Character Profile: Geoffrey

Name: Geoffrey of House DiSheere, Geoffrey DiSheere (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Kingfucker, Lord Brotherfucker

Title(s): Lord of the Eastern Reaches

Hair Colour: Dark brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 79 kg

Build: Stocky

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Giacomo DiSheere (brother/lover), Javier Wettel (companion), Alfie (brother’s companion), Neville, Stephan Fyrhawk (former lovers), Terry Grournight (cousin), Uri Elderbyne (brother’s friend), Janus DiCrawe (husband), Christina DeThane (ex-girlfriend)

Family Relationships: Gerhard and Talia DiSheere (parents, deceased), Diego the Short (secret brother), Tanya and Carl Grournight, Teo and Jacinth DiHeere (aunts and uncles), Giovanni and Harriet Arkhewer (uncle and aunt, deceased), Jens DiHeere, Henry Arkhewer, Camilla Grournight (first cousins), Carlotte, Carmen, Daphne and Daria Havenloft, Catrina and Boris DiMenche (distant cousins), Bernd and Terence DiMenche (great uncles), Gina Arkhewer (cousin, deceased), Uster (father’s companion), Marta (mother’s companion, deceased), Colin, Selina, Joachim, Olga, Heinz, Pedro, Greta, Aurora, Alicia, Geneva, Hyacinth, Enzo, Emilio (family’s companions), Josef and Elle Wettel (companion’s parents), Earl and Jorge Wettel (companion’s brothers), Dahlia DiGorre (sister-in-law)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Positioned over his father’s tacky furniture

Kinks: Incest, semi-public sex, gangbangs, role playing, costumes

Orgies Attended: Giacomo’s Sleepover Orgy, House DiSheere Hostage Orgies

Bio: The oldest son of one of Kyaine’s easternmost noble houses, Geoffrey was raised to take over his father’s lands someday, being trained in politics, finance and administration. When  Geoffrey was young and his father became a councillor to the queen, he moved to the capital and has spent most of his life there, studying politics but only putting his knowledge into practice recently. Having become infatuated—perhaps obsessed—with his younger brother at a young age, Geoffrey has spent much of his life in a relationship with Giacomo, which he badly attempted to hide from his father out of necessity. Since his father’s death in a coup, Geoffrey’s political acumen has been put to the test repeatedly, and now he and what remains of his house are major players on Kyaine’s political landscape. He has no intention of letting that change as long as he’s the one making the decisions.  


  • Geoffrey knew Giacomo loved their father, so he was careful to never let him know how he felt about Gerhard, or how Gerhard felt about him
  • Though Geoffrey feels he is qualified to be king, he has recently learned he prefers to do behind the scenes work
  • When Giacomo was born, Geoffrey initially blamed him for killing their mother, but he stopped doing that after a few months and now feels terrible that he did
  • As he gets older, Geoffrey looks more and more like Gerhard. He hates this fact
  • Though he drinks alcohol fairly frequently, Geoffrey is very aware of how much he takes in and is very careful not to drink too much or to grow too dependant on it like his father was
  • Geoffrey was secretly seeing Stephan’s companion Neville for two months before Stephan’s coup, which they both thought of as political expediency (and was partly to annoy Geoffrey’s father if he found out), but which they also both enjoyed
  • Geoffrey’s attraction to children is something he’s always known was there but never really acknowledged in words until recently
  • Though he’s willing to be violent if necessary, Geoffrey believes that violence should be a very last resort at all times
  • Geoffrey is eternally grateful to Javier, who reminds him to be gentle sometimes, and always helps him with his worst urges
  • Loyalty to his family is very important to Geoffrey, but he doesn’t feel that personally liking all of his family is important


  • “We have to learn to live with the consequences of our family’s mistakes, right?”
  • “It’s all very professional. No feelings attached. Promise.”
  • “If you care about someone, that’s dangerous. And you have to be willing to let yourself be in danger. Because that’s the only way to trust someone.”
  • “And you know what they say about friends. They’re the only ones who can betray you.” 
  • “You’d have been an amazing king if we’d only let you.”
  • “I think we can only switch sides so many times before people start to think we’re untrustworthy.”
  • “I never liked him even before that, Giacomo. He didn’t like me either. I’m glad he’s dead.”
  • “Take your clothes off so I can spank you into something resembling filial respect, will you?”
  • “You know who’d be a better court wizard than you? Anyone. And I include people who aren’t wizards in that. Have a good day, Jorge.” 
  • “I never said anything about declaring anything. I’ve never won a fight by telling the person I was fighting that I was planning to throw a punch.”
  • “I love him. More than anything. I never hurt him or did anything he didn’t want. And I never will.”
  • “I’m not naïve enough to think this is going to cost me nothing.”
  • “I want a drink.”


