Character Profile: Gus

Name: Gus Harrow, Gus St. Catherine (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Blizzard Roar

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Build: Slender, lithe

Distinguishing Marks: Burn scars on his feet

Dick Size: Very large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Ignatius (fiancé/sub), John of the Black Witch Clan (ex-boyfriend), Jacob (sub’s brother)

Family Relationships: Talia and Gaston (parents), Marta and Gabor (aunt and uncle), Greta, Michele and Maurice (cousins), Ronaldo Harrow (mentor/father figure), Jocelyn of the Black Witch Clan (former mentor)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Standing

Kinks: Dominance, whips, sadism, spankings, power, begging, obedience, humiliation, semi-public sex, exhibitionism

Orgies Attended: Academy Shower Room Orgies, The Peter Swiftheart Birthday Party Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: The only son of a well-known southern wizard and his wife, Gus grew up in a little city called Gendan, happily studying and preparing to grow up and be a scholar or politician. When he was eleven, he killed his pet bird by accident, and after his father quickly ruled out wizardry as his source of magic, a mage was called in, who ruled that out as well. Gus’s talent was identified by elimination as natural-born necromancy, the rarest form of magic, and he struggled not to use it for some time, until a nice woman named Jocelyn showed up at his parents’ house and offered to teach their son to control his power. She did, but in a series of lessons that also made Gus into a murderer as he stole the energy of people’s souls for himself. Fortunately, Jocelyn wasn’t with Gus full-time, and one day he worked up the nerve to disobey her instructions and hide from her. He wound up living with Ronaldo Harrow, a friend of his father’s who took him in, and being his personal attendant to thank him for his help. Now dating Ronaldo’s apprentice, Gus still hates the things he did, but he’s doing everything he can to atone for them.


  • Gus more than once thought about killing himself to escape Jocelyn. He didn’t because he knew it wouldn’t help him get away from her
  • After escaping Jocelyn, Gus didn’t want to ever use necromancy again. Ronaldo convinced him to use it for good instead of ill
  • Killing his pet bird when he was eleven made Gus realize that the invisible people he’d been seeing for most of his life weren’t his imagination
  • Despite his upbringing, Gus has never once resented cooking and cleaning for Ronaldo
  • The only thing Gus regrets about leaving Jocelyn is that he never told John he was leaving
  • After a few months with Ronaldo, Gus got in touch with his parents and now speaks to them frequently with communication spells
  • Gus excels at healing magic
  • Letting down Ronaldo and letting down Ignatius are Gus’s two biggest fears
  • Gus has occasional nights where he can’t sleep because he can hear the voices of his victims
  • Gus was never a Dom until he met Ignatius


  • “I’m just…Master Harrow’s attendant. Don’t pay me any mind.”
  • “We don’t need to pretend. I think that will be good for both of us, won’t it…Iggy?”
  • “It’s not killing that makes you less human. It’s when you think that it’s okay that it’s wrong.”
  • “Hi, everyone. I’m Gus. Looks like you guys are all having a nice rest. You’re not using any of this, right?”
  • “It’s an important part of life. The world would end if nobody ever died.”
  • “Would a spanking make you feel better?”
  • “If you’re trying not to get scared, it’s because you are,”
  • “I am too. I’m always nervous around you. Mostly because of the things you make me want to do to you. Terrible, terrible things, Iggy. I want to hurt you, and break you, and you have no idea, no idea how hard it is not to do that every single day.”
  • “There he is. My terrifying boy. I was wondering when I’d see him again.”
  • “Someday I want to be the one with the scary ‘I’ll kill you’ smile and you can be the muscle.”
  • “Ignatius, once you move out of Ronaldo’s, I’m going to marry you.”
  • “You’re an idiot if you thought you could take over a kingdom with no bloodshed. If you didn’t want to hurt anyone you shouldn’t have, Stephan.”
  • “Nobody hits that boy but me.”


