Juniper, Cursed

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Juniper sucked.

And he’d tell me off for that double entendre, but his mouth is full because it’s a description of physical action.

He didn’t usually suck Grass off in exchange for drugs, but sometimes he wanted drugs and wanted to suck dick at the same time, so it worked out.

“Ah, June,” Grass said, petting Juniper’s hair as Juniper sucked him. “That’s real nice.”

Juniper made a sound of agreement, the bark of the tree branch rough on his knees. He was having fun doing this, just this. He’d jerk off later if Grass didn’t want to do him back. He was enjoying just sucking, actually.

Grass started thrusting his hips into Juniper’s mouth, which was cool, usually he wasn’t so active in sex. Juniper let him do it, happy that he was getting so into it, sucking along with his thrusts, having fun right up until Grass groaned, hands flat on Juniper’s head and started to cum, giving a big thrust that…

Knocked Juniper out of the tree.

He just barely caught himself before he hit the ground, half-choking on cum and half falling to his death. His wings blurred as they saved him, and he looked up.

Grass was peering down from the tree. “You okay?”

Juniper nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he called, coughing a little.

“You, uh, want me to come down or…”

Juniper sighed. He wasn’t horny anymore, at least. “Make sure you bring the drugs.”

Juniper groaned. He was being pressed into the bare ground and fucked hard by a big guy named Birch, who pounded him with gusto. “Yeah,” Birch said. “You like that? You like it, don’t you? You love my big old cock inside you, don’t you?”

Juniper didn’t care much about dirty talk, but it was Birch’s thing, and that was fine. “Love it,” he assured Birch. “It’s the best.”

Birch actually wasn’t great at sex, and this was kind of boring. The groan earlier had been more because there was a stone digging into the small of Juniper’s back and it hurt. But Birch had been going at this for like a half hour now, so he must be almost done.

“Yeah, I knew you would.” Birch grinned. He was hot as fuck, which was the story of how Juniper had ended up naked underneath him on the forest floor next to that little hill that…

Juniper got distracted, looking over at that hill. It looked kind of like an anthill, actually. Hm. “H-hey, Birch, is that…”

“Is that my cock?” Birch asked. “Hell yeah it is, slut. You feel it deep inside you, don’t you?”

Juniper barely felt it inside him at all, and now he was distracted by the anthill. It definitely had ants coming out of it now. “No, actually though, there are ants.”

“Heh, a little roleplay?” Birch asked, giving another thrust as he looked down at Juniper and not at the ants. “That’s hot. I’ll protect you from the big scary ants, you little…oh, fuck.”

“Yeah, fuck.”

Birch pulled out and they scrambled up as the ants swarmed them, walking on them and touching them with their antennae and crap. Juniper pushed some ants off and leapt into the air. Birch was already up there, having freed himself and escaped.

They hovered a few feet above the ground, looking down at the ants. “So, uh…want to go back to my place?” Birch asked.

“You know,” said Juniper, “I think we’ll take a raincheck on that.”

Juniper topped. Not as unusual for him as it sounded, he was on top of another faery, gliding in and out of him from behind. He was doing a little temperature play, ice across his fingertips, that sort of thing. The guy seemed pretty into it.

Juniper switched holes every few thrusts, the ass, then the vagina, then back to the ass. It was fun. They were both drunk as fuck, and had been going at it for a long time, and Juniper felt like he had another hour or so in him.

“You like this?” Juniper asked, running his fingers down his partner’s side.

There was no answer. “No? Should I do it here?” he asked, moving the ice up, just under the wings.

There was once again no answer. Juniper stopped thrusting, and there was no physical response. “Hey, Spike?”

He looked over. Spike’s eyes were shut, and he was breathing softly through his nose, totally asleep. “What the fuck.”

Juniper sighed, pulling out and sitting beside Spike, glaring at him a little. He’d had a lot to drink, to be fair. “You’re fucking with me again, aren’t you?”

Yeah, but by request this time.

“That really doesn’t make it better. It’s bad enough I’m your little playing piece. Does my dick have to be everyone’s business?”

It’s what you signed up for.

Juniper sighed. “So what, I just don’t get to cum ever again?”

Course you do. You’re in the past, aren’t you? Back when you still had a boyfriend.

“Oh, fuck, you’re right.”

Blows rained down onto Juniper’s ass, but not that hard. He got ten for everyone he’d fucked that week, for a total of ninety-four. He’d lost a few for good behaviour.

Hemlock didn’t take punishing Juniper all that seriously. He got jealous when Juniper was with other people, he really did, but he also loved Juniper, and he’d known that Juniper was like this when they’d started seeing each other. Juniper had been dating someone else when he’d started sleeping with Hemlock, after all. In fact, their second sexual encounter had been a threesome.

He actually just liked making Juniper tell him the number and then figuring out what good behaviour they could use to subtract from it. Juniper always needed that, because he wouldn’t reflect on his own positive qualities if Hemlock didn’t help him. Hemlock wasn’t super into the hitting, but he did it until Juniper came in his lap, which he always did long before it was over.

And there he went, talking to himself a little—which was adorable—as he shot, making a mess on Hemlock’s legs. Hemlock eased up, helping Juniper stand, and smiled. “Feel better?”

Juniper nodded, flushed and sweaty. He was so hot, but it was rare to see him actually look physically warm. “Can I…”

Hemlock nodded, let Juniper get down between his legs, tenderly take him into his mouth. He smiled down at Juniper, taking a few minutes to just enjoy the blowjob. It didn’t last long because he’d had a squirming, cumming Juniper in his lap for a while now.

Juniper was good at it, though. He was so good at sex, which shouldn’t be surprising since he had so much of it, but it always took Hemlock by surprise. He shuddered as Juniper sucked him down like a natural, and whimpered as he came, feeding Juniper poison.

All of Hemlock’s bodily fluids were toxic, but it was okay. He was the cure, and he touched Juniper’s face as he pulled off, cleansing the toxin from him before it could hurt him. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Juniper got up, crawled onto the bed, sat beside Hemlock, looking contrite, even though he hadn’t done anything wrong at all.

“You’re forgiven, Juniper.” There was nothing to forgive, but if Hemlock didn’t forgive him, Juniper wouldn’t believe that.

Juniper smiled, and he pulled Hemlock into a hug. “I’ll do better.”

“Come here.” Hemlock lay Juniper down, then lay on top of him, kissing him. “You know you’re my favourite, right?”

“Favourite what?”

“Favourite person in the whole world.”

Juniper giggled. “You too. You’re the only one I love.”

“And I’ll love you forever.”

It might have been Hemlock’s imagination, but Juniper almost seemed sad about that. So he kept kissing him, making him forget whatever was bothering him.

Juniper didn’t love himself, Hemlock knew that about him. But it was fine. Because Hemlock loved him enough for both of them.



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