Character Profile: Greg

Name: Greg Sanct, Greg ven Sancte-Trapp (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Boy, Geg, Snowball

Title(s): Prince of Dolovai

Hair Colour: Sandy brown

Eye Colour: Hazel

Height: 155 cm

Weight: 44 kg

Build: Very skinny

Distinguishing Marks: Numerous small scars everywhere, two missing toes on his left foot and one on his right, frostbite scar on his left ear

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Grey Rain Sanct (best friend/therapy dog/boyfriend/brother)

Family Relationships: Owen Sanct and Gavin ven Sancte (parents), Sir Edwin the Stalwart (head bodyguard/fathers’ husband), Twig (father’s squire) Ron and James of the Black Witch Clan (uncles), Gerard and Georgina ven Sancte, Oscar and Tina of Great Scar (grandparents), Lionel and Ophelia of Great Scar, Tanya and Thaddeus of Great Scar (great grandparnets), Gloria Sanct (second cousin), Giles ven Sancte (great grandfather, deceased), Rudy (kindred spirit), Helen and Garth (birth parents), Heidi (sister), Sylvester (trainer/former caretaker), Roderick, Denver (friends/fellow trainees), Bradley (fellow trainee), Pascal others (former fellow trainees, deceased)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Preferred Positions: None

Kinks: None

Orgies Attended: The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born in a small northern town called Hollow Tusk, Greg lived a reasonably peaceful life with his parents and sister, training as an apprentice under his father to be a farrier. Greg not resembling his father wasn’t much of an issue until he hit puberty and started very much to resemble the neighbour’s son, and more importantly, the neighbour. Greg’s father started to become angry and violent, and Greg was sold into slavery for his own safety and his family’s stability. He was then bought by people with nefarious purposes, who trained him to be a killer and then sold him again. Unfortunately, Greg was not purchased by his would-be victim and lived a particularly brutal experience of slavery until being freed.


  • Though Greg was going to be a farrier, he always liked to pretend he’d be a scholar
  • Substance addition runs in Greg’s family; all the men on his mother’s side of the family are alcoholics and several of them are drug addicts
  • Greg always suspected he wasn’t his father’s son; this is mostly because he knew about his mother’s affair
  • When he was sold, Greg wasn’t afraid that he’d be raped as a slave, he was only afraid that he’d be beaten frequently. Greg stopped caring about being beaten after the first two months living with his master’s family
  • Greg can’t remember the names or faces of anyone he used to know before being sold, including his family
  • Greg tried to escape from slavery only once, after his shoulder had been dislocated by accident in training and popped back in. He was caught within ten minutes and saved from a beating by Darwin, but he never tried again
  • Greg’s first master was a nice-seeming older man who Greg actually liked, who then sold him illegally at a party to a friend. Greg thinks to this day that he cursed himself by thinking that he’d gotten off easy
  • Greg’s anxieties about most things tend to diminish if he’s in a position where he has to do them for someone else’s benefit
  • His experience in his master’s house has left Greg afraid of the dark, being alone, rats, surprise touches, and noises he can’t identify the sources of
  • Being freed didn’t make Greg feel free, and he’s not sure anything really will


  • “You’re expecting us to let him rape us, aren’t you?”
  • “I…I didn’t believe you. I didn’t believe you were really coming to get me.”
  • “I don’t…I don’t know. I just…What the hell happened to us?”
  • “It seems like there’d be a lot of easy ways to hurt him. I could drop him or squeeze him too tight or poke the hole in his skull or…”
  • “I’m just stupid, that’s all.”
  • “I’m…I’m…I’m not. I’m not.”
  • “I’m sorry that I don’t know sign language.”
  • “I…I need to protect you, you’re in danger. I just don’t want you to get hurt. I…you’re too nice for this, Darby. Stay here.”
  • “I can’t, I can’t, I have to, have to, I have to protect…from him! Please…”
  • “I stabbed you in the face.”
  • “I was a slave.”
  • “He, he freed us. Sylvester freed us both. We’re not slaves anymore. I’m not a slave anymore.”
  • “Shark dragon.”


  • Prior to being sold into slavery, Greg had recurring nightmares about bears
  • Greg’s master only wanted him for domestic labour. It was the master’s nephew who used him sexually and the master’s wife who hurt him physically
  • Aside from having masturbated with his neighbour a few times, Greg had no sexual experience with others prior to having his virginity taken by his first master
  • As a child, Greg was bit by the same stray dog several times in a three-month span as he tried to befriend it
  • Greg always wanted to learn how to read as child and was always disappointed that nobody could teach him
  • Greg used to collect rocks and make piles out of them on the sides of roads
  • As a child, Greg liked to catch runaway chickens to make a few extra coins, then spend the coins on candies for himself and Heidi
  • Greg and Heidi were very close siblings and had a secret language that they’d come up with together
  • Greg learned how to juggle during training by watching Darwin do it twice
  • Very recently, Greg has developed an affection for turtles, which remind him of himself

Modern AU: Greg was put into the foster system after being removed from his family due to a violent father, supposedly only for six months. However, during those six months, he fell off the grid and was in a foster home with a number of other boys that was under no supervision. He was then placed in a foster home where he was later discovered to be being abused by his foster brother. He was moved again, and then later ran away and ended up, fortunately, living with some nice people who run a bed and breakfast. He has been seeing a very good therapist and has recently started attending school again, though he has very few friends and doesn’t participate in any extracurricular activities, but people who know him report that he’s seemed happier lately. They also report that he seems to have developed an interest in wolves.

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