  • As a little boy, Gus used to pretend he was a dragon and chase people around
  • After killing his pet bird, Gus tried to bring it back. The experience convinced him never to try that again
  • Puberty hit Gus early and unevenly. His dick grew to full adult size within a few months but he had no other effects for a few years after that. All his first sexual experiences were his friends being fascinated by this
  • Gus is afraid of sharks. He’s only ever seen drawings of them
  • Gus’s favourite thing to cook is a meat pie that his mother used to make. Ronaldo doesn’t like it, so he only makes it for Ignatius
  • Gus lost his anal virginity to John, but he topped most of the time
  • Gus was once lost in Jdinrma-Hash for several days, and ended up staying with a nice couple named Thaddeus and Marla, and played for a few days with their son Todd until Jocelyn came to get him
  • Gus sometimes paints in his spare time. He’s not very good at it
  • Ignatius’s submissive side made Gus explore his dominant side even before they were together. When they started having sex and Gus got to do the things he’d been reading about, he felt like he’d found a part of himself that had been missing for years
  • Gus collects metal objects to store necromantic power in, and jewelry because he thinks it’s pretty

Modern AU: Modern Gus was lured away from his nice family and into gang activity by his first boyfriend at the beset of the boyfriend’s mother. After turning police informant, his criminal record was sealed, and Gus was able to return to a normal life after intervention from a good friend of his father’s, who Gus works for now in order to show that he has gainful employment and is contributing to society. His new boyfriend also originally hails from a crime family, making Gus wonder if he’s just into bad boys. Either way, Gus is happy and healthy in his new life. When he’s not cooking or cleaning or whipping the love of his life, Gus studies law and criminal justice, but not-so-secretly dreams of applying to be on a baking show. He is considering trying out for the school’s soccer team soon.

6 thoughts on “Character Profile: Gus

  1. Are natural-born necromancers any better at necromancy than other magic-users? Are there things they can do that someone who wasn’t born to it can’t?

    Also, are they as prone to abusing necromancy? It would be funny, in a bitter and tragic sort of way, if necromancy’s bad reputation had little to nothing to do with its natural practitioners.


    1. Generally yes, natural-born necromancers are more powerful than other-magic users who come to the craft later in life. They tend to be more adept at things like soul gathering/storage, like we’ve seen Gus do, and using the power safely. People who learn later tend to be more creative with it, though.

      Though anyone can abuse necromancy, historically, most abuse of the craft has come at the hands of people who weren’t born necromancers, in fact. 🙂 Most of the big, notable moments in Menechit’s history that have featured necromancers killing people were either wizards or mages who’d learned necromancy. Natural-born necromancers tend to be quiet, just wanting to study stuff without bothering anyone. So it’s kind of tragic, yes. 🙂


      1. Kind of makes sense, though. If someone is born with other magic, learning necromancy isn’t a matter of getting their own powers under control, but of seeking the power to do something that they can’t do natively. It’s one thing to be born with the power to mess around with souls, the dead, and the souls of the dead; it’s another thing entirely to actively seek to expand your (already impressive and versatile) existing powers to include it. It rather narrows down the sorts of things you might want to use necromancy FOR.


        1. Yep, exactly! It’s the old distinction between people who seek out power and people who don’t. Combined, of course, with the fact that most people don’t know much about the nonviolent side of necromancy, so if they’re seeking it out on top of the impressive power they already have, it’s very, very rarely for good reasons.


  2. Do the laws against necromancy make any exceptions for born necromancers? I mean, quite apart from the fact that it’s bit unfair to punish someone for having powers they didn’t ask to be born with, if necromancers are anything like other magic-users, they need to learn to control their magic lest it manifest in a dangerously uncontrolled fashion. Barring them from learning necromancy would therefore seem to be, in the long-term, a greater danger to the public good than the handful of bad apples who would misuse their abilities even if properly trained.


    1. Current law unfortunately does not make a distinction between born and taught necromancers, so no real training is available to anyone born with the talent. It’s kind of unofficially known that necromancers are sometimes around, and when a young one pops up with the talent like Gus did, someone generally takes it upon themselves to train him or her, at least enough that they don’t accidentally kill themselves and/or other people. But yes, in many ways the laws surrounding necromancy create a lot of the danger they’re supposedly there to mitigate.


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