Chosen One, 78

All Journeys End Eventually, and Things Can Go back to Normal

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Isaac was watching two werewolves fuck.

Seth had gone away somewhere about an hour ago, so Isaac had come to the werewolf village in the north and just kind of watched the werewolves like a creeper for a while, and then suddenly these two had gone from joking and talking and pushing each other to fucking in the snow. The guy on top was Isaac’s age at best and the guy on his hands and knees was a few years younger. Their other friends didn’t seem to care, the people walking around the village didn’t seem to care, everyone could see them. They seemed to be having fun.

As the boy on top was getting close to cumming—the signs were obvious even if he wasn’t human—he picked up speed, fucking his friend wicked hard and then harder still as he…got bigger. And grew fur, his face changing into a muzzle. He didn’t turn into a wolf, not all the way, seeming to stop halfway through the transformation. Even his dick had changed, Isaac saw in the brief flashes where it wasn’t totally buried in his friend, getting longer and thicker and redder like a dog’s, and…

“Oh, fuck,” Isaac said aloud, leaning in to get a better look as, just like a dog, werewolf boy’s knot emerged, and then was pushed right into his friend, keeping him there.

Isaac had forgotten to masturbate during the transformation, but he remembered now, furiously stroking himself until he shook the Web with an orgasm unlike anything he’d ever pretended to feel. “Fuck,” he said, sitting back and watching them, stuck together now. “I’d have made such a good werewolf.”

“Probably,” said Seth, behind him. Isaac hadn’t noticed him come in. “Sex is one of the ways they communicate.”

“Is that why nobody’s freaking out about this?” Even Isaac wouldn’t have been able to get away with this at home. There were literally two adult werewolves just walking right by, not even looking over at the scene.

“Yeah. It’s like a dominance thing or something. They don’t treat sex like a big deal, or something that needs to be secret or whatever. Probably once these two break apart at least some of their friends there will want a turn, so that everyone can be clear where they all stand.”

“Fuck me,” Isaac said, swallowing. “I’d have made such a good werewolf. The first thing I’m doing when I wake up is going to talk to that Cal guy and demanding to know why werewolves exist and he made me a human, and planted me somewhere so far from where they live. That’s so fucking unfair.”

Not that Isaac hadn’t had a great childhood, but he could have grown up getting fucked in public by horny werewolves. He could have grown up getting knotted in public by horny werewolves.

Isaac wanted to get knotted by horny werewolves. In public or in private, he wasn’t fussed. This sucked.

“Learn teleportation magic,” Seth suggested. “You can come here.”

Isaac perked up. “I will.” That was the best idea he’d heard in days.

“Good. Uh, speaking of which. You said something about fucking you?”

Isaac grinned. “I sure did. Get over here.”

Isaac positioned himself on his hands and knees beside the two werewolves, and Seth got behind him and slid inside with no trouble, fucking him slowly while the two beside him moved occasionally. It was nice and gentle, and it went for a good long while before Isaac came again, and then a good long while after that before Seth did inside him.

Rather than pulling away, Seth got Isaac to roll onto his back and started to go one more time, kissing Isaac this time. The two werewolves were finally able to disentangle and, true to Seth’s prediction, one of their friends came over to stick his dick in the bottom boy, who kept his ass in the air willingly, tail wagging. He certainly didn’t seem unhappy to be on the bottom of the hierarchy.

Isaac and Seth went slowly, kissing a lot, touching a lot. It had to have been an hour before they were finished, though the pack of wolf boys were still going at it. When Seth came, he kissed Isaac like he was drowning. And when Isaac did, he shook the Web like rocking a small boat.

Isaac smiled up at Seth, who was looking down at him, tears collecting in his eyes. “Hey,” he said, touching Seth’s cheek. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m just…” Seth let out a breath. “Selfish, I think.”

“Of course you’re not. How could you think that?”

Seth shook his head. “You…you’re recovered. It’s safe to return to your body now.”

“That’s great, Seth,” Isaac said, inside flipping around. He could go back to normal. “That’s…that means I have to leave.”

“Yeah,” Seth sat beside Isaac, let Isaac sit with him. “And I just…feel like shit, because part of me wants you to stay here. And I know that’s crappy and I shouldn’t even say it because it’ll make you feel bad about leaving, but I…I’m going to miss you.”

