Team, 70

Right after a Handful of Climaxes Is a Great Time for an Anticlimax

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The bumps on Mick’s cock rubbed Cal’s lips as he bobbed up and down on it, Mick helping by thrusting up into Cal’s mouth, making sure his balls touched Cal’s nose every time as he sucked Cal down in exchange. To Cal’s right, Wes was sitting almost upright and holding Travis almost upside down as he gagged Travis on his cock and sucked Travis’s in return, and on Cal’s left, Sully was flat on his back doing his best not to choke while Joey thrust happily into his throat, though Cal was sure Joey was putting just as much effort into his own sucking.

Owen had just come and told Cal that they were getting ready to leave, which didn’t leave them a lot of time to decide between a pre-journey snack and a pre-journey orgasm, until Joey had had the idea to combine them.

Cal had been riding pretty close to cumming for a few minutes now, but fortunately Mick saved him the embarrassment by cumming first, thrusting hard up and shooting right into Cal’s throat. Cal swallowed all six shots and then relaxed, letting Mick just hang out like that until a half a minute later, when he came as well, giving Mick his own snack in return.

They broke apart after that, careful not to jostle the other guys too much. As they sat together to cuddle, Travis made a noise and went tense in Wes’s arms, earning a pat on the head from Wes. Joey was also cumming, judging by his grunt, for what was probably the second time. Some of his cum was leaking out of Sully’s mouth.

Wes came next, cum all but spurting out of Travis’s mouth as he tried to swallow all of it. He did manage to suck most of it down, to his credit, wiping his mouth as Wes let him sit properly. They all waited another minute or so until Joey came again, his thrusts slowing, and then stopping as Sully made a sound halfway between a gag and a cry. Only then did they break apart, laying on the bed that was no longer theirs for a few minutes.

“Okay,” Cal said, standing and stretching. He grabbed his loincloth and started to tie it. “Let’s get ready to go.”

“Nah,” Arky said. “Stick around and fuck some more.”

As much as Cal would have liked that, they all moved to get dressed, though Joey pouted on the bed, mostly at Travis. “Can’t I have one more orgasm?”

“Let him.”

“Are you going to get dressed after?” Travis asked. And when Joey nodded, he slid off the bed and got between Joey’s legs. “One more.”

“Just one,” Cal said, as the rest of them pulled up their pants, fixed their shirts. “Everyone got all their shit?”

“It’s not like half of us have any shit,” Sully said, tying a small bag shut.

“We’ve accumulated an awful lot since we got here,” Mick disagreed, counting their boots. “But I think we’re good.”

“Really?” Cal asked, arms crossed. “Do we have fishing twine?”

“Fuck off,” Wes said, giving Cal a small shove that Cal exaggerated, falling into the door. “And with that shit too. We’re fine and you’re a pain in the ass.”

“That’s why you love me,” Cal said, making sure he was dressed before opening the door.

“Fuck knows there’s no other good reason,” Wes teased, as Cal went into the hall. He knocked on Beatrice and Lillian’s door.

A muffled voice answered. “Fuck off.”

“We’re getting ready to go,” Cal told them. “I don’t like you enough to wait for you.”

“Yeah, yeah. We’ll be done in a minute.”

Cal smiled and went back to his room. It sounded like they weren’t the only ones having a pre-journey snack. “Okay, now we just have to wait for Joey to stop being horny and we’ll be good.”

“We’re going to be waiting for a few decades, I think,” Sully muttered. He was sitting on the table now as they all kind of watched Travis blow Joey.

They only waited a few minutes, because Joey never lasted long. “You know what we should do?” Cal said, to nobody in particular.

“Work on his stamina,” Mick finished.

“Yeah.” That would, Cal expected, be fun. For them. And Joey would appreciate it in the long run.

Travis stood up, pulling Joey to his feet. “Come on, now. Pants.”

Joey was making a bit of a face still. “We still have a little bit of time, right?”

“Not really.”

“But I want to fuck you,” he said, pout full on again. “I’ll go fast, it won’t take long. Please?”

Travis tried to hold firm. “You can fuck me tonight in the tent.”

“But that’s so long from now!” Joey held Travis as if bereft. “Please, Travis, just one time before we go? I can’t wait that…woah!”

Wes had come over and picked Joey up. By the horn. “Hey,” he said, smiling at Joey, who was flailing a little.

“Put me down!” Joey demanded, probably very aware of how tiny he looked. He was extremely red.

“I will. Get dressed and stop complaining and if you’re good on the walk, I’ll let you fuck Travis tonight after the rest of us are done with you.”

Joey looked like he might say something, but then he thought about it, and looked away. “Okay,” he said, voice dripping with resentment that was just as put on as Wes’s annoyance. It was a weird game to watch.

“What was that?”

“Okay, sir.”

“That was…really fucking hot,” Arky muttered in Cal’s ear.

