Character Profile: Drew

Name: Drew of House ven Sancte, Drew Carden (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Paper Mouse, Dwew

Title(s): High Priest to the Prince of Sorrows

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 151 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Build: Lanky

Distinguishing Marks: Round birthmark on his right hand

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Lyren Techen Le’Carden (lover/god), Hope, Robby, Aiden, Alexi, Matt (priests), Frederick (crush), Iago DeThane and Julian (future priests)

Family Relationships: Klaus (puppeteer), Gavin ven Sancte and Owen Sanct (princes) Grey Rain and Greg Sanct (princes’ sons)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Sitting, against wall

Kinks: Dominance/submission, secrecy

Orgies Attended: Priestly Orgies, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Orphaned at birth with the death of his mother, Drew grew up in the care of the servants in the royal palace in Three Hills in a programme run by the castle to take in orphans and train them as servants. Drew began working as a servant, mostly as a cleaner, at a young age, and has recently gained an almost-promotion to be a member of Prince Gavin’s entourage for a short time, which he is hoping to parley into a permanent position as Gavin’s page. In the meantime, having been left behind while Gavin went to save the world, Drew has found a new lord and master, someone who loves him, and a purpose in life, all in the same place, and has become the high priest of Dolovai’s newest revivalist religion.


  • Drew has never minded not having a family. He has always, however, wished that someone loved him
  • Drew has had a crush on Frederick since he was nine and Frederick gave him a surprise hug
  • From a young age, even before he was old enough to be a proper servant, Drew was taught about proper behaviour for a servant of House ven Sancte
  • Prior to leaving with Gavin, Drew had never left the castle before
  • Drew had been growing increasingly aware of the servants’ sexual economy before being assigned to Gavin, so he wasn’t surprised when it happened to him
  • Drew has never been particularly close with any of the other servants. He prefers to keep to himself and do his work
  • Like most servants, Drew knows how to keep his mouth shut. He has seen and heard many things that others would like to know, but he knows it’s better just to forget about them
  • Aside from because it would make him equal to Frederick again, Drew hopes to be Gavin’s page because it will give him living space away from the other servants
  • Drew knows that he’s not really cut out to be a high priest. But he’s comforted by the fact that even if Lyren finds someone better and replaces him, he won’t replace Drew as his lover
  • Having the power to control minds is a lot more tiring than Drew thought it would be


  • “I’m not special.”
  • “I wanted to go with him. I tried to convince him but he just laughed at me.”
  • “But…why do you care about me? If you’re really a god, I must be…well, nothing to you.”
  • “Bleed? Would it have to be a lot?”
  • “I just feel like I’m closer to you here. It’s a special place because I know you’re under the ground here. It’s like…You’re a god, right? This is like your church.”
  • “Because I’m special. Because I deserve it.”
  • “You don’t really want to.”
  • “I’m going to let you out.”
  • “I’m going to…I’m going to kill him.”
  • “Yeah. It’s…nice. It feels like you. I feel like you.”
  • “That’s okay, sir. I like dicks.”
  • “Your Highness, you remember my friends, right? Hope, Alexi, Aiden and Robby?”
  • “I’m playing the servant because if I’m going to do this for you, I need to be invisible. And there’s nobody in the world more invisible than a common servant.”


  • Drew hardly ever cried as a baby
  • Drew met Gavin and Gabrielle for the first time when he was eight. They were having an argument and Gavin swung his hand out while talking and accidentally hit Drew in the face
  • Though he’s known about sex for a while, prior to Techen’s Stand Drew’s only sexual experience was occasionally touching himself in the bath
  • Drew’s most frequently broken rule in the castle is that he often climbs the apple trees in the grounds and takes an apple or two for himself
  • When he was ten, Drew was nearly trampled by a horse. A knight saved him and apologized. Drew apologized back, ran away, and forgot to ask the knight’s name
  • Drew talks in his sleep
  • The worst trouble Drew ever got in was when he accidentally knocked a pedestal, which turned out to be loose, which toppled a bust of the king’s great-grandmother, which broke a window
  • Drew is partially literate, but reading anything complex would take him a very long time
  • Drew has flat feet
  • Even before he was formally assigned to Gavin, Drew managed to walk in on him and Owen having sex no less than a dozen times in two weeks.

Modern AU: Modern Drew grew up in foster care, and though he’s lived with his current family for a few years now, he is always aware that something could change overnight. He’s recently gotten an under-the-table part-time job as hired help cleaning Gerard ven Sancte’s house, which he’s too young for but he doesn’t realize is mostly just an excuse to give him pocket money rather than because the actual staff need his help. At the same time, Drew has recently started a friendship with a man he met online, which is helping a lot in terms of his self-confidence and his ability to make friends and talk to his long-time crush Frederick. When he’s not working, sending inappropriate pictures to people he shouldn’t, or trying to scheme ways to get Frederick to kiss him, Drew is interested in filmmaking, gardening and bees.

2 thoughts on “Character Profile: Drew

  1. Yet another person with a Significant Birthmark? And an orphan to boot!

    Odds of Drew being the Leader to Lyren’s Liar just went up significantly.


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