Character Profile: Hope

Name: Hope Magnusson

Aliases/AKAs: Rosecloud

Title(s): Priest to the Prince of Sorrows

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 159 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Build: Stocky

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Drew (lover/high priest) Aiden, Alexi, Robby, Matt (fellow priests)

Family Relationships: Magnus (father, deceased), Hanna and Jarvis (biological parents)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Underneath Drew, on top

Kinks: Exhibitionism, voyeurism

Orgies Attended: Priestly Orgies, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born to a vegetable merchant and a butcher in a town called Richwyld, Hope’s early years were very difficult. As soon as he was old enough, he helped out his parents, mostly his mother, in their work, and was given a lot of chores at home as well. His parents both hit him when he misbehaved, sometimes to the point where he couldn’t get out of bed the next day. When he was seven years old, a man named Magnus passed through town and happened to be in the butcher’s shop and saw his father hit him. After a few days of watching Hope be abused, Magnus confronted Hope’s parents about their abuse and then left town with Hope under his care. Hope moved to the mountainous town of Techen’s Stand with Magnus, where he was raised in a loving, caring environment. When he was a few years older, Magnus took over Techen’s Stand’s only inn the Tower, and Hope began to work as his helper. Hope had only a few friends in Techen’s Stand, a small town that never forgot he and his father were from somewhere else, but he was very happy living there. Very recently, Hope has found a place in a larger religious community in which he holds a leadership position, and though he’s lost Magnus, he’s very happy there.


  • Hope doesn’t eat meat
  • Hope doesn’t remember his biological parents’ names or faces, but he does remember the sound of their voices
  • Hope has a strong negative reaction to being yelled at
  • Though Hope wished he could have more friends in Techen’s Stand, he would have preferred if Magnus could have been more accepted by the community there
  • Hope only likes boys, but he’s open to the possibility of dating a girl just to see what it’s like
  • Hope has always had a hard time feeling like he belonged anywhere, except for with Magnus and now with Drew’s group
  • One of the reasons Hope likes working at the Tower was that he can meet all the people who come through Techen’s Stand
  • Hope used to be afraid of the mountains, but after a few years of living in Techen’s Stand, the cliffs outside the town became his favourite place in the world
  • Hope liked Drew from the minute he met him, a feeling that only grew stronger the more time they spent together
  • Lately, Hope spends a lot of his time feeling like he should be sad about something but not being able to figure out what it is


  • “You’re always working.”
  • “It’s amazing how they don’t even know we’re here.”
  • “I just think you’d really like it. From what I hear, it feels really good…”
  • “Fine. If you don’t like me all you had to do was say so.”
  • “Oh. Okay, Drew. Sorry. I should have listened the first time.”
  • “You should take the bed.”
  • “I…Drew. I want you to be happy. I do, I swear. B-but…I don’t know if I can…”
  • “Do you think later you and I could…maybe go for a walk somewhere? Just the two of us?”
  • “Oh, my God! Wh-what did you do? Why did you do that? Why, Drew?”
  • “It’s okay. I’ll do it for you. So you don’t have to.”
  • “I’m sorry. Drew needs me to do it.”
  • “I do, I do, Drew, please. I w-want…to help you. I want to be with you. That’s why I…please, let me…”
  • “I…I don’t remember. I guess it must have been nothing.”


  • Hope learned both Kyn and Chez’n from Magnus
  • As a little boy, Hope had an imaginary friend named Hop who he told all his secrets to
  • Hope’s favourite task at the inn is cleaning the bathing room, which he often “accidentally” tries to do when there are people in there
  • The only thing Hope doesn’t like about living in the mountains is that there are very few flowers up there
  • Hope’s first sexual experience was with an actor named Cooper who passed through Techen’s Stand
  • Hope and Magnus used to sit together in the evenings and Magnus would read to Hope, which was Hope’s favourite time of day
  • Hope has messed around sexually with Aiden, Alexi and Robby, the latter of whom he had a crush on for a while
  • The one thing Hope is glad he doesn’t have to do is help in the stables. He doesn’t like horses at all
  • Hope’s first sexual experience with an adult was with a travelling knight named Bertrand who passed through the inn. Hope didn’t want to be his squire, but he was happy to have sex with him
  • When there’s beer left over at the end of the night, Hope sometimes drinks it for himself

Modern AU: Modern Hope was pulled out of his house by child protective services when he kept showing up to school with bruises, and fostered to a chef, who adopted him after just two months. He’s since grown up happily with his father in a loving household, and any dishwashing or cleaning he does at Magnus’s restaurant is because he wants to help, not because he was forced to. Hope and Magnus live in an apartment above the restaurant, and Hope often has the apartment to himself when his dad is at work. School is not Hope’s favourite place, but it is the best place to make friends, which he’s been getting better at, and he’s considering joining the baseball team next year. In the meantime, he’s finally worked up the nerve to talk to his current crush Drew, which has resulted in them spending a lot of time together…even if Drew seems to be more interested in Frederick from chemistry class. But he takes the number of pictures that Drew wants to take of him as a good sign, and he’s gotten a lot of good friends out of it, so that’s good! When not studying, working or trying to get boys, Hope plays a lot of RPG video games and tends to the flowers on his rooftop garden. He wants to be a florist when he grows up.

6 thoughts on “Character Profile: Hope

  1. …Lyren is a monster.

    Brainwashing a kid into murdering their father figure and the best thing that ever happened to them and then forgetting why that should be upsetting?



  2. So… The inn is named the Tower? In Tenchen’s Stand, where the actual literal tower was? With Lyren’s “grave” being right below the Tower-the-inn?

    I’m still here, by the way, never left. Still taking notes. Screaming at all the Klaus and Gods nonsense because I stg if I figure those out I’ll have the rest of the series down pat.


    1. Yep, that’s what’s it called! Some sort of cultural memory shit, clearly. 😀

      I’m glad to see you again! The Klaus and gods nonsense definitely plays a major role in the overall series, so figuring it out would definitely be helpful! Have fun trying!



  3. I didn’t remember or realise Magnus was Hope’s foster father and they had such a close relationship, I thought he was ‘just’ his employer. Which makes his murder all the more gruesome, ugh.


    1. Yeah, it does make it all the worse. Drew didn’t realize the relationship Hope had with Magnus either; he thought Magnus was ‘just’ Hope’s boss. They don’t have the same skin colour or follow Dolovin naming conventions for parents and children, and of course Drew honestly wasn’t paying that much attention to either of them after a certain point, so it never occurred to him to ask, and Hope never mentioned it.

      So yeah. Makes it all the more horrible.


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