Theodore/Darby, Definitely the Boss

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Darby was a handful, but Theodore thought that he’d finally managed to communicate to the boy what he wanted. He had him naked in bed, and they were tussling a little, and Darby was hard. Not how Theodore had envisioned their first time, but Darby just had that much personality. He made the situation his own.

He’d clearly discerned that Theodore wanted to have sex, and seemed perfectly happy—even enthused—by that, but there was one small issue. It was quite clear from how hard he was attempting to out-wrestle Theodore that he planned to be on top.

He resisted any attempt to spread his legs, and kept trying to climb atop Theodore, and finally, after several long minutes, he kneed Theodore in the stomach rather painfully, happily crawling out from under him while Theodore was curled up, mounting him from behind.

Theodore sighed. Maybe this was the way to do it—Darby wasn’t a big boy, and he’d tire himself out a little and then let Theodore do what was best. It wouldn’t likely hurt much. So Theodore just passed him the bottle of oil over his shoulder.

Darby took it, and it was a good thing, because he did not prepare Theodore, simply pushing his erection inside after it was oiled. Theodore grunted in mild discomfort, but it was easy enough to tolerate. Darby was enthusiastic, cheerfully going fast and hard and without much evenness, and though Theodore couldn’t say he was overly enjoying it, he doubted it would last long and…

Oh. Darby was getting bigger inside him, and bigger still. Theodore thought at first it might be his imagination, but there came a point where it was clear that it was happening and by that point it was too late too do much but… “Ah!”

A large…something had just pressed into Theodore, sending painful shocks through his body. And when those passed, Theodore realized that in addition to them, he’d also attained orgasm. “What is the meaning of this?” he demanded in a pant.

Darby of course didn’t hear him, and began to orgasm as well, spurting hot liquid inside Theodore and not stopping after he was finished. He kept thrusting, unable to pull out, pulling Theodore’s hips with him when he moved. It was no longer painful but rather pleasurable, the tightness, the pressure, the angle…it was not long before Theodore came again.

And again, and again.

He lost track of how many times it happened, but after the second, Theodore gave up trying to get away. This was a new experience, and one he was enjoying.


Theodore felt a lightning bolt fly through him and he looked to the door saw Daniel standing there, eyes on the werewolf on top of—and inside—him. “D-Daniel…” Theodore was…Daniel could see how much he was enjoying this. How much he clearly wanted it. He could see Daniel seeing that, assessing that. He’d never forget that. Theodore didn’t know what to say.

Daniel took a step back, a smug smile on his face. “I’ll come back tomorrow.” And he shut the door before Theodore could explain.

Humiliated, Theodore just put his head on the pillow. Darby hadn’t stopped fucking him and came again a moment later. Surely they were finished now.

They weren’t. Darby remained stuck inside him until dawn, and Theodore couldn’t even pretend he didn’t love every minute.



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