Character Profile: Cyrus

Name: Cyrus

Aliases/AKAs: Bendy the Wind Boy, Cutlass Carp, Ethen of Fire Wake, Gavin ven Sancte, Lupin Standard, Minto, Parker Pantopolon, Playboy, Queen Geneva III of Dolovai, Sky Dagger, Tyler of West Hamlint, Totalizer, Wild Vinnie, Yoliel Three-Nipple, Ziggurat Runner

Title(s): Captain, the Harper’s Travail; Lord of Mertle House, Observer of the Lower Observances, Steward of the Fallen Reaches

Hair Colour: Sandy blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 57 kg

Build: Stocky

Distinguishing Marks: Narrow scar on his inner left thigh

Dick Size: Large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Cassius (boyfriend), Sawyer Mennd (best friend), Sean Mennd, Gino Elser, Max Hebbet (friends/fellow rebels), Stephan and Horace Fyrhawk, Neville and Jensen, Hugh and Gabe (hoardmates), Castor, Claudius (boyfriend’s siremates), 

Family Relationships: Callie, Matthias, Dee, Ignatius, Robin, Roberta, Pax, Jacob (siblings), Sylvester/Alec (mentor), Abner (caretaker, deceased), Dominic (caretaker/employer/father figure)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Preferred Positions: Held by his partner

Kinks: Blindfolds, role play, public sex

Orgies Attended: The West End Orgy, The Barnter Orgy Spectacle, The King Gustav Celebratory Orgy, The Great Pelican Bay Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Raised from a young age by criminals to be a criminal, Cyrus grew up a criminal and didn’t really see anything wrong with that. When his first mentor Abner was killed and replaced with a man named Dominic, Cyrus was one of the first to be suspicious of the coincidence, but never said anything because he didn’t have proof. When Dominic started splitting up all his siblings to send them on tasks in different places, Cyrus vowed to work against him in secret and bring him down. He spent several years doing jobs for Dominic and quietly looking for information on him or weaknesses he could use, and instead of finding those he found a new employer, who took him on to work on a project much bigger than just Dominic or even Menechit. Cyrus’s new position took him to the southeastern region of Ech’kent, where he became heavily involved in freedom fighting there to combat the oppressive dictatorship of the Sorcerer King. Though there were many setbacks, the rebel movement eventually got where Cyrus’s employer wanted it to, and now he’s been sent off on his next task, which seems unrelated but isn’t. 


  • Like all his family, Cyrus is highly educated in a variety of fields and skillsets. He has always had a particular affinity for undercover work
  • Cyrus is a skilled gymnast and acrobat, which has been noted by everyone who has ever seen him use those skills
  • Cyrus was sexually assaulted as a young boy by someone whose house he broke into. He never told anyone
  • When Abner died, Cyrus spent an entire night reading about his symptoms and trying to cross-reference it with all the material about poisons he could find so he could prove it wasn’t natural causes. He remains convinced Abner was poisoned, but has no proof
  • Cyrus has worked extensively in the eastern nations and knows their political landscape better than most people in Menechit
  • After meeting Klaus, Cyrus nominally worked for Dominic for another year before leaving his employ without a word
  • Klaus has offered Cyrus magical enhancements several times. Cyrus always refuses them because he feels that would be cheating
  • Cyrus knew about shapeshifting dragons before he came to Ech’kent. They were bigger than he expected
  • Cyrus knows more about Klaus’s plans than any other human
  • Whenever Klaus sends him somewhere, Cyrus futilely tells himself not to get attached to the people there


  • “We didn’t start it. The Sorcerer King did. He came and murdered everyone for daring to dissent.”
  • “I’m not…I’m not the leader. I’m not from here, I’m just…here. I don’t speak for the people of Ech’kent.”
  • “It would be an important symbol for the people in Ech’kent. Humans communicate in symbols, so…”
  • “I know. I’m not changing the plan without telling anyone.”
  • “Lived with some banshees for a while and I always had to sneak to get snacks at night. They’ve got great hearing, so I got good at it.”
  • “How could I pretend not to know it if I didn’t know it?”
  • “You don’t need a whole dragon to be magic-proof. With the amount of dragon cum inside us, we’ll be safe from sorcerers forever.”
  • “Lying is a trait that runs in my family. We’re all very good at it.”
  • “Nobody needs me. I’m just an instrument.”
  • “It’s not that easy. The world’s not that easy. I’m not that easy.”
  • “No. I work for him of my own will. This is me, Cassius, not someone else.”
  • “There are more important things in the world than one person’s political machinations.”
  • “I know Klaus. He’s sketchy, but he’s doing good in the world.”


