Dragon, 82

Father Son Talks Are Important, and Being Willing to Compromise Smooths Them Along

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The bathwater splashed all over Owen’s legs up to his dick as he tossed Darby into the tub. Darby flailed as if the water were deep, righting himself and glaring at Owen, ears twitching. You didn’t have to throw me in!

Owen smiled, stepped into the bath normally. It had a bench inside to sit on, but Darby was standing in the deeper part, where the water was nearly up to his chin. I wasn’t going to risk you deciding not to get in.

Whatever, Darby signed, sitting on the bench opposite Owen, which was higher. He splashed the water a little with his hands. I don’t need a bath.

He really did. You smell.

Everyone smells! Darby protested. That’s how you tell people apart! And I had a bath last week!

Owen rolled his eyes, pulled closer to him a little basket with some soap and two rags, and moved across the bathtub to sit beside Darby on the higher bench. You need to have a bath at least every few days or you start to smell bad and then people don’t want you to come on treasure hunts with them.

Darby pouted at that, but since he did want to go out with Cal again tonight, he took the soap and one of the rags and started washing his arms. Owen did the same, keeping an eye to make sure he did it properly.

He didn’t. Darby washed his arms, his chest and his back a little bit before putting the rag back and standing up to get out. Owen rolled his eyes and grabbed his tail, tugging him back down. What? I’m done!

You barely washed anywhere. Do under your arms, between your legs and your hair.

Darby moved into full-on sullen now, but did as he was told. Look, said Owen, because he had to do this sometime and it may as well be now. You’re getting older. That means your body is changing. One of the things that’s going to happen is that you’re going to have to wash more or you’ll smell and other people won’t like it.

Pouting less now, Darby washed under his arms, then put down the rag to say, Am I going to start getting bigger, too? And growing fur? He was openly looking at Owen’s pubic hair.

Owen nodded. Yes. That’s what happens at your age. You’re not a little boy anymore.

Darby looked down at himself, then over at Owen again. When am I going to be bigger?

I can’t say for sure. But soon. Owen remembered asking his dad that question too. He’d been asking about his dick, but he had a feeling Darby actually wanted to know about regular muscle mass.

Darby huffed a little, grabbed the rag and started washing between his legs. I know you already know about sex, Owen said, figuring that the ship had sailed on that one when he and Edwin had had sex. Although he didn’t know how much of that Darby remembered. But that’s also because you’re getting older. I bet you didn’t used to touch yourself as often, right?

Darby shrugged, finished washing. Or thought he did, clearly. Don’t forget to clean under your foreskin.


To be fair, Owen wasn’t totally sure he had the right word for foreskin there. So instead he just demonstrated, taking his own rag, peeling his back and washing under it properly. Like this, he said with one hand.

Darby just looked at him, an ear twitching. You want me to jerk off?

No, I want you to wash yourself. It was hard to tell if he was being a shit on purpose or not. You can get infected if you don’t.

Making a bit of a face at Owen, Darby peeled his foreskin back and started to wash his dick head, which was definitely just jerking off after a few seconds. Owen rolled his eyes, washed a bit more, then said, Okay, I think it’s clean now.

Darby took his hands off with obvious reluctance, pouting again. I was finally having fun.

And you can have fun later in your room. We don’t do that in public. Remember when I told you to stop doing it in my bed and start doing it in yours?

Sighing, Darby nodded. That’s a human thing. Werewolves don’t care.

I’m a human, Owen reminded him.

Darby made a face, as if he didn’t like that information. Humans do sex stuff together.

Not with their families, Owen said.

Darby went a little pink, but he sighed. That’s not true. Edwin and Erik have sex and you don’t stop them.

Owen blinked. Edwin and Erik are related?

They’re brothers, Darby said with a nod. They smell almost the exact same. Didn’t you know?

Well. Owen had not known that. And now he did. And he was thinking about the things Erik had said about Edwin, his insistence that he hadn’t touched him when he’d been little. Edwin’s insistence that Erik loved him. They seemed to want to be together, but…

Owen needed to think about that another time. He couldn’t just sit here and ignore Darby. But he’d need to come up with something to say before Edwin got back. Okay well, most humans don’t do that with their families.

Fine, Darby looked upset now. Does that mean we can’t have sex?

Yes. Darby looked really put out by that, so apparently Gavin had been right. There are lots of people you can have sex with, you don’t need to have sex with me.

I guess. Darby kicked his feet in the water. Can I still have sex with Edwin, though?

You don’t need my permission to do things with people, Owen told him. Apparently he did remember. Ask Edwin when he gets back.

Was it maybe a bit weird that he’d be fucking the same person as his son? Sure. But that was fine. Darby and Edwin were both capable of making their own decisions, and who they decided to get naked with—or stay naked in Darby’s case—was nobody’s business but theirs. If it made Owen uncomfortable, he would get over it. And it clearly wasn’t going to bother Darby and, at a guess, wouldn’t bother Edwin, so whatever.

Darby smiled. Okay. But if you ever do change your mind I still want to do it with you. I’m good at it. I’ve done it before with people.

Owen chuckled and ruffled Darby’s hair. I believe you. How about we compromise? No sex, but you can jerk off in the bath if you want. He thought that was a fair middle road between what Darby wanted and what he wanted. And it wasn’t like it wasn’t the first time he’d seen Darby jerk off.

Darby grinned at that. You do it too!

Owen shook his head. I’m good.

Please? It’ll be the human version of werewolf family bonding!

Owen sighed. He couldn’t help but think of Edwin again, but tried to put that away until he had time to sit with it. What was the harm? So he nodded, and started stroking himself when Darby did. They sat side by side touching themselves, and it took Owen most of the time to notice that Darby was watching him not only because he obviously wanted to watch, but also to emulate how he was doing it, right down to how fast he was going.

Darby still came a good few minutes before Owen, and watched him go for the rest of it. Once Owen had cum, Darby asked, Will I shoot that much when I’m bigger?

I bet you will, Owen promised him. He’d shot a good amount for his age, actually. Whatever age that was. Now wash your hair and I’ll let you get out.

Darby did, though Owen had to dunk him to rinse the suds out of his hair, and they horsed around in the water for a few minutes before getting out. As they climbed out, Darby pretended to slip, grabbed Owen’s dick to steady himself, and didn’t even apologize when Owen made him let go several seconds after he was standing straight. But then, Owen deserved the payback for pulling Darby’s tail earlier.

Listen, Owen said, as they walked out of the bath. If you ever have any questions about growing up, or about anything, you can always ask me, okay?

Darby nodded, and he surprised Owen with a sudden hug, holding him tight for a good minute. When he stepped back, he said, with a deep blush on his face, Thanks, dad.

And he turned and ran away, not even drying off or getting dressed as he escaped into the house. Owen just watched him go, wondering what he’d done to deserve such an amazing son.

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