“You’re going to be all alone again.” Isaac took Seth’s hand, looking at the snow-covered ground. “I’m…I don’t want to miss you too. Come with me.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?” Isaac demanded.

“It’s impossible.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I’m trapped here!”

Isaac could tell Seth felt bad about shouting, so he just put his arm around Seth. “At least let me try to un-trap you.”

“I don’t have a body to return to,” Seth said, numb. “And even if I did, it’s impossible. I’m stuck in the Web’s pieces.” He swallowed. “It means a lot to me that you want to try. You can…but…you have to be ready for the fact that it’s not going to work, Isaac.”

Isaac hugged Seth. “I can’t not try, Seth. I’m not going to leave you here without at least trying to rescue you.”

Leaning into him, Seth nodded. “You’re such a nice fucking person.”

“I’m just a person.”

Seth snorted. “Sure you are. Come on.” He stood up, pulling Isaac to his feet. By the time Isaac was standing, they were in the infirmary, standing over Isaac’s body. “Here you go.”

“What do I do?”

“Your soul and body are meant to be connected. Just reach through the Web and touch yourself and that should do it.”

Isaac couldn’t help but crack a smile. “Just reach through my pants and touch myself. Got it.”

“Cute. Hey.” Seth took Isaac’s hand, and pulled him into a hug. “Goodbye.”

“You’re coming with me.”

“But in case I’m not. Goodbye. I’ll see you again. But you won’t see me.”

“At least not until we destroy the Web,” Isaac said, hugging Seth back. If he’d had a heart it would be pounding. “I really hope I don’t have to miss you, Seth.”

“Me too.” Seth sounded like he already did miss Isaac.

They stood there for a minute or two, holding each other, before Seth let him go. “Okay. Go home.”

Isaac nodded and, holding Seth’s hand firmly in his, he reached out, tangling his hand in the fabric of the Web and then willing his way through that, to the other side of something that was real, and touched himself. On the dick, obviously.

Isaac lurched, pulling downwards immediately, and the only reason he felt it was because he resisted it, not wanting to snap in immediately, not yet. He gripped Seth’s hand tightly, wrapping the Web around the junction between them, getting stuck. Whatever was sucking him back wasn’t sucking Seth.

But Isaac was the world fucking expert on sucking, and he wasn’t about to be outsucked by the fundamental forces of the universe. He had enough pride not to be beaten by an amateur. So he held still, feeling around the edges of the hole that he was being sucked through. It was tight, it was too tight for both of them to fit through.

But Isaac was also the world fucking expert on fitting big things into tight holes, so he cast out his mind, probed around the hole. “What are you doing?” Seth asked. “You have to let go.”

“Nope,” Isaac said, still probing, caressing, stretching. It was just a matter of enough stretching, really. “I can do this.”

“You can’t. It’s not going to work.”

“That’s what the boy I lost my virginity to said,” Isaac said, and he pushed, stretching. It hurt, the world pushing back. And Isaac snapped away, sucked back.

“Fuck,” Isaac said, breath entering his lungs, his body shaking. His body. He was…he was laying in bed, in the infirmary. He was awake.

“What the…” Isaac turned his head, and there was Seth beside him, looking at himself. “You…did it?”

Isaac smiled. “Told you we’d both fit. I’m the chosen one, remember?” His voice was hoarse, and he coughed. “I can do whatever the fuck I want.”

“That you can, lad.”

Isaac looked over. Yancy was sitting there beside his bed, a tray beside him. “Yancy,” Isaac croaked.

Yancy came over, a jug of water and cup in his hands. Isaac tried to sit up. “Stay still, it’ll take some time for you to recover your strength…”

Isaac hugged him as soon as Yancy was close enough, clearly taking Yancy by surprise. There were tears in his eyes. It was nice to…touch another person, without having to pretend. Yancy was warm and solid and real. “You’re never going to believe where I was,” he whispered.

“I can’t wait to hear it,” Yancy told him. He let Isaac go, poured him a glass of water. “Drink. You’re very dehydrated. I’ve some food for you as well.”

Isaac was starving, and he tried to gulp down the water, but Yancy wouldn’t let him, going slowly. Once the cup was empty, Yancy brought over a tray with some watery soup on it. “I see you’ve acquired a ghost.”

Isaac nodded. “This is Seth. He was with me while I was gone.”

Seth looked awkward, then he saluted Yancy. “Hello, sir.”

