Character Profile: Ignatius

Name: Ignatius Harrow

Aliases/AKAs: Eveny the Many, Iggus, Iggy, Lightning Soul, Rake the Martyr, Rich Jr., Sunshine

Title(s): Vice-chair, Bethel’s Frontier Night’s Watch Funding Committee; The Highhewn One

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Hazel

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 73 kg

Build: Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: Notable lack of hair

Dick Size: Large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Gus (fiancé/Dom)

Family Relationships: Callie, Cyrus, Matthias, Dee, Robin, Roberta, Pax, Jacob (siblings), Abner (caretaker, deceased), Sylvester/Alec (mentor), Dominic (caretaker/employer/father figure), Ronaldo Harrow (master/father figure)

Sexuality: Pansexual/submissive

Preferred Positions: On his knees, against a wall

Kinks: Pain, submission, bloodplay, begging, humiliation, breathplay, whips, spankings, loss of control, role play

Orgies Attended: The Summer Solstice Cliffside Orgy, Academy Shower Room Orgies, The Peter Swiftheart Birthday Party Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Reared in an organized crime syndicate with his siblings, Ignatius was trained as a spy and a thief from a young age, and excelled at both until one day, on a job in the south, he accidentally started turning people into birds, buildings into motes of light, and the universe generally into something rather not like the universe at all. Fortunately, Ignatius’s minor re-writing of the laws of creation was noticed by Kyainese court wizard Ronaldo Harrow, who took him on as an apprentice. The most powerful wizard since Yosef the Cloudkiller, Ignatius knows he has a lot to learn, but feels confident in his ability to do so under Ronaldo’s tutelage and the watchful eye of his boyfriend Gus. At night, Ignatius the super powerful wizard transforms into Iggy the obedient submissive, a part of him that he wishes could come out to play more often. But having recently rescued a princess from a usurper, Ignatius knows he probably has a whole life of great feats ahead of him, whether he wants them or not.


  • Ignatius was worried he might be magical before his little accident, but he kept it to himself because he didn’t know who he could safely talk to about it
  • As a thief, Ignatius specialized in broad-daylight break-ins
  • Ignatius regretted leaving Dominic behind for a few weeks, until he realized how different being taken care of by Ronaldo was, and realized how poorly he’d been treated
  • Ignatius is fluent in all of Menechit’s languages, and also in Gronnde and most of Enjon’s languages from the year he spent there
  • In an emergency, Ignatius has the necessary skills to survive in any environment for several weeks, even without magic
  • Ignatius is the only one of his siblings who has memories of his biological parents. He remembers them putting him in a boat and sending him down the river alone
  • Despite being a visible minority in Kyaine, Ignatius still managed to blend in most everywhere he went
  • Even when he was little, Ignatius never liked his siblings calling him Iggy. He has never minded it in a sex partner, though
  • Ignatius has memorized maps of all of Menechit and can, with minimal landmarks, find his way to civilization no matter where he is
  • Despite being as powerful as he is, Ignatius often feels inadequate as a wizard because one of his initiates’ exam proctors told him he probably wouldn’t have passed on his first try if he weren’t so powerful


  • “I’m the most powerful wizard of the last six centuries. The expectations are…”
  • “I can’t do this. There’s no way I can do this.”
  • “Rewards aren’t important. Lives are important.”
  • “Are you happy, sir?”
  • “Death doesn’t have to be scary and awful.”
  • “Magic is a part of the natural world. It’s just as normal as hormones and glands.”
  • “I should have known better. Should have known better than to waste my magic like that. So stupid, it was…”
  • “I was reared in an organized crime syndicate. It helped that my muscle showed up at the last minute.”
  • “Don’t…That’s not fair. Don’t call me that when I’m disagreeing with you, you know better than that.”
  • “Can you smack me? Please, just one. To calm me down.”
  • “Magic doesn’t always look like something. Sometimes the whole point is to make sure it doesn’t end up looking like something.”
  • “Yeah. I had to fight off a weird metaphysical demon and froze time for a while, but it’s fine now.”
  • “This isn’t a normal story about a wizard saving a princess. I told you, I already beat the big bad. We’re clear.”


  • Shortly after he was separated from his siblings, Ignatius fell through a portal and was stuck in Aergyre for two weeks, where he had to pretend to be a noble despite learning Gronnde as he was going
  • Ignatius has faked his own death more often than any of his siblings, including Pax
  • Ignatius’s early sexual experiences were with his siblings, up to and including intercrural sex with Matthias and with Callie
  • There is a kill-on-sight order out for Ignatius by the sorcerers of Clan Wizche In southern Dolovai. This is resultant from his accidentally severing several of their contracts and banishing their demons permanently. The impregnation of the clan head’s daughter, however, is a case of mistaken identity
  • Ignatius had sexual experiences with a few people as a boy and was never particularly satisfied with them until a boy he thought was pretty named Levi in Bright Harbour smacked him in the face by mistake and he got a boner. He went to a brothel the next night and paid a prostitute named Amythest a lot of money to hit him, and learned a whole lot about himself very quickly
  • Like the rest of his family, Ignatius believes magic is cheating. He also believes cheating is a valid strategy for winning
  • Ignatius doesn’t like receiving anal sex at all and refuses to do it under any circumstances. He also doesn’t like giving blowjobs, but he will give them if Gus insists on it as a punishment
  • Ignatius was already technically listed as a fully-trained wizard (under a different name) in the Circle’s records before his powers manifested. He has not made any effort to change this, just in case
  • Ignatius dated a few people before he got together with Gus, but never seriously because he could never find anyone who’d indulge his habits until Gus. He got most of his sexual satisfaction from prostitutes
  • Ignatius thought horses were just fitter cows until he was fifteen

Modern AU: Modern Ignatius was also a career criminal until he tried to rob noted local physicist Ronaldo Harrow, only to end up (somehow) living with him and being cared for. Now an ordinary student (who gets smacked around for fun by his boyfriend in the evenings), Ignatius is reconnected with his siblings, making friends with common interests and doing a lot of chemistry and math, both of which he’s turned out to be quite good at, enough to earn a scholarship to St. Sebastien’s, which he turned down until the school offered one to Gus as well, demonstrating how badly they wanted him to come. When not studying or socializing, Ignatius enjoys working out, reading about pre-Christian history and magic, as well as trying to figure out why people like heavy metal. When not hiding in the depths of Ignatius’s subconscious, Iggy enjoys spending time with his master, being made to cry, and punishments.

2 thoughts on “Character Profile: Ignatius

    1. Not directly, though Ignatius did later wonder if the fact that he started turning people into birds was because he was subconsciously linking birds with fear. He was afraid, and he had been thinking about Pax that morning, so he was never sure. 🙂


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