Character Profile: Stephan

Name: Stephan Fyrhawk

Aliases/AKAs: Red Fawn

Title(s): Defender of the South, King of Kyaine, Lord of House Fyrhawk, Military Advisor to Queen Fransceca DiGorre, Overseer of the Catech Woods

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Build: Tall, slender

Distinguishing Marks: Inturned little toes, small scar behind his right ear

Dick Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Neville (companion), Geoffrey DiSheere (lover)

Family Relationships: Dalton and Seraphima (parents, deceased), Danica (sister, deceased), Sophia (sister), David and Helga Fyrhawk, Terrel and Tristane DiSenne, Therese and Oswald Fyrnich, Sandor and Helga Arkmeyer, Salome and Maribelle DeNekk (uncles and aunts), Horace and Hugo Fyrhawk, Talia, Thad, Theo, Raoul and Tina DiSenne, Olly Fyrnich, Henrietta Arkmeyer (cousins), Olivar (father’s companion, deceased), Asteria (mother’s companion), Selene, Xena (sisters’ companions), Uri, Helene, Hector, Gabriel, Krista, Vincent, Elana, Vivien, Fransisca, Jensen, Stephan, Joachim, Benito, Willem, Walter, Paola, Ivan, Amber (family’s companions), Alonzo (familial companion, deceased), Lulu and Norris (companion’s parents), Lorette (companion’s sister), Hugh (companion’s boyfriend)

Sexuality: Bisexual, homoromantic

Preferred Positions: On his back

Kinks: Power, semi-public sex, sex toys

Orgies Attended: The Great Pelican Bay Orgy

Bio: The middle child of Kyaine’s southernmost noble house, Stephan figured he’d grow up, be married off somewhere else in the country for political gain, and that would be his life. Perhaps as a result of that, he was often accused as a child of not taking his studies or lessons seriously, though in reality he did try hard. It was hard for him to stay motivated to be better than he was until his father and elder sister died abruptly in an accident, leaving him heir to his house and the inheritor of his father’s hard-won position as the queen’s military advisor. In over his head, Stephan allowed himself to be manipulated by people who claimed to have his best interests at heart, and staged a coup, becoming king of Kyaine for a few months before being deposed himself. Now on the run and in hiding, Stephan just wishes his life could go back to normal.


  • Many people have called Stephan slow, but his first tutor Gabor was insistent that he was very bright and just hard to motivate
  • Stephan has always been very emotional and at the same time easily overwhelmed by his own emotions
  • Stephan doesn’t believe he is stupid, but he does tend to assume that other people are smarter than him
  • Stephan is unaware of how easily he is led by the confidence of others. He thinks he is good at recognizing good suggestions when they are given to him
  • Stephan tends to be very dependant on the people around him and gets lonely easily
  • Though not suited to a high-pressure job that requires a lot of leadership, Stephan has a lot of good ideas that would do a lot of good if implemented
  • Stephan has always been made extremely anxious by uncertainty
  • Stephan has long periods of wishing it had been him in the carriage accident instead of his sister or his father
  • Stephan is afraid of the dark and of small spaces
  • Stephan has always just wanted to do the right thing. He feels as though if he aims for that, eventually everything will work out


  • “Don’t speak to me that way! I’m not a child. I’m an adult, I’m the lord of House Fyrhawk, I’m member of this council and I’m telling you that this is a mistake, and you can’t simply dismiss me as a misbehaving child because you don’t like what I have to say, you patronizing old fool!”
  • “Ultimately, of course, I bow to the authority of the crown. Having registered my disagreement, I will carry out my queen’s command, regardless of my personal opinion.”
  • “Kill them.”
  • “We’ve got everything we need here. We’ve got this bed. We’ve got the castle, the country. We can do whatever we want here.”
  • “You’re going to have to spend a lot of time with me, so you need to stop hating me someday.”
  • “People don’t care what’s true. They care about what appears to be true.”
  • “I want to do something that’s going to annoy my advisors.”
  • “Nobody loves the king, Ulrich, they only obey him.”
  • “I happen to know that if Hawk’s Roost is undefended, it’s not that hard to conquer.”
  • “Why do you all think I can’t handle the truth? It’s lying that bothers me.”
  • “Did you know? You did, didn’t you? I’m sorry.”
  • “I always thought I’d be killed by someone I knew.”
  • “I’ve never made a good decision in my life.”


