Friday Lore Post: Sex Toys and Aids

Sex toys and other aids are available, often easily, throughout Menechit, generally at fairly low cost. The most prominent and obvious is perhaps the dildo, which can be made from polished wood, metal, stone or sometimes solid glass, and of course come in a variety of sizes. These are easily available in all cities and even large towns, and in rural areas are sold by travelling merchants if they aren’t made locally.

In addition to the dildo, smaller plugs are just as easy to find, generally designed for use in the anus rather than vaginally, though toys specifically designed for use in the vagina are also easy to find for those with such anatomy. Vibrators are available if one uses magic to enchant a dildo or plug, but outside of magic, the technology to make vibrators does not yet exist, sadly.

Relatedly, strap-ons also exist and are generally made from wood or metal. Most have detachable parts, but some are all one piece. These can be quite heavy and usually have leather harnesses to keep them on.

Chastity devices of various types are another major type of sex toy. Cock cages are typically made from metal, as it is hard to make them from other materials. These aren’t as easy to find as other toys, if only because it is often the case that people who want them would want them to be sized properly, and therefore they must be custom-made. Chastity belts also exist for men and women, and are easier to come by and also generally made from metal. Cock rings are widely available and sometimes sold in jewelry stores.

Handcuffs, collars and other restraints are also not hard to find, made from metal or leather and generally sold at specialized sex stores, which tend to do good business. Rope is of course also an option that many people enjoy and don’t have difficulty finding. Those who are interested in whips, riding crops and the like can also easily find this either in sex stores or elsewhere. Nipple clamps are a reasonably new invention in Menechit and were invented in Josef’s Boon, but have spread and become popular throughout the continent.

Magical sex toys most assuredly exist, and are usually just ordinary sex toys with enchantments put on them. These might be to make the toy move, or to cause heat or cold to operate within it, or perhaps to make it change size under certain conditions. Enchantments that prevent orgasm are also very common. Sex toys that transform the wearer into something else have grown increasingly common in southern Kyaine—most people use these to turn into other people or to do something interesting to their genitalia (increased dick size is a common one, of course). Reports of people using these toys to transform briefly into animals are unsubstantiated.

Outside the realm of toys, oils and incenses that are said to increase libido or sexual pleasure are widely available, as are herb-based solutions. Buck Leaves are a common erectile aid for older men, though it is also well known that they vastly increase both libido, stamina, and decrease or even erase refractory periods. It’s not uncommon for young people to take some Buck Leaves and have sex for an entire night without resting. When taken by people without penises, Buck Leaves have a very similar effect and are also known to increase the frequency and intensity of orgasms. A flower called Oitl that grows in the east is also known to extremely intense orgasms if the petals are brewed into a tea, and the sale of Oitl petals in Menechit has started to increase in the past few years, especially among the wealthy. Oitl petals and Buck Leaves, taken together, have been known to cause brain damage, and should therefore be avoided. A herbal supplement called white thistle is also a sexual stimulant if chewed, and is a longer-lasting and slower-acting alternative to Buck Leaves.

Magically, spells exist that can increase libido. All magic users can theoretically learn them, though sorcerers are the most suited to the magic. Witches can also do several spells involving the human body and libido, and are particularly suited to interesting herb combinations, of course. Wizards have been experimenting with sex and shapeshifting magic for centuries, with interesting results. Recently in the student showers in the mages’ academy in Three Hills, the students have discovered a means of employing healing spells to cause sexual arousal to reawaken after the body is exhausted from orgasms, leading to a copious amounts of sex being had. This is being attributed to the chosen one of prophecy, though he claims he learned it from a friend.

Outside of Menechit, similar sex toys and aids exist just about everywhere, since people everywhere like to have sex. In Enjon, there also exists a type of dildo made from smaller parts, which are inserted one at a time, stretching the orifice. Strings of beads have become popular in large parts of Aergyre, as well as an oil that, when rubbed onto the skin, triggers orgasms so powerful that people pass out from them. In Djyekkan, especially in southern Tundj, mechanical dildos are being tested, but so far have not resulted in much because electricity doesn’t yet exist.

It is an inevitability that when a new technology or magic arises in the world, someone will use it to have sex. Therefore, as the world changes, there is no doubt that more sex toys and aids will emerge—and in fact, one should not be surprised if those changes happen as a result of people wanting more interesting sex.

From “The Definitive Atlas of the World, Vol. 4: Desires and Behaviours,” by Pascal Tiberius Naoton Quimbell Haeverine anNatalie, published in White Cape in DN 1997.

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