Character Profile: Cassius

Name: Kcatth’ssiuzt-nak’ahszrt’chntzch, Cassius Heng (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Cassius, Ruby River, Stringy

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Reddish brown

Height: 195 cm

Weight: 102 kg

Build: Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: Red and grey wings, tail and horns

Dick Size: Extra-large (by human standards; large by dragon standards)

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Cyrus (favourite), Sawyer, Sean, Gino, Max, Derek, Stephan, Neville, Horace, Jensen, Hugh, Gabe (hoard)

Family Relationships: Shzknjyr’ygvernvr-vsmenjyas’dksa’shwkis (sire), Pyramk’hyjkon’arska (dam) Tchznrazz’ttriuzt-yygkh’ret’huuzk, Ktchkrraud’nkakkiuzt-xngt’yrek’tthz (siremates)

Sexuality: Dragon

Preferred Positions: Standing, holding partner up

Kinks: Power, marathon sex, multiple orgasms, exhibitionism, dominance

Orgies Attended: Roe Range Dragon Orgies, The Great Pelican Bay Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: The largest member of a clutch of four, Cassius was unsurprisingly the only survivor of his clutch and quickly established himself as one of the most dominant male dragons of his age group, even earning the right to mate with one of the females of the colony at a young age. Controversially, Cassius took two of his younger siremates under his protection, in addition to other acts that have landed him in trouble in the colony for not respecting its hierarchy. Recently, Cassius broke the Roe colony’s strongest taboo and took in a group of lost humans, which led him to be involved in human politics in a very dramatic way, and ultimately earned him a human mate. Recently he left the colony and his other humans and hoard for a time to support his human in an endeavour that he doesn’t care overly about, but has decided it’s important because of whom it is important to. 


  • One of Cassius’s clutchmates was a female. Even at a young age, he knew she would be a threat to him, so he killed her before she could become one
  • As soon as he was large and strong enough, Cassius came back to his sire’s cave and fought him, proving his dominance over him very handily. He didn’t kill him, though
  • Cassius has fourteen other siremates, most of whom are shapeshifters, as is his sire. He was however the only one of his clutchmates who could shapeshift
  • When Cassius was told as a child that dragons in Ech’kent used to be worshipped as gods, his immediate reaction was indignation that this had changed. His opinion on this remains the same now as it was then
  • Though he is aggressive and possessive as dragons are, Cassius tends to have a soft spot for his siremates and will often give them things if they want them and show him proper deference
  • Privately, Cassius believes he could beat three of the colony’s four matriarchs in a fight if he had to, though he has not yet tested this
  • Cassius took in the four humans figuring they’d be fun to fuck until he wore them out. He is uncertain how to feel about how quickly he came to care about them all
  • Cassius had a clutch of ten eggs with a matriarch one mating season. None of the hatchlings survived to adolescence, despite his efforts to protect them
  • Meeting Cyrus turned a lot of Cassius’s ideas about strength and dominance on their heads
  • Cassius never much liked his smaller form until very recently, when it has started to become his preferred form


  • “And here I thought respect for my people had faded among you. I guess you didn’t all forget us.”
  • “Something I like about this shape is how accessible this is. Makes it easier to make use of. Make use of it for me.”
  • “If I wanted to maim you I’d have done it already.”
  • “You resisted them, you failed. Sounds about right. What’s the problem?”
  • “I’m going to fuck your friend. I’ll talk to you after.”
  • “I’ll help you. I’ll help you fight your conquerors, if that’s what you want.”
  • “I don’t care about symbols for humans.”
  • “You can borrow them while I’m gone. Don’t mark them. Don’t hurt them. They’ll need to be fed later.”
  • “How are we to negotiate with a roomful of vermin who can do nothing but eat?”
  • “We have our own mountain.”
  • “I’ll come with you. Wherever you’re going, I’ll come with you.”
  • “You lied to us all the whole time.”
  • “Hold on. Nobody fucks my humans but me.”


  • Cassius’s favourite piece of treasure—aside from his humans—is a sleek metallic orb that lights up if he touches it
  • Cassius mastered shapeshifting very young, but struggled to learn how to fly because his wings didn’t grow proportionate to the rest of is body for many years and were too small to lift him
  • Cassius’s first fuck was an older siremate who did it to him before Cassius had left his father’s nest. Cassius has since returned the favour with most of his younger siremates
  • Since being among humans, Cassius has been forced to admit that humans are better at preparing food than dragons
  • Cassius has on occasion flown away from the colony, usually after an argument with a matriarch, but always comes back because he doesn’t like the idea of living completely alone
  • Cassius cums on any food he ever brings to someone else—his hoard or his siremates
  • Now that he has been up north in the winter, Cassius is baffled as to how humans manage to survive in this climate, let alone why they would want to
  • Six months into living on his own, Cassius was flying far from the colony and saw a bright light. He woke up very sore what he eventually realized was a few weeks later. He habitually avoids the area where that happened now
  • Just to prove he could, Cassius once gathered some of his siremates and some other younger dragons and had sex with them continuously for two days through sheer force of will. This was outside of rut season
  • Cassius often sleeps standing up

Modern AU: Modern Cassius is a former child star, though his only film credits of note are all porn. Emancipated from his loving parents as a teenager, he went on to become a filmmaker himself, and currently makes good money selling high-quality child pornography with what his audience has noted is a startling variety of young actors, some of them even apparently consenting. He works on commission if the money is good and connoisseurs of his genre applaud the quality of his work, which he generally acts in as well as writing, directing and filming. He has an equally lucrative second job as an illegal arms dealer for the mob and various other people and groups who have need for illegal arms. When not raping children for work, Cassius enjoys raping children—and anyone else he finds hot—for fun, finding that public parks, swimming pools and malls are good places to recruit both for his hobby and his job. Cassius has developed an interest in local politics, initially only because caring about it made it easy for him to gain access to hot middle schoolers who had a problem with the mob and the crooked officials they owned, but more recently in its own right as well. Cassius’s legal interests include auto repair, hockey and football, and military history. 

10 thoughts on “Character Profile: Cassius

  1. Modern!Cassius is stomach-turningly awful. Worse than Sam, in some ways.

    Not that normal Cassius is a paragon of ethics, but at least he doesn’t have a career built on the sexual abuse of children.


    1. Yeah, his modern iteration is probably in contention for the most awful person in the AU. Sam is pretty horrible too, but Cassius really takes it to the next level. Normal Cassius kind of sucks, but mostly just because he’s kind of a douchebag. He’s not out there raping children for fun and profit, if nothing else.

      Seems like it should be a really low bar to clear, but Modern Cassius doesn’t even manage that, haha.



    1. Anal probing is very much a part of the testing the aliens do on people they abduct! It is thorough, vigorous and very frequent as a lot of their instruments can only take readings that way. 🙂

      Most of the characters, as we know, are pretty into anal (Ignatius is the major outlier there), so I feel like once they got over the “oh no I’ve been abducted by aliens” part, they’d be fine with it haha. The aliens are careful to make sure that the process doesn’t hurt and, when it won’t interfere with whatever measurements they’re trying to take, they have been to chemically encourage pleasure so the test subjects don’t try too hard to escape. So most of them would probably be pretty into it!

      For the characters who are confirmed to have been abducted by aliens, Jacob definitely warmed to it faster than Cassius did. Cassius fought it the whole time, even when he was enjoying it. 😀


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