“Thank you for taking care of Isaac,” Yancy told him. “I appreciate it.”

“I think he mostly took care of me, sir.”

Yancy nodded, and looked over at the door, where Isaac heard footsteps. “I’ve brought the…”

Oliver stopped, looking at Isaac, and he dropped the books he was holding with a crash. He ran over, wrapped Isaac into a hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

“Me too,” Isaac said, hugging back. “I missed you.”

Oliver nodded, and they held each other for a time. “Fuck,” he whispered after a minute.

“I’m going to need you to let me examine him.” That was Twila. Isaac wasn’t sure when she’d arrived, but that was definitely her. Oliver pulled back reluctantly, let Twila use Dark and touch Isaac’s head. “How do you feel?”

“Heavy,” Isaac said. It was weird, being real again. He had weight, heft. He could touch things. And he couldn’t just walk through shit. So that sucked. “Also I have a headache.”

“You just need to eat,” Twila told him. “I’m not seeing any immediate health concerns, but we’ll get Lee to look at you as well. We’ll need to observe you for…”


Peter was standing in the doorway, and he burst into the closest thing to a run that Isaac had ever seen him do when Isaac turned his head. He nearly fell onto Isaac, hugging him. “Hi,” he said, voice cracking.

“Hi,” Isaac said back. He was crying a bit. “I’m okay.”

“I know. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Peter was so warm and soft.

Behind him were Spencer and Skip, who waited a few seconds before climbing right onto the bed and joining in the hug. Twila just stepped back, mildly exasperated. “Missed you guys too,” Isaac told them.

“I’m so glad you’re okay,” Spencer whispered.

“You scared the shit out of us,” Skip told him.

“Jacob’s going to be so pissed,” Peter muttered. “He went out for a few hours and this happens.”

“I know you’re glad he’s back, but you guys do need to give him a little space,” Twila said, gesturing for them to get off the bed. “He needs to eat, and rest.”

“Yeah, I’ve been really busy,” Isaac told them, as they separated, though not nearly as much as Twila would have liked. “I need a rest from all the shit I’ve been up to. I even made a new friend.” He gestured at Seth, who was standing there kind of awkwardly.

Before he could explain anymore than that, though, there was another person in the doorway. Nicholas just stood there a second, then came over in just as much a rush as the rest of them had and hugged Isaac so hard his ribs hurt. “Hey,” Isaac managed to say, hugging back.

“I’m glad you’re okay.”

Isaac nodded, and he did let Nicholas suffocate him for a minute longer. “I’m not going to be if you don’t let me breathe,” he said.

Nicholas laughed and let go, joining the rest of them in sitting way too close to Isaac. “You all need to back away and let Isaac eat,” Twila insisted. “You too, Yancy.”

They didn’t really, but Isaac didn’t mind. He ate his watery soup, kind of wishing it was heavier but loving it because it was something he was tasting. He liked that they were all close to him. Even Seth, who was crying. He liked that he wasn’t alone.

He liked that he was back.

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12 thoughts on “Chosen One, 78

          1. I was trying to think of doggy things that would take priority over Isaac’s return only nope, there’s nothing. I’m sure Baker is loyal and misses Isaac and if given the choice between anything and Isaac, he’d choose Isaac. I hope he’s at least been getting to visit.


            1. He has been getting to visit, rest assured! But actually, Baker happens to be with Jacob at this particular moment. So I’m sure he’ll get to see Isaac when Jacob does. 😀 Given the choice between Isaac and others, he’d definitely have chosen Isaac, though.


              1. Important question! If Isaac could only choose one of them, which would he choose, Jacob or Baker?



              2. Now since when has Isaac ever chosen just one of something? He’d pick both, of course.

                And if he really, absolutely had to pick? He’d pick Jacob, knowing he could trust Jacob to smuggle Baker in in his coat.


  1. In retrospect nobody should have been surprised to find that the person most suited to wield ultimate cosmic power is a giant slut, given that the underlying nature of reality seems to be fundamentally horny. Fucklandia is clearly an emanation of Forms that are anything but Platonic.


    1. It really is true, though. What’s that old saying? In a universe full of porn, the biggest powerbottom is king? Or something like that. But yes, it really does seem like Fucklandia is retconning Plato to make him hornier, and that seems okay with me and definitely with Isaac! 😀



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