Character Profile: Scott

Name: 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛, Scott Pender (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Bandene, Entity ω-6, Joje the Consumer, Roc’tket, Scott, SCOLOpendra, The All-Consuming, The Darkening Eye, Wiggle, Z’tha the Founder, roughly seven thousand others

Title(s): The Scourge of Marfa, The Deathly One, The Demon of Ceaseless Hunger, The Uneaten, He Who Swallows, King of All Deaths, Princess Posey-Pop, roughly one thousand others

Body Colour: Red

Frond/Leg/Antennae Colour: Yellow

Length: 15-22 cm (each)

Weight: 1.2 kg (each), 5.16 septillion kg (total)

Build: Segmented, long

Distinguishing Marks: Comprised entirely of an uncountable number of centipedes

Appetite Size: Unfathomably large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Derek Ubyll (boyfriend/pet)

Family Relationships: Various unnameable cosmic horrors otherwise known as Entities ω-1 through ω-9 (siblings), plus an unknown number of others (cousins), Samson of Clan Netzer (pact holder), other Clan Netzer sorcerers (potential pacts holders)

Relationships (Parasitic): Harken Hoarfrost, Esteban, Alphonse, several other centaurs, Christopher, Howard, several others (hosts, deceased), Hans DiFueure, Giacomo DiSheere, Rudy (hosts, former), unknown other hosts

Sexuality: 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛

Preferred Positions: Inside partner, partner inside it

Kinks: Eating

Orgies Attended: Regular Orgies at Sam’s Castle, many other orgies

Bio: Born at the moment the first living entity experienced hunger, the cosmic horror popularly known as Scott is an indomitable metaphysical manifestation of hunger made concrete by its interjection into the conventional universe. Scott hails from a realm where all life is conceptual and none of the typically accepted rules of reality apply. It first entered the conventional universe approximately thirty thousand years ago through a gate on a planet that was unequipped to deal with entities such as it, and after consuming that planet, was able to both travel through the conventional universe and find other gates through which to pass. On occasion, Scott has even been intentionally brought into the conventional universe on the supposition that it can be controlled. Currently, most of Scott’s attention is focused on a small planet in the back end of the galactic community, where exists power that can both control and banish it, as well as seriously harm it. Scott is currently obliged to obey a sorcerer on that planet through a contract that contains many, many loopholes, and is entertaining itself playing with its food while it waits for various of its plans to come to fruition. Though it could just consume the planet, Scott is not prepared to do this, not because it has met the most interesting consecutive being in millennia, but because it is playing a much larger game than one little world against one of the only opponents equal to it in scope. Lately, however, Scott has underestimated its small prey several times and has experienced setbacks at the hands of consecutive beings for the first time in a long time, which is not an experience it plans to repeat.


  • Scott can take any form it wants. It chooses to always look like countless centipedes because it believes consistency of message is important. When imitating consecutive life forms, it chooses to look just slightly wrong, mostly for fun
  • Though unfathomably powerful, Scott’s major weakness is that its individual components are not hard to kill
  • In its base form, Scott cannot see,hear, or taste. It does have these abilities when it takes on a consecutive body, however
  • At present, Scott exists entirely in the conventional universe
  • Though it can and does experience and comprehend events with all of its bodies simultaneously, when Scott is doing something important, it will generally be quiescent elsewhere
  • Scott reproduces asexually by consuming enough matter to convert into more of itself
  • Scott is perfectly happy to let most of its abilities go unused by the Netzer Clan sorcerers
  • Upon entering a consecutive being’s body, Scott eats and then regurgitates part of their spinal cord, allowing it telepathic access to—and control over—their brain. Actively controlling its host’s brain for more than a few minutes is fatal to the host
  • Scott can absorb the memories and knowledge of the people it consumes, if it is careful about how it eats the brain
  • Though Scott does not exist entirely in linear time, it does mostly experience events consecutively and to not do so requires special effort


  • “Come meet me.”
  • “Heh. Come into my house and insult me, huh?”
  • “I just told you, I’m a zillion little centipedes. Your vocal tract is too sophisticated to pronounce my name, but your daddy used to call me Scott if that helps.”
  • “I’m slippery. I’m hard to chain up. And there have been…instances. In which gates were opened more widely than they should have been. In which trespasses were made that shouldn’t have been. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all of my kind are sealed just because you’ve only ever seen us in chains.”
  • “I want a lot of things, so many things, so many. Are you afraid of me, Samson?”
  • “I want to you to make sure I can eat everyone in the city you call Three Hills. And then I want to build my nest there.”
  • “I am the Demon of Ceaseless Hunger, and I would form pact with you.”
  • “You gotta be more specific when you give your demon pet orders, Sammy. It’s slip-ups like that that are going to get you eaten.”
  • “Sneaky little shit, aren’t you? Freezing time. Good thing not all of us exist in a straight line.”
  • “Hey, new friends! Doesn’t this lunch look delicious? And the food looks nice too.”
  • “Humans are adorable, aren’t they?”
  • “Some fucking little ball of jizz pulled a Right Hand and cried me right out of existence.”
  • “Humans love realizing they’re just pawns in someone else’s game.”
  • “Can’t say as I did, and you’re going to tell me all about it, okay? Because it sounds tasty and it’s been a long, long-fuck time since I’ve eaten a god.”
  • “Time is just seasoning. I’m just thinking that humans seem to think that they change as they’ve eaten more of it.”
  • “Vaguely annoying? Only vaguely? I’m the most concrete thing in the fucking cosmos, Sammy.”
  • “Looking for me, are we? That’s a stupid idea. It’s a good way to get eaten. I haven’t eaten in the last few seconds.”
  • “You know Sammy and I are friends, right?”
  • “If I leave your little bundle of paradise, where am I going to go?”
  • “I think you know what you’re pretending not to know, Playboy.”
  • “Let’s have us a nice old-fashioned linear fuck like the metaphors you are.”
  • “I haven’t tickled nothing yet,”
  • “Calm down. It’s just hell.”
  • “Oh, me and the birdie are good friends.”
  • “Of course he has a little plan, Freezie. Peacock has a lot of those. Thinks he’s all in charge of everything.”
  • “I’m cold, can I have a blankie?”


