Character Profile: Franz

Name: Franz of House DiGorre, Franz DiGorre (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Cave Watcher, Him, Fwan, Fwanch

Title(s): Defender of the Hawk, Holder of the Keys of the Five Titles, Lord of Kelle’s Keep, Lord of Low Mendeer, Lord-Regent of Mount Abasten, Prince of Kyaine, Protector of the Shrike’s Heart

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Build: Toned, slender

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Boey (companion), Gabrielle ven Sancte (wife)

Family Relationships: Francesca and Dante DiGorre (parents, deceased), Felix DiGorre (brother, deceased), Dahlia, Flora and Donovan DiGorre (siblings), Frederick and Silas (younger brothers, adoptive), Dragon (dog), Bailey and Ute (companion’s parents), Uriah (companion’s brother), Hector Quate (companion’s boyfriend), Cordelia and Isabella DeThane (godmothers), Christina, Iago and Carlos DeThane (godsiblings), Hans and Darcy DiFueure (uncles), Darius DiFueure (cousin), Maria DiGorre, Giacomo DiGorre, Gavin ven Sancte and Owen Sanct, (siblings-in-law), Francis DiGorre, Grey Rain and Greg Sanct (nephews), Gerard and Georgina ven Sancte (parents-in-law), Gloria Sanct (wife’s cousin) Jacob (nanny)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: On hands and knees

Kinks: Cross-dressing, feet

Orgies Attended: N/A

Bio: The second son of Kyaine’s royal House DiGorre, Franz’s destiny was always going to be a political marriage to a noblewoman of some variety. He grew up happy and well cared for, with his siblings and parents happy and healthy, and his companion Boey supporting him. Of course, given who his family was, he also grew up learning the ins and outs of politics and the games people make of them. And when the long-expected marriage alliance finally happened, he was surprised that it was with a princess of another nation, but left home to do as he was destined and marry her. Though he now lives in what he affectionally thinks of as the frigid hellscape of the frozen north, Franz has found that his life isn’t all that changed even as everything has changed for him, and that he’s going to need everything he learned as a kid, and a lot of Boey’s help, to get through whatever crazy shit is going to happen while he’s up here.


  • Franz didn’t think that being one of the only southerners in Three Hills would bother him overly. It bothers him a great deal. He is, however, having less trouble navigating politics in his second language than he thought he’d have
  • Franz loves being a big brother more than anything in the world
  • He is highly aware that nothing he has ever accomplished has been done alone, and of how dependant he is on other people emotionally
  • Franz grew up thinking of family as parents and siblings and companions—he’s glad that he’s now expanded his understand of that to include other people
  • Franz regrets that he never had a closer relationship with his father
  • Franz does honestly believe that the world would be a better place if he (and the people around him) were running it
  • Franz thought he was an adult before his parents died. He realized after that that event made him grow up very rapidly
  • Franz sometimes regrets how readily he’s learned not to trust anyone
  • Franz grew up assuming he probably wouldn’t love his wife—he’s grateful to know that he probably will
  • One of Franz’s shortcomings as a noble is that he tends to assume that everyone thinks the same way he does, with the same complexity and similar motivations. It’s one of the main things he needs Boey’s help to overcome.


  • “But I thought we agreed that you were going to be the prince and I would be the leal companion! Don’t tell me you let me come here so that I could get married to some girl we’ve never met before!”
  • “Taste is overrated.”
  • “It’s the proclivity of nobles to stab one another in the back, after all.”
  • “Normalcy is for people with no imagination.”
  • “Everyone knows that nothing important happens in meetings. You waste time for an hour or five and then everyone goes off and the two people who were going to do the actual work do it anyway.”
  • “I remember a time when I commanded respect, when people would agree with me just because I’d spoken.”
  • “I don’t respond well to being manipulated. I also don’t respond well to people trying to kill my friends and family.”
  • “Okay. Okay. Send me back. I’ll go back. I’ll go back and I’ll kill him.”
  • “I’d be a great Leader. I could lead the armies of hell and conquer the thrones of humankind with the verve of infernal infinity.”
  • “Don’t worry. I intend to keep you close forever, okay?”
  • “Dignity is for people who think they’re better than everyone else.”
  • “I don’t think it should be dark before supper and I’m rich and important, so someone should fix it.”
  • “Shh. When someone says something heartwarming about the power of friendship and togetherness, you aren’t supposed to be all dark and ominous after.”


  • Since Franz didn’t think he’d be a king when he grew up, as a child he wanted to be a baker instead
  • Franz learned about sex from his father and uncle in a traumatizing boat trip that left him wanting to die, followed by a supposedly easy conversation with Felix that left him wishing he was already dead, and was very grateful when Boey sat him down rationally and re-explained everything to him afterwards
  • At the birth of each of his younger siblings, Franz made a list of things he wanted to teach them about someday, including Dahlia, who was born when he was only three years old
  • Franz was afraid of Boey for the first two months they were friends
  • All of Franz’s sexual firsts were with Boey, starting when they were eight years old. Boey did, however, used to make fun of Franz for being interested in girls
  • At eleven, Franz was riding through a town near Hawk’s Roost as part of his mother’s insistence that he see parts of the kingdom, and he was followed all the way back to the castle by a mastiff puppy who he insisted on adopting
  • Franz always wanted birds to land on him, but he could never stand still enough for it to happen
  • Franz once decided he wanted to sneak down into Hawk’s Roost to see the real parts of the city. He got lost for two days and ended up losing his clothes and had to make his way back to the castle naked
  • The thing that has made Franz the proudest in his life was that Dahlia came out to him first and asked him to come with her when she told their parents
  • Out of all his siblings, Franz is the most like his mother

Modern AU: Modern Franz has recently moved to facilitate his arranged marriage to the daughter of a nearby city’s mayor, because arranged marriages still very much exist if you’re super rich. He’s a student at the local university, where he studies political science, law and ethics, and is treasurer of the student government. All of this has been overshadowed by the fact that, as part of a leftist agenda that he, Gabrielle, Boey and Hector came up with to take over the Canadian government, he’s also managed to get elected to parliament as a representative of the New Democratic Party of Canada for his riding. When he’s not taking over the world either in part or as a whole, Franz enjoys trashy reality TV, martial arts, interfering in his friends’ love lives, opera, imagining how he’ll redecorate his house but never actually doing it, giving millions of dollars to charities for no reason, and petting his dog.

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