Wes smiled and put Joey down gently. Joey, still looking away, gave Wes a hug for a good half-minute before going to get his clothes on.

Travis shook his head as he himself got dressed. “You’ve really got to show me how you do that.”

Wes shrugged. “It’s all attitude.”

“And how many more times,” Cal asked, while they waited, “can you do that before he snaps, jumps on you and just starts treating you like a sex toy for a few weeks?”

Wes shrugged. “One or two, maybe more if they’re not too close together. It’s part of the game.”

“It’s a weird fucking game,” Sully accused.

“That’s just because you don’t understand wanting to switch places,” Cal told him. “Do you?”

Sully blushed. “Shut up.”

“Is that how you talk to the person who’s organizing your punishment?”

Wisely, Sully didn’t answer. Mick patted him on the back, which Sully seemed both surprised and touched by. They weren’t as hard up as Sully thought they were. None of them were as hard up as they thought they were. No matter what stupid shit they’d heard in the church the other day.

Finally, Joey got some fucking pants on—which were Cal’s, but Cal decided not to say anything about that since he was technically wearing Travis’s shirt and Sully’s pants. And then he spent several minutes checking his bag to make sure he had everything, not letting them rush him. “If I leave part of my hoard behind, we’re going to have to come back and get it,” he said when they tried to make him hurry the fuck up.

But finally, they were all ready, they’d all confirmed that they hadn’t left anything behind, and all six of them left the room for the last time.

Beatrice and Lillian were waiting in the hallway, Beatrice leaning against the wall. “Fucking took you all long enough.”

“Yeah, yeah, Joey was being a pain in the ass.”

“What kind of boss sacrifices his teammate like that? You suck.”

“Whatever,” Cal said, waving at her as he started down the hall. “You have a hair on your chin.”

Beatrice raised her hand to her chin, then dropped it when she realized what Cal had done. “At least one of us does.”

Cal rolled his eyes and ignored the snickering from several—yes, several—people at that.

“How are you feeling about the church stuff?” Lillian asked Cal as they walked.

“I’m fine,” Cal told her. He was, weirdly. “At this point, whatever. Learning that I’m an even crazier, even eviler asshole than I thought isn’t even that upsetting.”

“I meant…”

“I’m back to me,” Cal assured her.

“I’ve been doing regular checks on his psyche,” Mick told Lillian. “Getting good at mental magic.”

“You should show me some of it. I can help.”

“I will,” Mick told her. “Seems like it’s something that’s increasingly important. If you wanted to throw some wards on the sword on top of mine and Sully’s too.”

“Can do,” Lillian promised. “May as well take advantage of having three magic users.”

“Four magic users,” Arky muttered, as if anyone cared about his contributions.

Out in the cold, people were gathering, looking vaguely disgruntled. Cal narrowed his eyes. Nobody looked to be ready to go. They’d better not have to stand out here for an hour or something.

“We’d better not have to stand out here for an hour or something,” Beatrice muttered, rubbing her arms and then pulling on her gloves. “Nobody looks ready to me.”

“You’re just jealous,” Cal said vaguely.

“What the fuck does that even mean?”

“It means he’s trying to pretend he wasn’t just thinking the same thing as you,” Lillian assured Beatrice.

Joey had broken apart from them and gone up to Louis to talk to him, taking Travis with him, and Cal sought out Gavin, who was coming out of the stable with Owen and Edwin, both of whom were adjusting their clothes. “Hey,” Gavin said, hand up. “Change of plans.”

“Change of plans,” Cal repeated, flat.

Gavin nodded. “We’re not leaving for another week or so. It looks like we can set up a portal right from here to the capital, so I’m sending Edwin ahead with Louis to get that working. The rest of us will just have to put up with dicking around here for another few days.”

Cal looked at Gavin. Gavin looked at Cal. He was clearly not intending to apologize for the inconvenience or the delay or waiting until the last minute to do this or anything.

But he was a professional and he was also an employee of this asshole now, so he nodded. “Okay. I guess we’ll go inside and take all this gear off.”

Gavin nodded. “I’ll see you all at supper.”

“Okay,” Cal said, turning around and going back to the house. He rolled his eyes at his team. They waited a minute or two. “Is he gone?”

“Yep,” Wes said, hands in his pockets. “Asshole.”

“Oh well,” Mick said. “At least we can keep the bed for a few more days?”

“Fuck this,” Beatrice muttered. “Let’s go back inside.”

“Yeah,” Cal agreed. He waved at Joey and Travis, who waved back. Edwin was with them now. Travis made a go-ahead gesture, so he guessed Louis had already told them. That was good.

So, a little deflated and wondering if it was possible to be cockblocked in a nonsexual way, Cal went inside with the rest of them. It was fine, whatever. At least he’d get to have those extra orgasms now.

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  1. Someday, someone is going to murder Gavin in his sleep. Not for political reasons, but because he’s just. That. Aggravating.


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