Knighthood, 65

You Can Always Expect a Last Minute Change in Your Itinerary

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Edwin made sure to give Stuart a nice handjob while he fucked him, laying on top of him in his bed. He went slowly, letting Stuart’s reactions set the pace for him, tangling their feet together, not kissing Stuart, but keeping his other hand between Stuart’s shoulders.

“F-fuck, Ed…” Stuart said, voice cracking as Edwin thrust into him. He clenched, his whole body tight and coiled.

Edwin nodded, stroking Stuart’s back and stroking his cock as well, keeping his pace. “I know.”

Stuart just nodded too, and that was all he said for a good few minutes until Edwin felt him tense even more and he buried his face in the pillow as he came right onto the bed. Edwin smiled, slowly pulling out and jerking off for a few seconds, shooting on the bed as well. It wasn’t like anyone was going to be sleeping in it tonight, and the sheets would get washed anyway.

Stuart pulled Edwin into a cuddle and they lay on the bed for a few minutes. “Thanks for not cumming inside,” he muttered, red in the face. “It’s a bitch to clean up.”

“Yeah,” Edwin agreed. Nobody had cum inside him since breakfast, but he was getting on Louis soon to go to the capital and Edwin was pretty sure Erik would be doing that before he did. And maybe Owen if Edwin could talk him into it.

He and Stuart did not agree on the matter of cum being inside the ass. But friends disagreed sometimes, no big deal.

“I like this,” Stuart said after a bit. “I think I like this as much as the sex.”

“It’s nice,” Edwin agreed. He liked to cuddle too. “Seriously underrated.”

“Would it be weird if we just did this sometimes?” Stuart asked. “Without having sex?”

Edwin chuckled. “No. We can do that if you want. We can even wear clothes.”

“Well.” Stuart made a bit of a face. “I don’t think we have to go crazy.”

“If you insist,” Edwin said, moving a little closer.

A nice few minutes passed, before Stuart sighed. “You have to go soon, right?”

“Yeah,” Edwin said, regretfully. This was a nice feeling. “I should probably get dressed.”

“I guess so. It’s cold outside, so going naked isn’t a great call.” Stuart kept his head resting on Edwin’s shoulder. “Going to miss you.”

“I really am only going to be gone for a week.”

“I know.” Stuart still pouted a little as he sat up. “I can’t wait until we’re back in the capital. I wonder what everyone’s up to.”

“Yeah. Hopefully nothing crazy’s happened there,” Edwin said, getting up to look for his clothes. Probably nothing had, since everything in the world that was crazy followed Gavin around. Though a lot of it also seemed to follow Cal around.

“Maybe a little crazy,” said Stuart. He found his pants and smallclothes, tangled together, and tried to pull them on without untangling them. Edwin wisely untangled his. “Wouldn’t want the other guys getting too bored.”

“Well,” said Edwin, now pulling his shirt on. “A dragon’s about to fly over the capital, so that should be exciting for them.”

Stuart smirked. “You should make Ty and Leo wrestle to decide who gets to fuck him first.”

“Naked wrestling, right?”

“There are other kinds?”

“You decide you like boys and suddenly you’re a full-on pervert.”

“Hey, don’t judge me!” Stuart said, still trying to sort out his pants. “I’ve got a lot of time to make up!”

“Like you didn’t perv on girls growing up,” Edwin accused, helping him out now.

“I did,” Stuart admitted with a blush. “But now I can perv on both, so that’s awesome.”

Edwin finally got Stuart’s pants on, then handed him his shirt while he went to get his armour. “Well, if they end up wrestling, I’ll tell you all about it.”

“Thanks. You’re the best.”

Edwin nodded. It was another minute before they were ready to go out, but when they were, Edwin sighed, looking around the room. “Nicer than our rooms at the fortress.”

“Yeah.” Stuart shrugged. “Guess we should try getting rich, huh?”

“Seems to work for the rich people.”

“You don’t get to complain about rich people, one of your almost-boyfriends is a literal prince. Maybe he can give you a house like this.”

Edwin swallowed any retort he might make to that. “That…is definitely something he’d do, honestly. I could ask him.” And he could…live there with Erik, like he’d planned.

“You should.”

“I’m still going to complain about rich people, though.”

“Even while one of them’s sucking your dick? Actually, do you top or bottom for him?”

“That’s the kind of thing that if I told you, he probably wouldn’t give me a house.”

They chatted about not much of anything on their way outside, and it wasn’t hard to find everyone getting ready to go. They joined them. Holly and Parry were the first to meet them. “There you two fuckers are,” Holly said. “What were you doing?”