  • Scott is named after Solomon’s uncle
  • Scott’s favourite planet in the universe used to be the one the natives called Bvva, where it was worshipped as a deity and the natives used to take its eggs to new planets on purpose. Unfortunately, the galactic community caught on and Bvva and its people were destroyed from orbit
  • Scott has had sex with many consecutive beings, generally because they wanted to. It has never particularly enjoyed it
  • Scott has been inside royalty no less than six dozen times in its time among humans
  • One of Scott’s favourite pastimes is to find normal centipedes and make them feel bad
  • Sometimes Scott goes and bugs its cousins, just because it can
  • Scott, in disguise, once attended an interplanetary conference on how to destroy it and laid out a detailed plan highlighting an exact means to do this. Nobody listened and its plan was deemed ‘crazy,’ ‘untenable,’ and ‘probably the result of too many illicit substances’
  • Scott has been engaged in a centuries-long, very subtle scheme to get the natives of its favourite planet to invent ice cream
  • Scott has a personal vendetta against unicorns and goes out of its way to eat them whenever it encounters them
  • Gravity only applies to Scott when it feels like it, but it likes the challenge of playing mostly by the rules of the universe it is in

Modern AU: Modern Scott is a hacker with ties to the mob and a lot of other unsavoury places, as well as a few savoury places (he would know, he’s tasted them). At the behest of his employer, he generally retrieves information from government databases, the police and rival pharmaceutical companies, as well as fixing the odd election. He also has some serious work of his own that he won’t tell anyone about, but which has something to do with a series of historical murders that happened in the city in the late 50s. Scott is the creator of Omega Six, a notorious computer worm that mostly targets mobile devices, which has never been proven particularly dangerous, though experts fear it just hasn’t been properly activated yet. Scott also enjoys harmless pranks like changing all the clocks in the city, making medical equipment sing his favourite songs and emailing everyone’s porn collections to everyone else. He’s recently become borderline obsessed with one of the younger mobsters and does a lot of favours for him for fun. When not researching history, hacking the present or planning a future with Derek, Scott also enjoys pop music, putting tabasco sauce on everything, playing with his colony of pet centipedes, and occasionally winking at the fourth wall.

10 thoughts on “Character Profile: Scott

  1. Scott, in disguise, once attended an interplanetary conference on how to destroy it and laid out a detailed plan highlighting an exact means to do this. Nobody listened and its plan was deemed ‘crazy,’ ‘untenable,’ and ‘probably the result of too many illicit substances’

    As much as I dislike Scott, but this one was funny^^

    I mean, this entity is holy fuck just creepy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wonder which is ultimately the stronger: Scott’s hunger, or his need for entertainment? If he had the opportunity to eat absolutely everything that Is, would he be able to bring himself to do it, knowing the eternity of boredom that would inevitably follow?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that’s a very good question. 😀 I’m not actually sure what the answer would be, but it does for sure keep people and things around that entertain it, so there might be something to the idea that it wouldn’t want to be eternally bored. I guess we’ll never know if we don’t let it eat the universe, though!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. *reads about how Scott infiltrated the “How do we kill Scott?” conference and told them exactly how to do it* *dies laughing* Oh, Scott, you absolute TROLL.

    Is that “make them feel bad” a euphemism for something, or is he literally mocking ordinary centipedes for not being as creepycoolawesome as him?

    How is Modern!Scott related to Hellswarm!Scott? How aware is he of this connection? Or is he just really dedicated to playing the role of a human in the modern “AU”?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😀 Scott is quite possibly the biggest troll in the universe. It’s got a lot of practice at it!

      It literally just mocks them for not being as awesome as it is. Like, it honestly just finds a centipede and bullies it for being small and not being able to eat souls and only having one body. 😀

      The relationship between the two Scotts (if there are two Scotts) is classified. But I will say that there is a connection between them for sure. HellswarmScott is aware of Modern Scott, and that’s all I’ll say on that subject.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. …Do the centipedes, you know, even notice that they’re being mocked? Is Scott capable of MAKING them notice, even if they wouldn’t otherwise?

        I’m not sure which mental image is sillier: Scott dragging on a random bug that doesn’t have the neurons to grasp anything more complicated than eat-sleep-reproduce, or Scott using his phenomenal cosmic power solely to fuck with said random bug’s head.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. These are very good questions. I feel like Scott is capable of making them notice if they wouldn’t themselves, because they probably don’t on their own.

          But as to whether he would do that, who knows. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which image you prefer. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    1. I really appreciate hearing that! It’s a huge compliment to how I’ve written Scott, and honestly–he creeps me out too, which is a level of emotional reaction I rarely have to my own work.



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