Character Profile: Gabrielle

Name: Gabrielle ven Sancte

Aliases/AKAs: Gabi, Gabbel, Leopard Queen

Title(s): Crown Princess and Heir Apparent of Dolovai, Defender of All that Grows, Holder of the Mandate of Divine Law, Knight of the Dolovin Order, Shield of the Saints’ Holy Relics, Protector of the Western Shores

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Build: Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Vagina Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Franz DiGorre (husband)

Family Relationships: Gerard and Georgina ven Sancte (parents), Gavin ven Sancte (brother), Owen Sanct (brother-in-law), Grey Rain and Greg Sanct (nephews), Ashton Murkwain (squire, former), Noel (squire), Gretchen ven Sancte (sister, deceased as an infant), Deborah and Erik Arkberry (aunt and uncle), Gloria Sanct, Egil and Dean Arkberry (cousins), Grace and Edward ven Sancte (aunt and uncle, deceased), Giles and Geneva ven Sancte, Dorian and Geraldina Arkberry (grandparents, deceased), Francesca and Dante DiGorre (parents-in-law, deceased), Cordelia (husband’s godmother), Felix DiGorre (brother-in-law, deceased), Dahlia, Flora and Donovan DiGorre (siblings-in-law), Maria DiGorre (husband’s sister-in-law), Francis DiGorre (nephew), Boey (husband’s companion) Dragon (husband’s dog), Sir Devin (friend/bodyguard)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Standing

Kinks: Rough sex, hair pulling, blindfolds

Orgies Attended: Regular Squire Orgies

Bio: Gabrielle is the oldest surviving child of House ven Sancte and therefore the future queen of Dolovai, and she has been raised accordingly. Trained in combat, politics, history, art, theology, music, strategy and law, Gabrielle doesn’t generally try to be good at things because she’s learned how to just be good at them in the first place. Having also—against her parents’ wishes—enrolled in training as a teenager, Gabrielle is now an anointed knight, a capacity she continues to serve in after she becomes queen. Gabrielle’s primary concerns are mostly all oriented around protecting people, including her family and her friends and her kingdom, and that list is one she finds steadily growing larger as she gets older. Fortunately, she knows she’s up to the task.


  • Gabrielle is well aware that violence does not solve all problems. She does find, however, that it solves rather a lot of problems
  • Gabrielle knows that other people are her biggest weakness—if someone she loves is put in danger, she will do anything to protect them, regardless of the consequences
  • Gabrielle has a tendency to underestimate her opponents
  • Though happy with her lot in life, Gabrielle does have moments where she wishes she could have been a normal knight and have the camaraderie that they have with each other
  • Gabrielle has an eidetic memory
  • Despite her protests, Gabrielle takes no issue with the fact that the men around her are constantly fucking each other. She would, however, like it if they could be slightly classier about it
  • Though most comfortable with a basic sword, Gabrielle is above proficient in the use of all conventional weapons
  • Gabrielle wishes she were slightly better at openly displaying emotion, but she learned not to very young
  • Many people presume that Gabrielle is uncomfortable wearing dresses and makeup and jewelry because she is a knight. This is incorrect; Gabrielle enjoys traditionally feminine clothes just fine, especially jewelry
  • Gabrielle prefers not to make plans for when she’s queen and generally avoids discussions of it if she can. She doesn’t want to talk about her father’s eventual death so casually
  • Gabrielle doesn’t mind sharing her husband with his companion, but only because she likes Boey


  • “What, women can’t be knights?”
  • “Stop being reasonable, I’m trying to hate you here.”
  • “Just keep your hands off each other and be quiet, okay? Consider it a formal order from the heir apparent, a polite request from your guardian and plea from your beloved sister.”
  • “Punching you still isn’t off the table, as a reminder.”
  • “If I’d known you were in the mood to be florid I’d have gone somewhere else instead.”
  • “I let my betrothed be falsely accused of murder. It’s not the sort of thing you let fall through the cracks.”
  • “You were one of the only genuinely nice people I knew. I don’t…I don’t understand why it had to be you.”
  • “I can’t tell if you’re an idiot and trying to cover it by pretending to be an idiot, or if you just really think you’re funny.”
  • “There was a time when I had a brother to save and was more worried about that than a throne too.”
  • “I know I said the word sex, but try to think with your real brain instead of the one in your pants.”
  • “Well, I’m told that queens are allowed to make laws. Presumably that means they’re also allowed to break them.”
  • “I’ll be over here, imagining you in a dress.”
  • “Living rooms are for stupid boys losing their virginity. We are civilized adults and we’re going to fuck in a bed.”


  • Knowing that she would be queen when she grew up, it took Gabrielle until she was six to realize that her father was the reigning monarch, not her mother
  • When her brother was born, Gabrielle was disappointed; she wanted a sister
  • When Gabrielle was eight, there was an assassination attempt on her father that was foiled by a knight. During the attack, Gavin scraped his knee. Gabrielle decided to become a knight that day
  • Gabrielle lost her virginity to her friend Olivia when she was eleven, and also fooled around with her friend Kieran a number of times. Her first penetrative sexual encounter was with a fellow knight in training when she was thirteen
  • Gabrielle was afraid of heights as a child. She trained herself not to be by standing atop the castle’s highest tower every day and looking down for hours
  • Gabrielle’s parents opposed her training as a knight. The moment when her father knighted her is the proudest moment of her life
  • Gabrielle has three horses: one for long trips named Ephemera, one for shorter rides for fun named Avuncular Joan, and a warhorse named Jim
  • Struggling to find people to have sex with discreetly, Gabrielle usually ended up paying prostitutes until recently
  • Gabrielle wants children. She would, however, prefer if Franz could be the one to be pregnant with them
  • To accommodate Franz, Gabrielle has been eating a lot of Kyainese food lately. She quite likes it

Modern AU: Modern Gabrielle’s father may be the mayor, but she’s always had her sights set just a little higher. With her recent election to parliament as a member of the Liberal Party of Canada, Gabrielle’s quest to become Prime Minister is now a few steps closer to fruition, and she refuses to comment on whether she plans to be content governing only one nation. Gabrielle doesn’t think that not having yet graduated from university should be an impediment to this, but soon enough she’ll have her degree (with honours) in political science and ethics, just for posterity. Gabrielle played basketball for years growing up, but rarely has time to do so now, which she thinks is too bad. Aside from ruling the world and her fiance, Gabrielle enjoys watching sports on TV, competitive video games and art galleries, as well as rolling her eyes at horny idiots, especially the ones who live in her house.

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