Character Profile: Derek

Name: Derek of House Arkhewer, Derek Arkhewer

Aliases/AKAs: Princey, Derek Ubyll

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 152 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Build: Round, heavy

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Below average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Scott, Todd Beckt, Castor (boyfriends/pets), Samson and Henry Arkhewer (king and lord), Sean and Sawyer Mennd, Gino Elser, Max Hebbet, Claudius (friends/lackeys)

Family Relationships: Karl and Donnatella Ubyll (parents), Darla Ubyll (sister), Daisy H’boll (aunt), Delilah of Clan Netzer (cousin)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Missionary, standing

Kinks: Size kink, monster kink, insects, dominance, orgasm control, petplay, exhibitionism

Orgies Attended: Regular Orgies at Sam’s Castle

Bio: Born to a weaver and his wife in the small southern Ech’kent town of Kasseh, Derek’s childhood was as idyllic as possible in a world run by a brutal foreign tyrant. Derek grew up unsure what he wanted to do with his life, but sure that he had no patience for bullying or injustice, and was frequently found on mini crusades to get his local bullies in trouble. After a particularly traumatic visit by the king’s guards to the town left his sister raped and pregnant, Derek’s father’s tongue was torn out for insulting the Sorcerer King and Derek was taken to the castle to be a servant to earn money for his family. Though he had a very rough start as a servant, Derek has since gotten a handle on his life and resumed his old quest to stop bullies from bullying others, acquiring for himself a few boyfriends in the process. He wasn’t aware that potential love interests could include cosmic horrors made of centipedes and also dragons, but that’s how things shook out. Derek has found himself quite happy with where he’s gotten in life so far, though he has no intention of stopping, because he thinks he still has a long way to go.


  • Derek realized very early in life that he had to pick problems that were the right size for him to solve, rather than worrying about things way bigger than him. He still believes this, though the scope of what is ‘bigger than him’ has changed a lot
  • Very few things frighten Derek. The potential consequences of failure—not to him, but to the people he cares about—are one of them
  • Derek didn’t know his aunt was in the castle when he was taken there. Knowing he had a friend in the castle helped him a lot for the first few weeks
  • Derek has learned to enjoy sex, but it’s primarily a tool for him
  • For the first while he was in the castle, Derek felt hopeless and helpless and was contemplating suicide, until the night Henry raped him, when he realized that he had another way out
  • Derek has a policy not to make any assumptions about other people’s motivations, desires or intelligence. Until he firmly learns that information, he mentally treats everyone as unpredictable
  • Derek has always been prone to risk-taking behaviour. He collected many bruises and even the odd broken bone as a child because he decided the potential reward for diving to the bottom of the river or poking the snakes’ nest was worth the risk. Most of the time he was proven right
  • Whenever his friends wanted to do something complicated at home, Derek was always the one who figured out how to make it happen
  • Derek is well aware that everyone likes him. He’s always gone out of his way to be likable
  • Derek has been steadily gaining weight since he came to the castle. The diet is much richer than he’s used to


  • “I’m sorry, your Majesty…”
  • “I’ve always wanted a puppy, your Majesty.”
  • “I like to think that teaching someone to behave so they don’t get hurt in the future is a type of kindness.”
  • “If anyone is bothering you like that, let me know, okay? I can deal with it.”
  • “He only listens because if the king catches him not listening he’ll get sent back to hell. He’d probably kill the king if he could.”
  • “I’m trying to survive. Without turning into a monster.”
  • “I have enough people who bully me. I don’t need more, that’s all.”
  • “Careful. With that attitude I’ll start asking you to do stuff for me.”
  • “Do all higher entities like to eat cum out of people’s assholes?”
  • “You didn’t think you could do this without hurting anyone, did you? You can’t make the kind of change you guys are looking for without hurting someone.”
  • “Listen. You do as I say or we’re both going to die, got it?”
  • “Your rebellion isn’t dead. It’s just moved inside the castle. And as long as you all do exactly what I tell you, we will dethrone the king. I promise all of you that. The Sorcerer King won’t rule Ech’kent forever.”
  • “I…I just really need a hug,”


  • Derek’s favourite food is onion omelets, though he also has a huge sweet tooth
  • Derek loves dogs, but is glad that the only ones in the castle are mean attack dogs, because otherwise he knows Sam would torture them
  • Prior to coming to the castle, Derek had masturbated a few times with his friends including touching each other, but that was all his sexual experience with other people
  • Derek doesn’t sleep much. He tends to lay in bed thinking about all the things he has to do the next day
  • Though he’s not interested in girls, Derek does hope to have kids someday
  • Derek genuinely enjoys the sexual relationship he has with Todd, though he wishes he could have it with someone who enjoyed it as much as he did
  • Derek still lets multiple guards or servants fuck him daily. He could get out of it, but he considers it one of his chores in the castle
  • When necessary, Derek can perform incompetence to get someone else to do a task for him
  • With one exception, all of Derek’s most satisfying and enjoyable sexual encounters have been with Scott
  • Derek has been sneakily redecorating the castle since he’s been there, getting carpets and décor replaced one room or hallway at a time

Modern AU: Modern Derek lived a normal life with normal parents, until his normal parents ran afoul of the normal mob and he was abducted to ensure good behaviour. Much to his surprise, he adjusted fairly quickly to his new life and realized he had a talent for organized crime, though it’s not what he plans to do with the rest of his life. It’s a good way to save up money for university while still in middle school, though, and Derek has met a lot of interesting people, including murderers, rapists, kidnappers, drug dealers, child pornographers, and one particularly unpleasant hacker whom he’s taken a major liking to, and not just because he does Derek favours in exchange for kisses. When he’s not at school or getting away with crimes (or both), Derek enjoys looking for new kinds of junk food to eat, volunteering at dog shelters and hanging out with as many of his non-criminal friends as he can. 

4 thoughts on “Character Profile: Derek

  1. It’s kind of funny how Derek started out seeming like a helpless woobie victim who was only there as a prop to show how awful literally everyone in the castle was.

    And now? There’s every chance that by the end of all this, everyone else will be dancing to the beat he sets.


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