  • When he was little, Stephan never wanted a companion because he feared his parents would like the companion better than him
  • At six, Stephan accidentally locked himself in a store cupboard for a full day and couldn’t get out until Danica rescued him
  • Though he was slightly sad that his friend Mick couldn’t be his companion, Stephan was inseparable from Neville after a few days
  • Most of Stephan’s sexual firsts were with Neville starting when he was eleven, though at twelve he did get his first blowjob from a serving girl, which he didn’t like much
  • Stephan and Sophia never had a very close relationship, especially after their mother died
  • When he was ten, Stephan had a brief friendship with a strange northern boy named Bob, who took Stephan on a series of adventures in the city to play a game about catching criminals, before disappearing without a trace one day. Nobody in Stephan’s family ever met Bob, including Neville, and they all believe he wasn’t real
  • The first time Neville used a dildo on Stephan, they ended up having to stop early when Stephan’s father summoned him, and Stephan had the toy stuck inside him for the entire day as a result
  • Stephan used to have a pet snake named Orpheon
  • Stephan does not intuitively know the difference between right and left, or any of the cardinal directions
  • Stephan was prone to lice as a child, even when nobody else around him had them. He had his head shaved four times between the ages of five and twelve to get rid of them

Modern AU: Modern Stephan is the son of a wealthy family with more ambition than sense, which is probably how he ended up getting talked into mounting a mayoral campaign that he was in no way qualified for. The fact that he won surprised him as much as anyone, though he was forced to resign after not that long due to a series of political machinations that still doesn’t entirely understand. He feels he’s happier with that responsibility now, even if his supporters are angry at his perceived betrayal of their votes. When not failing at politics, Stephan enjoys needlepoint, rock concerts, walks in the park and donating money to environmental causes.

11 thoughts on “Character Profile: Stephan

    1. Well, now we know who Bob is, and the answer is “none of the above.” Though in fairness, I don’t think “time-traveling member of a hyper-advanced future civilization, and also a time cop” was anywhere near what anybody could’ve guessed would be in the story at all, much less as the figure in this anecdote from months before we knew that time travel was a thing.

      This does leave us with the question of what exactly Bob was up to. What was he setting Stephan up for?


      1. Yes, I don’t think anyone had that particular combination of identities on their scorecard for Bob, especially since there was no reason to assume at the time that such things existed in this story. But really, if you know me, of course I’d hide a hint about something like time travel in a random anecdote that appeared months before it was revealed in the story! This was far from the only time I did that. 🙂

        That question is definitely hanging out there now. Bob doesn’t do stuff at random, so he must have had a reason for hanging out with Stephan. I guess time (ha) will have to tell us what’s going on with that! Thanks!


  1. though at twelve he did get his first blowjob from a serving girl, which he didn’t like much

    –> he didn’t like the girl or the blowjob? xD

    I think Stephan is one of those “tragic” characters, which elecite just a sigh from you, you pity them, they leave a little sad feeling…
    … but you get a thumbs up for not killing him and making his tragedy an overkill 😉

    I think it would be nice to give him the chance to explain his side of the story to Franz.


    1. He didn’t like the blowjob much! Mostly because he was afraid she’d bite him the whole time, haha.

      Stephan is definitely a tragic figure in my mind. He’s done some awful things, but he’s also had a lot of awful things happen to him and a lot of what he did was at the behest of other people. He’s spent most of his life just swept up by people smarter than him, to be honest. His story was originally going to end with him dying, actually, but I changed my mind because I thought of something better for him to do. 🙂

      I do think it would be nice! I doubt Franz would be interested in listening, but it might make Stephan feel better.



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