Character Profile: Lyren

Name: Lyren Techen Le’Carden, Lyren Carden (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: N/A

Title(s): Lord of the Tower, Prince of Sorrows

Hair Colour: Cream

Eye Colour: Gold, flecked with red

Height: Fluid, 152 cm

Weight: Fluid, 30 kg

Build: Fluid, slender, long-limbed

Distinguishing Marks: Whitish-blue skin, tentacles emerging from his arms

Dick Size: Fluid/slightly above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Drew (lover/high priest), Rawen Janaj He’Matke (ex-lover)

Family Relationships: Cardek Techen Le’Messen and Shynda Techen Ke’Arthene (parents, deceased), Winell Techen Ne’Senda and Eveene Techen Ke’Senda (sisters, deceased), Hope, Aiden, Alexi, Robby, Matt (priests)

Sexuality: Fluid/pansexual

Preferred Positions: In his partner’s dreams

Kinks: Power, consent, hypnosis/mind control, fire, pain

Orgies Attended: Priestly Orgies

Bio: Born to a clan of star gods whose main claim to fame was that his mother was a famous oracle, Lyren was always the black sheep of his family, not using the stars as his medium, nor the sun like his father, but the mind. Though he was the weakest member, and often the embarrassment, of Clan Techen, Lyren was the only member to survive the war, which may or may not be because the destruction at Thunder’s Falls was directed by his then-boyfriend. Lyren’s powers became very useful in the war, but near the end he decided to break with the other gods and combat the growing new religion worshipping Nathen by creating a new human religion centered around him and the tower, which he wanted to rebuild, which backfired disastrously when Nathen’s adherents discovered him and attacked him. In the ensuing fight, everyone in Lyren’s colony was killed and Lyren sealed under a powerful ward that was only weakened by the presence of Nathen’s reincarnation right on top of it, then broken after a blood sacrifice. Now that he’s free, Lyren is trying to rebuild his church and the tower, but more quietly than he did the first time, trying to avoid too much human attention and any attention from other gods until he’s ready. Fortunately, he has a devoted high priest who is happy to be his hand in the human world until he has enough power to do it himself.


  • Lyren’s use of the mind as his medium marks a rare mutation away from a clan’s dominant medium that occurs in only three in a hundred gods, and an equally rare use of the mind medium, one of the lesser-tapped media for the powers of gods
  • Nathen killed both of Lyren’s sisters, and his father. Except for his mother, Lyren’s entire extended clan were killed at Thunderfall. His mother was killed during the war about sixty years later
  • Lyren was not and still isn’t considered particularly powerful by the standards of the gods
  • Lyren’s physical appearance is highly malleable. He changed elements of himself in order to appeal to Drew
  • Lyren was never sexually interested in humans before being sealed. He does not interact sexually with any of his priests except Drew
  • Lyren knows that rebuilding the physical reality of the tower won’t bring back its power, but he figures it’s a major first step
  • Lyren’s plan to kill Nathen involves opening the gate to access the power on the other side
  • Lyren does authentically care about Drew’s well being. He is also very much in control of most of Drew’s emotions
  • Due to their connection, Lyren is genuinely incapable of lying to Drew
  • Lyren fears death more than anything


  • “I like you, Drew. Because you’re very special and I want to make you very happy.”
  • “The border between real and not isn’t as hard as you think, Drew.”
  • “Please don’t be afraid of me, Drew. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t hurt you or anyone else like this. And I don’t want to. I’d never hurt you.”
  • “Yes. But I’m not going to let you do it. The seal is carved in blood, so you’d have to kill someone to break it, and I don’t want you to do that. You’re not a killer, Drew.”
  • “You can be my high priest.”
  • “Admittedly, my information is a few millennia out of date.”
  • “I’ll tell you a secret about humans, Drew. They’re naturally subservient. They want someone to give them orders and make decisions for them. If they can spend their lives serving someone, they will. They want to please. They’ve all convinced themselves that they don’t, but it only takes a small push to remind them of who they are deep down.”
  • “Will it be a problem for you, if he tells someone?”
  • “Oh, Drew. I wish I could lie to you.”
  • “I deserved it. I got everyone killed. It was my fault.”
  • “It doesn’t matter. I told you, you’re too good. Too special. Too perfect for something ugly like this. But he’s not.”
  • “Not you, Drew. Never you. Masters don’t kneel before their servants.”
  • “They’re not watching you. They should be.”


  • As a young boy, Lyren always wanted a human as a pet
  • Lyren’s father treated Lyren as though they weren’t related for most of Lyren’s childhood
  • Lyren told anyone who found about his powers that they don’t work on other gods. This was untrue
  • Lyren lost his virginity to a friend of his sister’s, who was later forbidden from seeing him because he wasn’t worth marrying
  • Lyren’s clan hails from what is now the Vessen Range in northern Enjon
  • Lyren experimented with being a girl for many years. Ultimately she decided it wasn’t that much different from being a boy
  • Lyren and Rawen were together for about thirty years. They broke up five years after Thunderfall
  • Lyren is embarrassed by the fact that Techen’s Stand is named after him
  • Though he knows the church would spread more effectively if the priests weren’t chosen exclusively on the grounds of how much Drew wanted to have sex with them, he finds that too amusing to discourage
  • Lyren can’t wait to meet Frederick in person. He’s very interested to see what Drew will do

Modern AU: Modern Lyren is a programmer who works from home and spends a lot of time lurking in online forums for kids who are looking for help, where he gives a lot of good advice to a lot of kids and only very rarely starts up private messaging conversations with them, and he’s very good at only privately chatting with the ones who are likely to end up sending him pictures. He also has a side job running websites for a few entrepreneurial friends of his, mostly dedicated to video streaming, image galleries and auctions, websites which, curiously, a lot of pictures of some of his online forum friends seem to end up on. When he’s not being helpful to various people online, Lyren enjoys going to parks, eating in mall food courts, seeing Marvel and other PG-13 movies, spending time at his community pool and, in an entirely unrelated hobby, having sex with middle schoolers. He also enjoys history, space exploration and musicals.

12 thoughts on “Character Profile: Lyren

  1. So Lyren has even less of a clue than everyone else. At least everyone else knows that opening the literal gate to hell is a TERRIBLE IDEA, YOU IDIOT, HOW ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A GOOD PLAN?


    1. As soon as there’s power available somewhere, some dumbass is going to figure he can control and harness it to his own ends. 🙂 And Lyren figures someone’s going to open the gate eventually, so it may as well be him who benefits from it!

      So yeah, he’s kind of an idiot.


      1. Evidently the “mind” medium doesn’t include the ability to make oneself smarter. Either that, or the Dunning-Kruger effect ensures that he doesn’t think he needs to.


        1. He very much doesn’t think he needs to! I think Lyren knows he’s not the smartest person around, but he also thinks he doesn’t need to be–after all, he can just brainwash a lot of smart people to his side, right?

          Clearly a system with no flaws.


  2. Fearing death more than anything else just shows that Lyren lacks imagination and creativity. The good news is, if he ever does open the gate, he’ll almost certainly realize that dying is really the least of his concerns.

    Oh wait. That’s not good news at all.

    (Except for Scott’s cousins. They’ll be only too happy to broaden Lyren’s horizons.)


    1. Yes, I think if he manages to open the gate, he’s very rapidly going to learn that death is far from the worst thing that could happen to him. 😀 Of course, it’s only good news, as you pointed out, for Scott and his extended family. If Lyren opens the gate they’ll have a grand old time teaching us all why death isn’t that bad after all! 😀


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