“Packing,” Edwin said, showing her his bag. “This is how you greet me before I leave for my trip? With accusations and suspicion?”

“You’re going away for a week, and your trip is a fuck-tour with a hot dragon,” Holly said, rolling her eyes. “Come here.” And she gave him a hug.

So did Parry. “See you in a bit.”

“See you.”

“You’re going to owe me. Whenever you’re away and Erik’s hard, Quentin lends him my ass for comfort.”

Edwin snorted. Considering Erik had lent him to Parry, that seemed only fair. “I’ll think of something. Bye.”


Stuart hugged him too, as if they hadn’t been hugging earlier. “See you.”

“Soon,” Edwin promised, patting his shoulder. “Bye.” Erik was waiting for him not far off, and Edwin went over to him. “Hey.”

“Hey. Come help me with my horse.”

“Yeah,” Edwin said, and he followed Erik into the stable nearby. It was empty of any humans, and Erik’s horse was already saddled.

They went inside, out of sight of the door but only just, and then they were kissing, hard, Edwin’s back against a stall. “Going to miss you so much,” Erik muttered into Edwin’s mouth, undoing his pants.

“Me too,” Edwin panted. He was trying to help, but Erik was doing it all. “It’s only, only a week.”

Erik shook his head. “Longest I’ve been without you since you were assigned to me…”

“I know,” Edwin said, taking in a breath while he could. Erik hauled his pants straight down, pulling his own cock out as well, hard as if he hadn’t already fucked Edwin three times today. “You’ll be okay.”

“Doesn’t feel like it.” Erik pulled Edwin up, legs in the air, nearly folding him in half as he pressed his cock into Edwin with no preparation except all the work he’d done earlier that day, holding Edwin up and leaning forward to kiss him again. It hurt, but Edwin wanted it too much to care. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Edwin grunted, feeling through the pain, waiting for the part where it was good.

It got good fast, Erik’s precum lubing up Edwin’s insides, letting him fuck harder, faster, smoother. And he did, and Edwin wanted that, making out with Erik like Erik was the only air in the world. It wasn’t even five minutes before Erik came, grunting bestially as he slammed into Edwin, and then he kept going, slower now, gentler. “I love you,” he muttered.

Edwin just nodded, lost in it, wondering why he would ever give this up, even for a week. His brother. He loved his brother so much it hurt.

He easily, happily lost track of how long they’d been in here, lost in Erik. Edwin would have stayed here, folded up against this wall, for days if he could have. Every thrust seemed to take Erik deeper, but always hitting the right spot, and Edwin’s cock was bouncing every time.

Edwin came, spurting onto his armour, and Erik fucked him through it gently, getting close himself. Edwin heard footsteps when he came out of his haze. “Erik…”

Erik nodded. “It’s Owen and the prince.”

“Oh, okay,” Edwin said. That was fine, then, though he wished he could just have this moment for a while longer.

“Oh, we’re interrupting,” Gavin’s voice said, getting closer.

“We’re almost done, sir,” Erik promised, not speeding up. It was another two or three minutes, but Gavin and Owen, withdrawn to the door, waited politely until Erik came again, setting Edwin on his shaky feet. He kissed Edwin. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too. I’ll miss you.”

Erik nodded. “Be careful, Ed.”


Erik kissed him one more time and then walked off, squeezing his shoulder on the way by, putting his cock away as he nodded at the prince and Owen.

Edwin was still standing there, pants around his ankles, when the two of them joined him.

“Hey,” Gavin said, giving Edwin a kiss on the cheek. “You don’t look at all ready to go.”

“Just have to pull my pants up,” Edwin said, leaning against the wall and smiling. “I love Erik, you know.”

“Yeah, that’s really obvious.”

Edwin nodded, closing his eyes. Then he opened them and looked at Owen and Gavin in turn. “Is it okay if we don’t fuck? I kind of wanted to, but I think I’m a bit worn out and I still have to ride a dragon all afternoon.”

“Of course it’s okay,” Owen said, coming around. He also kissed Edwin, then crouched and helped Edwin pull up his pants. “Riding a dragon’s easy. I did it once.”

“For thirty seconds, and he fell off,” Gavin said. “Listen, Edwin. Are you awake? I need to talk to you about something.”

“I’m awake.” Edwin could feel the wooziness fading from his mind, the alertness returning. “What’s up?”

“We’re changing the plan a little,” Gavin said. “I need you to take these with you to the capital.”

Edwin frowned, opening the pouch Gavin gave him, which was full of metallic rings that could only have one purpose. “Uh…okay? Do I have to wear one? Like until I come back or something?”

