Character Profile: Sean

Name: Sean Mennd

Aliases/AKAs: Cookie

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 149 cm

Weight: 42 kg

Build: Sturdy

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Below average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Gino Elser (best friend), Max Hebbet, Cyrus, Derek Ubyll (fellow rebels), Cassius, Claudius, Castor (dragon protectors/owners), Samson and Henry Arkhewer (tormenters) Todd Beckt (tormenter/fellow butt-boy)

Family Relationships: Sebastien and Salman Mennd (fathers, deceased), Sawyer Mennd (brother)

Sexuality: Bicurious

Preferred Positions: On top

Kinks: Power, blindfolds

Orgies Attended: Regular Orgies at Sam’s Castle

Bio: The younger son of two artists living in the small town of Endlyn, Sean grew up reasonably well off and carefree, spending time with his friends and his brother, not overly worried about what he’d do when he grew up. And then the Sorcerer King showed up in Endlyn and killed all his family and friends except for Sawyer and Gino, and Sean ended up joining a dragon-led rebellion aimed at a futile hope of making Ech’kent a better place. Fortunately, Sean hated the Sorcerer King more than he hated being a cockwarmer for a bunch of dragons. Unfortunately, the rebellion took a wrong turn and trusted the wrong person, and now Sean is a prisoner and servant of the Sorcerer King and a cockwarmer for a bunch of dragons and a bunch of other cocks. In his current position, Sean has no choice but to keep looking forward and hope that things get better someday. 


  • Sean always thought he wasn’t afraid of anything until Cyrus came into his house one day and told him and Sawyer to run
  • The idea of dragons has always scared Sean. He liked the Catechism’s god much better
  • Even now, Sean is uncertain if he actually likes boys sexually; he maintains that he likes girls
  • Sean was the best swimmer in his village
  • Though Sean has family all over the plateau, he was always a bit jealous of how many cousins Gino had in Endlyn
  • Sean made occasional trips to Jdinrma-Hash with his parents for most of his life. He always thought he’d like to live there someday, preferring the atmosphere of the big city
  • If he had a choice, Sean would be a vegetarian
  • Though he isn’t sure if he likes boys generally, ever since Sean started puberty he’s been trying to think of a way to ask Sawyer to fool around with him
  • Sean can freely draw maps of anywhere he’s been with near perfect accuracy and scale
  • Sean is lactose intolerant


  • “Bothering him is a really bad idea.”
  • “You’re supposed to burn the dead. So they don’t feel the pain in their bodies in the afterlife.”
  • “So are you going to just fly there and blow him up?”
  • “Pass. Not all of us like sucking dick as much as you do.”
  • “So…We just need to figure out how four naked boys and a dragon are going to keep the whole plateau safe from an evil sorcerer and his entire army? That doesn’t sound that hard.”
  • “Are you lying too?”
  • “They murdered our families, Max! What is wrong with you?”
  • “We’ll…we’ll do whatever you say, your Majesty.”


  • Sean always liked to go around the village and see if he could find any birds or other small animals to feed
  • Sean is never really at his best unless he gets a nap in the afternoon
  • Almost immediately after his dads gave him the talk, Sean and Gino jerked off together in the river. This was Sean’s first sexual experience involving another person
  • Sean taught himself to walk on his hands when he was little
  • Sean’s favourite times where the nights when Gino would sleep over at his house in between him and Sawyer
  • The year before Endlyn was destroyed, Sean paid a girl in Jdinrma-Hash two coins of his pocket money to suck his dick. This is the farthest he ever went with anyone sexually before meeting the dragons
  • Sean has always wanted to see the ocean
  • Sean never learned to tie his own boots; he can’t figure out how to do it
  • Once when his dads thought he was playing outside, Sean snuck back into the house to steal a candy and saw his dads having sex. He watched them until they were done and they never realized he was there
  • As a young boy, Sean wanted to have the power to turn into a spider

Modern AU: Modern Sean didn’t have any worries bigger than video games and sometimes having to do the dishes until the mob burned down his apartment building, killed his parents and left him homeless. Then he was taken in by a lucky child pornographer who wanted actors and was willing to pay them in guns and ammo. Struggling now to maintain a work/life balance between his acting career and his school life, Sean’s grades have slipped a lot and he’s given up on his plan to play baseball next year, though he has stayed in swimming at Cassius’s insistence. When not rehearsing or filming high quality kiddie porn, practicing deepthroating or playing Dragon Age, Sean enjoys scrolling through funny Reddit threads, looking for cute animals in parks, and trying to convince Cassius to kidnap a girl for once.

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