Character Profile: Giacomo

Name: Giacomo of House DiSheere, Giacomo of House DiGorre, Giacomo DiSheere (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Juggles, Little Lord Slut

Title(s): Queen-Consort of Kyaine, Lord of Castle Vedel, Protector of the Mellic Road, Holder of the Scrolls of Diann, Protector of the Court

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 71 kg

Build: Sturdy, curvy

Distinguishing Marks: Top-tier ass

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Geoffrey DiSheere (brother/lover), Alfie (companion), Dahlia DiGorre (wife), Javier (brother’s companion), Janus DiCrawe (brother-in-law), Terry Grournight (cousin), Colin (cousin’s companion), Pietro Poilnan, Raoul DiSenne, Darius DiFueure, Uri Elderbyne, Hector DiWynn, Dimitri and Deiter Chesthower, Eduardo, Walter, Aleksander, Fabien, Dalton, Karl, Calvin and Calder (friends), Samson and Henry Arkhewer (benefactors/allies), Todd Beckt (abductor), Derek Ubyll (benefactor’s servant), Gerhard DiSheere (father, deceased)

Family Relationships: Talia DiSheere (mother, deceased), Tanya and Carl Grournight, Teo and Jacinth DiHeere (aunts and uncles), Giovanni and Harriet Arkhewer (uncle and aunt, deceased), Jens DiHeere, Camilla Grournight (first cousins), Franz, Flora and Donovan DiGorre (siblings-in-law), Francis DiGorre (nephew), Carlotte, Carmen, Daphne and Daria Havenloft, Catrina and Boris DiMenche (distant cousins), Bernd and Terence DiMenche (great uncles), Alina and Giacomo (companion’s parents), Geraldina (companion’s sister), Gina Arkhewer (cousin, deceased), Uster (father’s companion), Marta (mother’s companion, deceased), Selina, Joachim, Olga, Heinz, Pedro, Greta, Aurora, Alicia, Geneva, Hyacinth, Enzo, Emilio (family’s companions), Diego the Short (secret brother)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Bent over something, sitting

Kinks: Power, dominance and submission, incest, role play, public sex, group sex, begging, orgasm denial

Orgies Attended: Giacomo’s Sleepover Orgy

Bio: The second son of the noble House DiSheere, Giacomo was always his father’s favourite and he knew it. Though he wasn’t set to inherit anything when he grew up, Giacomo was always more ambitious than his brother, in addition to being smarter. He grew up in Hawk’s Roost and doesn’t remember ever living in the eastern lands his family rules, but does remember the politics of the capital defining his entire life. He became adept in them at a young age and then, when his dad and brother told him he wasn’t old enough to play politics, he played them anyway without telling anyone. Though he made a few missteps at first, his forays into politics were generally very successful and now that his father is dead, he openly plays the game and plays it better than anyone else, and that’s how he plans to win it. 


  • Giacomo has many long-term goals, but he doesn’t make complex and involved plans, as he feels those are doomed to fail. He just works to turn every situation towards his goals
  • Giacomo has always been aware that he is charismatic and intelligent beyond most people
  • All of Giacomo’s goals are oriented towards his brother and his family’s success
  • Giacomo knows when people find him attractive and is happy to use that to his advantage, even if he’s not particularly interested in that person 
  • Giacomo tries not to rely on other people. He doesn’t trust them to do what’s necessary
  • Giacomo genuinely likes his friends and enjoys their company, regardless of whether they’re useful to him. But he will always put their usefulness to him first if it comes to a test, and he doesn’t worry about hurting them, or anyone, to achieve his goals
  • Giacomo promised Geoffrey he wouldn’t lie to him. He doesn’t think that lying is that big a deal if it’s about things it doesn’t help Geoffrey to know
  • Giacomo had been having sex with his father for about three months before Gerhard died
  • Giacomo sees violence as one of many tools, sometimes more effective than others and therefore to be used first
  • Politics aside, Giacomo fantasizes often about living with Geoffrey and a harem of his friends who are there to satisfy him and his brother. He believes many of his friends would be content with this