  • Geoffrey is lactose intolerant, but this doesn’t stop him from eating cheese
  • Geoffrey gets an inordinate number of splinters, especially in his feet
  • Geoffrey’s sexual firsts were of course all with Javier, but he didn’t wait long before repeating them with Giacomo
  • When he was younger, Geoffrey used to pretend to have a crush on Franz DiGorre so nobody would wonder about him and Giacomo
  • Just before his father moved them to Hawk’s Roost, Geoffrey met a young man who looked a bit like him who asked for a decorative candlestick from his bedroom. Geoffrey gave it to him and got a kiss in return, and he never saw the man again
  • Geoffrey is afraid of swarming insects generally, but ants especially
  • Geoffrey has always been sexually active with Javier, Giacomo and Alfie, and had messed around with a few boys here and there, including hiring prostitutes occasionally, but Neville was his first serious sexual partner who hadn’t grown up in his house, followed by Stephan
  • Geoffrey almost drowned in a pond as a child. Since then, he has hated deep water
  • Geoffrey and Christina never had penetrative sex, but they did exchange oral sex a few times
  • Geoffrey wishes he was a better dancer than he is

Modern AU: Modern Geoffrey is the heir to DiSheere Aeronautics, a multinational corporation that primarily builds engines and navigation systems for both commercial and military jets, as well as spacecraft. Less publicly known is that they also design missiles for various armies, which surprised Geoffrey when he took over the company after his father’s timely death. Because he is still a minor, he only has a nominal role in leading the company at the moment, until his graduation from high school and then university, per his father’s will. While his lawyers contest this, Geoffrey continues to be a normal rich kid, going to public school for fun and eschewing clubs or sports teams in favour of buying million-dollar companies over lunch hour, before going home to help his brother with his homework, or other things. He spends as much time as he can with Giacomo, grateful that they can be together now without his father’s interference. When he’s not enjoying school, work, Giacomo, or Giacomo’s friends, Geoffrey likes to flex his business muscles by moving into the shadier, off the books parts of his dad’s work, and meddling in local and provincial politics just because he can. 

4 thoughts on “Character Profile: Geoffrey

  1. Though Geoffrey feels he is qualified to be king, he has recently learned he prefers to do behind the scenes work

    –> very healthy realization

    Though he drinks alcohol fairly frequently, Geoffrey is very aware of how much he takes in and is very careful not to drink too much or to grow too dependant on it like his father was

    –> although you put a lot of sexual dubious content in this world, this kind of stuff seems to not really appear. (Or am I missing something?) Would be interesting to see a main character developing something like this…


    1. 😀 For all the many reasons that Geoffrey is not a role model, these are at least two things about him that are pretty good things for him to be aware of, I think.

      There’s not a lot of alcohol-related stuff in the story honestly because I don’t drink so it’s not something I think much about, haha, and I find drunkenness kind of annoying, so it would be hard for me to put it in a story in a positive way. Beatrice is an alcoholic though, and Cal is headed there (and he’s much less careful about it than Geoffrey is).



      1. Still, Geoffrey is someone I like. I wouldn’t want to be friends with him, but he got more sympathy points than many others (and he got them faster)^^.

        I don’t like alcohol either, but I was referring to drugs in general. This topic seems to be missing a bit. But: I wasn’t aware about Beatrice and Cal. Well, Beatrice is kinda fucked up anyway and Cal has just so many other and more life-threatening problems…

        (Can I make a wish for a chapter of “Moments” for Cal, where this alcohol-thing is adressed?)


        1. I like Geoffrey too! I also probably wouldn’t be friends with him in real life, but he’s an interesting guy and I like writing him a lot (which is why his story has grown from the originally planned ten chapters to the currently planned thirty, haha).

          That topic definitely is missing. I don’t like addiction storylines, I find them to be honest really boring, so that’s probably why I haven’t included any of that in the series. Maybe someday, though! There is a character who’ll be appearing in a while who’s a bit of an addict. 🙂

          I’ve included that request on the list! Thanks!


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