Character Profile: Castor

Name: Tchznrazz’ttriuzt-yygkh’ret’huuzk, Castor Heng-Pulaski (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Castor, Pet

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Dark blue

Height: 190 cm

Weight: 99 kg

Build: Tall, angular

Distinguishing Marks: Green and yellow wings, tail and horns

Dick Size: Extra-large (by human standards, average by dragon standards)

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Derek (favourite), Sawyer, Sean, Gino (hoard), Max (eggmate’s favourite), Cyrus (siremate’s favourite)

Family Relationships: Shzknjyr’ygvernvr-vsmenjyas’dksa’shwkis (sire), Pyramk’hyjkon’arska (dam), Ktchkrraud’nkakkiuzt-xngt’yrek’tthz (eggmate), Kcatth’ssiuzt-nak’ahszrt’chntzch (siremate)

Sexuality: Dragon

Preferred Positions: Being ridden

Kinks: Dominance, submission, darkness

Orgies Attended: Roe Range Dragon Orgies, Regular Orgies at Sam’s Castle

Bio: Hatched into a clutch of four, Castor didn’t emerge from his egg alone, and that was his biggest advantage growing up. He and his eggmate were smaller than their two siremates, but neither of them felt that it was particularly necessary to fight fair and happily ganged up on the other two whenever conflict arose. It helped that an older siremate seemed to favour the two of them, and after Castor and his eggmate left home, that same siremate was happy to protect them in exchange for submission. When Castor discovered that his siremate was involved in a human political movement, he got involved in exchange for access to his new humans, and ended up with a human mate of his own. His life is essentially under the control of humans as a result of all this, but Castor is finding that this isn’t bothering him as much as he thought it would. 


  • Every adult dragon who met Castor as a child predicted he wouldn’t survive to adolescence, including his sire
  • Though they should have been natural rivals, it never once occurred to Castor that he should try to kill Claudius
  • Castor has always preferred his smaller form over his larger one
  • Of the two of them, Castor has always been the slightly more submissive eggmate
  • Castor thought that he and Claudius were very smart, impressive dragons who would do very well on their own. He was disabused of this very quickly after leaving the nest when the two of them were nearly killed in the first afternoon on their own
  • Going and begging Cassius for patronage was Castor’s idea
  • When stretching his wings, Castor rarely flew over human settlements like other dragons often did; he preferred to stick to the mountains
  • Castor would often, as he flew around the colony, make a point of intervening in fights that he knew would get dragons younger than him killed
  • Castor knows full well that he is not Derek’s top priority, and is fine with that as long as he’s on the list
  • Castor believes firmly that Cassius didn’t abandon them; he’s just waiting for his siremate to come back


  • “When did you get humans?”
  • “I like the way that sounds when you cry it like that.”
  • “Carry yourself.”
  • “Come on, don’t be like that, tell me.”
  • “You’re lucky you have something to get so upset about.”
  • “Who said we want this human’s help? You don’t know him, and he works for your enemy. He’s more likely to betray you than help you.”
  • “I don’t like your attitude.”
  • “A fake claw doesn’t make you strong, human.”
  • “I wish you didn’t have to stay here. It’s not safe.”
  • “Don’t care about the rebellion. I like you.”
  • “He did. They both left, Claudius and I saw them.”
  • “I’ll do whatever you want. And…as long as Cassius is gone, these guys belong to us. They’re…our responsibility.”
  • “We don’t care what you do as long as you respect us.”


  • Castor has very little sense of direction and gets lots very easily
  • Castor’s first fuck was at the dick of Cassius, who was proving a point to their sire
  • Castor used to choke on animal bones frequently and nearly died several times as a result
  • Until he was disabused of this notion as an adolescent, Castor thought that birds were a subspecies of dragon
  • The majority of Castor’s sexual interactions have been with Claudius, where they ostensibly fight for dominance but honestly just take turns 
  • Castor used to have plumes of red in his colouring, but they disappeared as he got older
  • Once, Castor and Claudius went inside the caves called Whuvan by the humans, and were lost for six days, and still don’t remember how they got out
  • Castor sometimes feels he would happily have remained under Cassius’s patronage for the rest of his life
  • Living in the Sorcerer King’s castle has left Castor confused as to what the objection to his presence really is
  • Castor has a bed in the castle. He feels this is the only thing humans ever invented worth having

Modern AU: Modern Castor grew up in a family of actors and, like his siblings, starred in a series of films that saved production money by not having their young actors wear costumes for most of the run time. Though as an adult he’s never had a role that won him as many accolades as the famous Twins Tenth Birthday Bash Fuckstravaganza, Castor has continued to work in the family business, both in front of and behind the camera, alongside his brothers. He doesn’t have much interest in his brother’s other business, not that that stops him from serving as unpaid muscle when Cassius needs to intimidate someone. When not working in the film industry or personal security, Castor works as a lifeguard and swim instructor at a local pool, and attends university part time to get certified as a pediatric physiotherapist. Castor has recently fallen for one of his actors, and is struggling a little with the fact that he’s not the only guy with a claim on him. Outside of his various jobs, Castor enjoys surfing, camping and anonymously tipping off the police about his family’s professional competitors.  

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