Gavin smiled. “Yes. Is that okay?”

Edwin found himself blushing a little. “I…yes, I can do that.” It was going to be really hard, but hey.

Owen rolled his eyes as he laced up Edwin’s pants. “He’s just fucking with you, Ed.”


“They’re not cock rings,” Gavin told him. “Though I will be keeping in mind how obedient you were about that just now. They’re portals,” he explained, while Edwin blushed every shade of red Cal had invented and felt like an idiot.

“Portals?” They looked an awful lot like cock rings.

“Yes. Stick one to a door and it turns into a portal. I want you to take them to the mages, get them looked at. Use my name to get in. If they say they’re safe, set one up at the fortress, and then get Louis to take you to Techen’s Stand and set one up there as well. Then the rest of us can just go there, pick up the servants, then go back to the capital. We can cut out weeks of travelling.”

“Uh…” Edwin was very confused. “What the fuck?”

“That’s what I said too. But can you do all that?”

“Sure, I guess?” It didn’t sound that hard or anything.

“Thank you.” Gavin gave him a nice kiss. Owen had finished with his clothes. “And since I’ve turned your days off into work days, we’ll get you something nice when we’re back home.”

“You don’t need to…”

“Maybe a cock ring.”

Edwin just decided it was better not to engage. “I guess I should get going, then,” he said, putting the pouch in his pocket.

“You can do it, Ed,” Owen told him, giving Edwin a kiss as well. “We’ll see you in a few days.”

“Okay.” Edwin was catching his breath now. He could do this. “I lo… I’ll see you soon, then,”

And Edwin led them out of the stable, desperately hoping that Owen hadn’t heard what he’d almost said. Owen hadn’t done his belt tight enough, which gave Edwin something to do to distract him until they were in the cold again.

Louis and Denver were waiting off to the side, talking to Joey and Travis. Gavin went to talk to Cal, and Owen started over to where the other knights were getting ready. Poor them, Edwin though. Now they were going to have to stay here. Maybe he shouldn’t have gotten the bed so messy.

As they separated, Owen patted Edwin on the ass. “Me too,” he said quietly, and Edwin nearly freaked out right there, stopping only because everyone would see him.

It sure was awesome that he was now going to a different city and wasn’t going to have to deal with that for a week, Edwin thought as he joined Louis and Denver and Joey and Travis. “I want to see you sometimes too,” Joey was saying. “If you’re going to visit your boyfriend, you should visit me too.”

“We move around a lot, Joey,” Travis reminded him.

Joey crossed his arms, pouting a little. “Not if we’re working for the prince. It’s not like he’s hard to find.”

Louis rolled his eyes. “I’ll come visit you, runt,” he promised, before kissing Edwin. “Hey.”

“Hey. You’re going to be able to visit him a lot. There’s a minor change of plans.”

“What?” Denver asked, looking over at everyone.

“Yeah. The three of us are the only ones leaving. Everyone else is going to stay in Pelican Bay for a few days. Gavin has something he wants me to do involving portals and magic cock rings.”


Edwin explained what Gavin had explained to him, at least as best as he could, which took longer than it really should have. But he finally got them all on the same page. “Okay.” Louis shrugged. “Doesn’t matter to me. Plus it might mean I can visit you more often, right?”

“Might mean that,” Edwin agreed. If there was going to be a portal here in Pelican Bay, it wouldn’t be that far for him to fly. He smiled. “And Joey too.”

Louis snorted. “Who cares about him?”

“He’s just jealous because he realized my dick was bigger than his,” Joey said. He was dressed for once, so Edwin couldn’t confirm. “Anyway. Travis is going to die if we don’t go inside, so we should go. Have fun.”

“Thanks,” Edwin said. Joey hugged Louis, got pushed in the snow, and they went inside.

“Ready to go?” Louis asked. Edwin nodded, and he stepped away from them. “I’m going to go over there and transform.”

While he did that, Denver took Edwin’s hand. “This should be fun. I’ve never been to the capital before.”

“You’ll like it,” Edwin promised him. “What little of it we’ll see in a few days.”

“Considering we’ll spend most of those days fucking,” Denver agreed with a giggle.

Louis transformed, and they went over to climb on top of him. He was bigger than Edwin remembered, but he had spines on his back to hold onto. It wasn’t comfortable, but it wasn’t the worst.

Denver’s arms wrapped around his waist, and Edwin let go with one hand to wave as Louis lifted into the air. A bunch of them waved back, including Owen and Gavin. So did Erik, which was what Edwin had hoped for.

And then they were gone, disappearing into the sky and leaving Pelican Bay behind.

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