Character Profile: Claudius

Name: Ktchkrraud’nkakkiuzt-xngt’yrek’tthz, Claudius Heng-Pulaski (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Claudius, Sleepy

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Dark Blue

Height: 190 cm

Weight: 99 kg

Build: Tall, angular

Distinguishing Marks: Blue wings, tail and horns, tinged with red

Dick Size: Extra-large (by human standards, average by dragon standards)

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Max (favourite), Sawyer, Sean, Gino (hoard), Derek (eggmate’s favourite), Cyrus (siremate’s favourite)

Family Relationships: Shzknjyr’ygvernvr-vsmenjyas’dksa’shwkis (sire), Pyramk’hyjkon’arska (dam), Tchznrazz’ttriuzt-yygkh’ret’huuzk (eggmate), Kcatth’ssiuzt-nak’ahszrt’chntzch (siremate)

Sexuality: Dragon

Preferred Positions: Standing, atop his partner

Kinks: Dirty talk, dominance

Orgies Attended: Roe Range Dragon Orgies, Regular Orgies at Sam’s Castle

Bio: Born out of an egg of two and a clutch of four, Claudius could easily not have survived to adolescence if he and his eggmate hadn’t perfected the art of working together at a very young age. Between that at the protection of an older siremate, Claudius grew to the traditional age of dragon independence despite being one of the weaker dragons of his age. Claudius didn’t care to get involved in human politics when his siremate did, but he did rapidly earn a human out of it, and then became very invested in the process—and in protecting Max. In order to do that, he has taken up a subservient position to the human Sorcerer King, which he only plans to maintain until he can get Max out of the castle and out of danger once and for all. 


  • Claudius frequently considered killing Castor, but only for a few minutes at a time before deciding it would leave him more vulnerable than the reputation he’d earn would be worth. He can’t stop himself from periodically having the thought, though
  • Claudius has always been slightly more aggressive than his eggmate, but only to other dragons
  • Though content to share with his eggmate, Claudius always hoped that someday he’d have things that were just his
  • Claudius figured out early on that the best way to avoid bigger dragons targeting him and his eggmate was to get them to fight each other instead
  • Claudius once tried to convince Castor to kill Cassius with him, and only gave up on the plot because Castor refused
  • Claudius never questioned the dragons’ isolationist policy until he met Cassius’s humans. Now he feels it’s a deeply flawed concept
  • Claudius pretended to be staying in the castle after the rebels’ defeat because of his broken wing, but it was because Max asked him to
  • Claudius does believe that Cassius betrayed them and isn’t coming back
  • Though he isn’t allowed to do anything now, Claudius is keeping track of every human in the castle who touches Max, and plans to kill them later
  • Claudius respects the Sorcerer King more than he does his older siremate


  • “Can we borrow them?”
  • “You shouldn’t go.”
  • “You’re lucky he didn’t let me kill you,”
  • “I’m sorry. It was because of me. Cassius thought I was getting too possessive of you so he had to remind me that you don’t belong to me.”
  • “Yes. I…I’m very attached to you. You’re mine, Max. Not his. But he’s stronger than me, so I can’t…”
  • “It’s what you do that matters, not what you’d do if you could.”
  • “Fly away with me. We’ll go somewhere else, not come back here.”
  • “Where’s Max? What have you done with Max?”
  • “We serve no human.” 
  • “We’re going to protect them. All of them. If it means pretending to be a servant of this human, then so be it.”
  • “We are not animals.”
  • “We don’t require anything from you. Not all the trappings and services and crap that human religions like. All we want is respect, and maybe some food if we come by.”


  • Claudius has always wondered what it would be like to live on the sun
  • Claudius’s first fuck was one time when Cassius wanted to make a point to their sire when he was little. He had to wait his turn until Cassius was done with Castor
  • Having once had the ocean described to him, Claudius is afraid of it
  • Claudius never had wings in his smaller form until he was an adolescent, and was annoyed because Castor did
  • Claudius can’t sleep if something is touching his tail
  • Claudius knows that Castor would bottom for him most of the time, but he refuses to force him
  • If he goes more than a few hours without seeing Castor, Claudius gets antsy
  • Once, Claudius tried to go off on his own away from Castor. He ended up being surrounded and gangbanged by six other dragons for two days. He went back to Castor and told him being alone had been too boring
  • Claudius is convinced that humans are smarter than dragons, on the whole
  • Though he would never wear any himself, Claudius admits that clothing has its advantages, mostly aesthetically

Modern AU: Modern Claudius has worked in his family business for his whole life, and though his acting career peaked around his thirteenth birthday, he’s stuck with it, starring in many famous films such as Kindergarten Tutor Gets Caught and Santa’s Naughty Boy. These days, Claudius has been typecast as a gruff authority figure type, but he doesn’t mind continually playing teachers and cops, because he enjoys the work. He also does a lot of behind-the-camera work, mostly in the casting department, and is a point man for his older brother’s security business. Claudius also substitute teaches elementary school and is a coach for his community’s kids’ soccer team, which has frequently been a useful recruiting ground for actors. Claudius has gotten himself a boyfriend and is thinking of forming his own modelling agency once Max finishes the sixth grade. When not working or socializing with potential future actors, Claudius enjoys hiking with his brother, cross-country skiing and sneakily planting surveillance cameras in public bathrooms, locker rooms and sometimes even private bedrooms.

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