.”

“And you don’t get to fuck me without introducing yourself.” Cal was getting the hang of dragons by now.

The dragon snorted. “I’d like to see you try to stop me.”

“No,” said Cal. “You really wouldn’t.”

The dragon must have seen something in him, because after a moment, he nodded. “Cassius.”

“See,” Cal said, removing his foot. “That wasn’t hard, Cassius.”

Cassius wrapped his tail around Cal’s ankle, pulling it to the side. “I suppose it wasn’t. I hope those runts have prepared you for this.”

Cal rolled his eyes. “Just do it.”

Cassius did, and Arky came down and stood on his stomach to watch. “He’s so fucking big…”

Cal could feel that. Cassius was both thicker and longer than Joey or Louis, but he pressed into Cal with little problem. Again, Cal didn’t feel anything but some minor discomfort as the dragon pushed most of the way inside, then started thrusting like fucking Cal was his only goal in life. Which at the moment it probably was.

Once Cassius got going, he fucked Cal hard, focused, determined. And he was surprisingly good at it, considering he didn’t give off a vibe like he cared overly about Cal’s comfort. Cal wasn’t ashamed to admit he came not two thrusts after Cassius started filling his ass with yet more dragon cum. “I swear I can feel your belly bulging,” Arky announced as Cal’s cum hit him in the face.

Cal lay back and looked at the ceiling as Cassius pulled out. “Well,” he said, breathless. “I guess I’ll let you do that again sometime.”

Cassius’s smirk was audible. “I’ll see if I have the time once I’m done with all your friends.” And he went off. What an asshole. Cal was willing to forgive it since he as good at sex, though.

Speaking of assholes who were good at sex, Owen approached Cal just as he was starting to recover. “Room for one more?”

He’d better be fucking good at sex, at least. “Sure.”

He was, somewhat surprisingly, good at sex. And unlike the last several people who’d been inside Cal, he took his time, letting them both enjoy it. And when they were done, he cuddled Cal for a minute, which was nice. “Never thought I’d fuck God.”

Getting very old. “You’re only the fourth person to make that comment tonight,” Cal told him, and Owen laughed a little, cuddling him a moment longer before they broke apart.

Cal didn’t get far before his knees weakened and he stumbled, ending up on the floor again. When he looked up, someone was standing in front of him. “Need a hand?” Gavin asked.

Cal shrugged. “Need a blowjob?”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

That was a point Cal had to concede, and so, ignoring the symbolism of this, he just took Gavin into his mouth, sucking him gently. Gavin stood there and let him do it, and so Cal took his time, tasting him, getting a sense for what he was receptive to, taking Gavin into his throat now and then but not keeping him there, focusing on making it all around fun.

When Gavin came it was on Cal’s tongue, and then Gavin fell to his knees in front of Cal, leaning on him. “Oh,” he said.

Cal smiled. “Feeling divinely inspired, your Highness?”

“Hilarious,” Gavin muttered, clearly not finding it hilarious, which won him points in Cal’s book. “Thanks for coming to this.”

“Thanks for inviting us.”

“That was Owen.”

“As if he does anything without your say-so,” Cal said.

Gavin smirked, patting Cal’s back. “I think we’re going to work well together.”

“Me too. I think I’m going to rest here for a few minutes,” Cal added.

Gavin nodded. “Okay. I should rest a bit too. We’ll fuck later tonight?”


Gavin left Cal with Arky, who bitched at him for a bit about wasting time, but Cal just sat there and caught his breath for a good few minutes. He watched Mick ride Owen for a bit while Owen sucked off Wes. Cal missed Mick and Wes, he hadn’t seen them all night.

So he waited until they were free, though they were now sitting with another guy Cal didn’t know, and joined them. “There you guys are,” he said.

Mick snorted. “As if you’re not the one who’s taken all night to cross a room. Stephan, this is Cal—he’s my other boyfriend. Cal, Stephan was a friend of mine when I was little.”

And now Mick was jerking Stephan off at an orgy. How time flew. “Hi,” Cal said, sitting with them. “Nice to meet you.”

“You too,” Stephan said, sounding nervous. “This is Neville, my companion.” Neville was sitting in Wes’s lap, getting hugged from behind.

