Knighthood, 66

You Really Do Have to Be Very Careful about Flashy Entrances; They Get A Lot of Attention

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Edwin’s ass hurt.

In retrospect, letting Louis fuck him four times last night, and then three times this morning, and then getting on him and riding him for several more hours, not to mention the twice that he’d fucked Denver, had not actually been the best call he’d ever made.

They’d stopped for the night in Louis’s cave in the mountains, which had been pretty cool, but also fucking freezing. It was at the top of a high peak, with a good vantage point everywhere. Edwin wouldn’t mind seeing it again…in the summer.

Sadly, since a cave entrance wasn’t a door, Edwin couldn’t stick a portal cock ring there, so he’d only be able to see it again if Louis got him and took him here. He kind of got the impression that Louis wouldn’t mind being able to be here more often—apparently he was basically the boss of all the dragons in this area, which meant that he had to put in an appearance once in a while so they didn’t get uppity.

Edwin was pretty sure that meant he had to come and fuck all the other dragons once in a while, which sounded fun to him. But anyway.

They’d left about two hours after dawn, after some sex, some breakfast, some more sex, and then some sex for the road, and now Edwin’s ass hurt and he was sure Denver’s did too, considering he’d gotten Louis’s cock just as much as Edwin had, and had gotten Edwin’s besides. But he could see the capital, or at least a city that he assumed was the capital, coming up on them, which was good. Because soon they were going to have to stop for lunch, and if he got down and got fucked a few more times, Edwin wasn’t sure that he’d be up to get back on Louis again after.

“That’s it, right?” Denver asked in his ear, arms around Edwin’s waist.

Edwin nodded. “Yeah. Maybe we should land outside the city and walk?”

“You’ll have to tell him that!”

Edwin considered for a second. “How?” They were shouting to hear each other.

“You know,” Denver said, chin on Edwin’s shoulder. “I don’t think we thought this through!”

“No fucking kidding!”

Louis approached the city, then flew lower, and lower. And he circled the capital. Edwin cringed internally. He could practically hear the alarm bells. He couldn’t actually hear them with the wind rushing in his ears, but he knew what they fucking sounded like. He’d kind of thought the alarm Louis would raise was funny yesterday. Now it seemed like something that might end with his boyfriend’s head mounted somewhere.

Louis circled the city two, three times, while Edwin looked down and tried to identify the fortress, which turned out to be fucking impossible, because buildings all looked the actual fucking same. Except for that one, which looked like the castle.

And then Louis was suddenly dipping down, and Edwin imagined people screaming and fleeing and shit, and then, with a thud and a hard knock to Edwin’s ass, they were on the ground. “Ow.”

He and Denver climbed down, and Edwin looked around. They were in a park or something. Nobody was around, so that was good. But it wouldn’t last. People with swords would be on their way here in like five seconds.

Oh, no, wait. Edwin looked around some more. This wasn’t a fucking park.

“This is it, right?” Louis asked, behind them in slightly less alarm-worthy form now. The bells were definitely ringing. “The capital?”

“Yeah,” Edwin said, trying not to panic. Now that Louis wasn’t as big as a building, he could see the building that was behind him, which was definitely the fucking castle. “Specifically, we are on the castle grounds.”

“Is that close to where you live?” Louis asked, while Denver put his face in his hand for a second.

“Pretty close,” Edwin told him with a nod. There were some guards coming to them at a run, weapons drawn. “This is actually where Gavin lives, so. You’re going to need to let me talk us out of getting arrested.”


Denver took Louis’s arm. “Just let Edwin talk, okay?”

“Just tell them that we know Gavin. It’s fine. It’s not like I hurt anyone. I didn’t even knock over the trees over there, which I could have.”

Edwin sighed, holding out his hands as the guards arrived. “It’s okay, guys, we’re friendly.”

“Halt!” shouted out of the guards, obviously ignoring Edwin. “Hand away from your sword!”

Edwin’s hand was very far away from his sword, which was not the biggest danger to these people at the moment. “Guys.”

“Step away from the monster!”

“Now that’s just rude. Listen. I’m a knight of the order. I was sent by the prince.”

The lead guard sneered. “Yeah, sure, and I’m his boyfriend.”

“Comments like that are a really good way to get your dick cut off. Go find the knight on duty at the castle and bring them here, they can tell you who I am.” Hopefully. Not everyone knew Edwin.

“What the fuck is going on?”

Oh, no. Edwin paled a little as the guards parted for Her Highness Sir Gabrielle, sword in hand. “Edwin?”

“Hi. Your Highness. Sir.” Edwin cleared his throat. “Apologies for dropping in unexpectedly?”

Gabrielle narrowed her eyes at him, then looked at Louis and Denver. “Let me guess. This is all my brother’s fault.”

“Well…yes, actually.”

Gabrielle sighed, waved the guards down, put her own sword away. “Who are your friends? And what’s this one’s deal?”

“Denver and Louis,” Edwin said, stepping aside a little so she could glare at them instead of him. “Louis is a dragon. Long story.”

“It’s not a long story,” Louis told Gabrielle. “Dragons can look like me too.”

“Okay, it’s a short story.”

“Gavin sent you all the way here from Pelican Bay on the back of a dragon who has no right to be this hot,” Gabrielle said, shaking her head. “What the fuck is it with him and dragons? Come on, you’re going to have to come talk to my parents.”

“Any chance at all we could avoid that?” Surely, just this once, knightly camaraderie could do him a solid.

“Nope. How’s Gavin?”

“Well,” Edwin promised. “He’s ready to come home, I think. He just needs me to run some magic by the academy and he should be back in a week.”

“I see. I’ll go ahead and let you explain that one to us all together. I hear he went and involved himself in a bunch of crazy shit,” Gabrielle said as they entered the castle itself.

“Did you expect him not to?”

Gabrielle snorted. “No.”

“Never been in a castle before,” Denver muttered behind him, looking around.

“Neither have I,” Louis admitted.

“We met in a castle,” Edwin reminded them. “Literally we all met in a castle.”

“Magic castles don’t count,” Denver said, waving his hand. “Besides, that one fell down.”

“You know, it’s only lunchtime,” Gabrielle said. “It’s too early for me to have several bottles of wine served with food.”

“So don’t?”

“I’m going to. You’re going to need to tell us all the details. Gavin tends to leave them out in his letters.”

Edwin’s ass hurt way too much to deliver a formal report on the last two months to the king and queen of Dolovai. But he was a knight of the order, so he stood straighter, clenched his asshole, and prepared to do his duty.

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  1. I expect the King and Queen will be very interested in replicating the magic door rings, possibly on a larger scale such that they can be used by large vehicles. Because TRADE and LOGISTICS and INFRASTRUCTURE.


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