  • Cyrus prefers cold weather to warm
  • Cyrus really wants to get a tattoo, but he also really doesn’t want to have any distinguishing marks 
  • Upon discovering his talent for gymnastics, Cyrus immediately put it to good use by learning to suck his own dick
  • Cyrus is a talented singer, though he rarely sings
  • Cyrus exchanged exploratory sex with all of his siblings, mostly Jacob and Dee, though he did also have penetrative sex with both Robin and Matthias, once and four times, respectively 
  • Cyrus was once named emissary to a tribe of spirits, who subsequently vanished and never spoke to him again. The town that made him the emissary was not very happy and he was run out
  • Once in Tollok’s capital city of T’Meki, Cyrus experienced an earthquake strong enough to knock over buildings. Nobody else around him noticed
  • Unbeknownst to Cyrus, he has two biological sons in a small eastern Dolovin city called Widow’s Rest, where he accidentally impregnated two women while undercover as a prostitute when he was thirteen
  • Cyrus has distinct and vivid memories of spending eight months in an eastern nation called Yender, including various people he knew there, among them a girl he dated. Yender does not exist
  • Public buildings visited by Cyrus are frequently robbed and he is often taken hostage. He generally goes along with this while being quietly offended at how haphazard the whole operation is

Modern AU: Modern Cyrus was raised as a criminal and tried not to be one for a while, getting involved in a lot of social justice advocacy movements, especially for Indigenous peoples, which his current employer encouraged. Unfortunately, one of those movements ran afoul of the mob and got their apartment complex firebombed, and Cyrus was forced back into the criminal world to help his friends’ quest for revenge. Working now with a notorious arms dealer and child pornographer, Cyrus has been more in touch with his employer lately and has swallowed his objections because he knows there’s a plan. And besides, he’s ended up falling in love with Cassius in spite of himself, finding him caring and affectionate when he’s not being domineering and possessive. When he’s not working for the various criminal enterprises he’s involved in, Cyrus spends a lot of time doing research on various people and historical moments in the city, which are also for work related reasons. Aside from that, he enjoys baking and gymnastics, which he does for his school’s team, and spending as much time as he can with his siblings and friends.  

6 thoughts on “Character Profile: Cyrus

  1. The most easily manipulated of the spy siblings.

    Seriously, Cyrus, you’re far too trusting of the completely untrustworthy. This is going to end in tears. Also fire, blood, and crazed laughter. Possibly yours!


    1. Yeah, you’d think that his upbringing would have made Cyrus a lot less trusting, and yet here we are. It’s definitely going to end in at least some of things, quite possibly all of them, and a lot of it possibly Cyrus’s, you’re not wrong.


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Does Yender “not exist” in the sense that nobody knows it exists because it’s extremely well-hidden, in the sense that it doesn’t exist now but did in the distant past (thus implying either time travel or intrusive past life memories a la Cal), or in the sense that there’s something seriously wrong with Cyrus’s memory (possibly due to someone *coughKlauscough* messing around with it)?


    1. I can’t fully answer this at this time, but I can say that Yender does not exist anywhere in the world at present no matter how hard you look for it. What the reason for that is I shall leave to speculation for the time being. 🙂

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  3. Modern!Cyrus is…ugh. Just…ugh. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume Stockholm syndrome, because an unrepentant child rapist, pornographer, and trafficker is not boyfriend material for anyone in a remotely healthy headspace.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, his choices are pretty questionable, I agree. It’s very possible that there’s some Stockholm syndrome going on, but we also haven’t actually seen all that much of him in Modern, so it’s hard to tell what the reasoning might be. I’m sure we’ll find out eventually, though!


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