“Don’t let me stop you guys from catching up,” Cal said, wondering if this really was a coincidence. Stephan and Neville had come here with Cyrus and Cassius.

“I was thinking we could all get to know each other,” Mick suggested with a smile. And that was how Cal ended up fucking Stephan with Mick buried in him from behind, and Wes fucked Neville right there in his lap. Travis joined them a minute or so later, Joey busy ganging up on Owen with Louis to make up for their humiliation before, and he sucked Neville’s cock for him.

Then once people started being done they switched places, Mick fucking Stephan with Neville behind him, Travis getting a blowjob from Stephan. Sully joined them too, tentative, just as Wes pushed into Cal, and he got invited to suck Stephan while Travis fingered him.

“You doing okay?” Wes asked, just before he started to cum. And when Cal nodded, he said, “Good,” and pushed his knot inside.

Stuck now, Cal let Wes hold him while they watched the others. Sully and Travis were now in Neville from either end while Stephan and Mick switched spots. “Sully’s still upset,” Wes observed.

Cal nodded again. “He thinks you guys are only pretending not to hate him on my account.”

“Yeah,” Wes sighed, in a way that didn’t make it clear if the yeah was to Cal’s comment or Sully’s worry. “We’ll talk to him, then. It’s not like I blame him.”

“Me either,” Cal agreed. “Stephan and Neville’s friend is going to set me up a meeting with Klaus in a few days.”

Wes grunted, the fact that he held Cal tighter the only indication that bothered him. “This was a shitty venue for that.”

“Yeah.” Cal sighed. “Anyway. You’re having fun, right?”


“Good. Me too.”

And Cal sat there and recovered, watching the others and waiting for Wes to be a normal size again. Joey had joined them now too. Just as the knot receded, something caught his eye. “You know,” he said.

“What’s that?”

“I think I’ve well and truly gotten past any hang-ups I used to have about bottoming.”

Wes snorted. “I’m glad to hear it. I’ll still bottom for you whenever you want, though.”

“I know. But in the meantime,” Cal said, preparing himself for Arky’s squeal, “I’d like to try that.” He nodded over to where Owen and Erik were buried inside Edwin at the same time. They were just coming apart, falling over, but Wes saw them just fine and Cal could taste his grin.



“I’ll call Sully.”

“Call Mick,” Cal said, confident. “No need to start on easy mode.” Plus, Cal felt a little like he’d neglected the two of them tonight.

“Oh man I’m so proud of you,” Arky was saying, hopping from foot to foot. “You have no idea how much this means to me, you’re the best pervert I’ve ever peeped on, Cockhole.”

Cal didn’t dignify that with an answer, and Wes called Mick over. “Cal doesn’t think he has enough cock up his ass. Want to help him feel better?”

Mick blinked, then smiled. “Okay,” he said. And then he was slipping a finger inside Cal, smiling when he found room. “The knot left some space for me. Still going to be tight.”

“Try me,” Cal challenged, and Mick did.

It was tight, it was so tight, but Cal bore it, even when it hurt. It didn’t hurt as much as he thought it should, and Cal wondered if that was the magic in the air. Maybe Mick knew about that. He should ask.

Stephan and Neville were fucking each other now, but Travis and Joey and Sully were watching them raptly, and Mick slid more and more in, Cal feeling every bump. Arky was vibrating so hard Cal was surprised he wasn’t floating.

And then Mick was all the way in, and Cal was so full and so happy and he barely heard anything they said to him. A moment later they both started to move, and Cal was seeing white everywhere, feeling nothing but good and nothing but this.

Cal didn’t notice when he came, and he didn’t notice when they came, because he was so high and he only came down from it several minutes later. “Holy fuck,” he said, and he meant that in every possible sense of the phrase.

“So it was good?” Wes asked. Oh. Neither of them was inside him anymore. That was disappointing.

“It was amazing,” Cal said. He kissed Wes, then Mick. “Thank you both. And all of you.”

“Can…” Joey was quivering. “Can I have a turn doing that too?”

Cal laughed, still a bit high. This was good. He was glad they’d all come to this. “Sure, you can all take turns. Come on.”

So, with some coaxing, he got them to do it. Two in his ass, one in each hand and one in his mouth, and Cal just lay back, let them take turns, and he’d never felt more like himself in his whole life.

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