  • “I’m cute, so everyone believes me when I look upset.” 
  • “It was my fault, but don’t tell anyone that, okay?”
  • “Aw, you noticed? I’d hoped I snuck by everyone.”
  • “You don’t understand how important protecting my house is. I’ll do anything.”
  • “It’s not switching sides. We’ve always been on the same side. Our side. Our family’s side.”
  • “If I suck your dick will you not spank me?” 
  • “No more secrets, okay? For either of us.”
  • “I hate that platitude. It sounds like a platitude.”
  • “If you ask me to call you daddy I’m going to bite your dick off.”
  • “Don’t fuck around with me, Geoffrey. I’m liable to stab someone and I don’t mind if it’s you.”
  • “Thank you for finally helping. You’re a great service to this family.”
  • “Hi, cousin, Geoffrey has fond memories of you, but you’re just a bigger kid I met once. So as far as I’m concerned, you’re just another enemy making my life harder.”
  • “You suck at ruling. If you’re going to fuck up a kingdom, do it to your own and not to mine, okay? That’s all I want.”


  • When he was very young, Giacomo wanted to be an architect when he grew up
  • Giacomo wishes he could be naked all the time; he only dresses when someone makes him
  • Giacomo’s introduction to sex was when he first watched Geoffrey and Javier together, and immediately asked Alfie to join him in recreating what he’d seen; it was only a few days before he was doing the same things with Geoffrey
  • In his spare time when he’s bored, Giacomo carves wood. He has a collection of wooden animals he’s made over the years
  • Giacomo really doesn’t like to be alone
  • The first person Giacomo had sex with who wasn’t a relative or a family’s companion was a servant in his aunt’s house who Giacomo spent three hours with when he got bored during a family dinner one night
  • Giacomo’s biggest regret is listening to his father when he told him that swallowing a centipede egg would help him get what he wanted
  • Giacomo is a talented painter, but rarely takes the time to do it
  • Giacomo always leaves the doors and windows in his house unlocked in case anyone wants to break in and steal stuff
  • Once Giacomo and Gerhard started fucking, Giacomo hoped that he could be the bridge that would help his father and brother get along better

Modern AU: Modern Giacomo is an ordinary middle school student whose family happens to have millions of dollars lying around. Like his brother, he’s expected to finish school so he can inherit his share of the company, but he also knows that doesn’t matter because Geoffrey will give it to him if he asks anyway. But he’s having as much fun with it as he can and making a lot of friends, who he enjoys spending most of his time with. Giacomo doesn’t mind dabbling in politics for fun, but lately he’s found the criminal side of his family business much more stimulating; he gets to meet interesting people and provide Geoffrey the deniability he needs to succeed. When not doing school, politics or crime, Giacomo spends as much time as he can naked with his friends or his brother, often together, volunteers on his school’s fundraising committee, and also plans to become class president. He does not plan on running in the election. 

10 thoughts on “Character Profile: Giacomo

  1. Oh wow WTF Giacomo carried a Scott? I mean, I guess he lost him when this whatever happened Scott is complaining about but uuuuuuuh.
    And: does Geoffrey know Giacomo and their father had sex? No, right?


    1. Yes he did! It was very recently revealed in one of the newer chapters that he’d previously been host to a Scott. But yes, he lost it when Scott got zapped out of Hawk’s Roost all at once at the end of Apprentice. 🙂

      And no, Geoffrey doesn’t know about that at all, it’s one of the big secrets that Giacomo keeps from him. 🙂


  2. Did you know that child prodigies have a tendency to crash and burn when they get older? Ironically, it’s precisely because everything comes so easily to them: when they reach the point where natural talent simply isn’t enough to succeed, they’ve never learned the habits of study and hard work that most people develop as a matter of course.

    I don’t know why I just thought of that.


    1. I did know that, actually! It’ll be interesting to see whether that’s relevant to Giacomo–a lot of things do come very naturally to him, but he does also know how to work hard for what he wants, so maybe he’ll dodge that bullet when he’s older? Hard to say. 🙂



  3. I’m really curious if Giacomo’s plan to be the bridge between Gerhard and Geoffrey would have worked.
    Or do both brothers really have no idea of how their father treated the other?

    Also! Leaving the windows unlocked is super unsafe! That’s how you get kidnapped! Oh wait…


    1. It would have been really interesting to see if it would have worked! Neither brother knew about how their father treated the other–though Giacomo did know that Geoffrey and Gerhard didn’t get along. Just not the extent of it. He definitely thought it was something that could be fixed by bonding over their mutual love of giving him dick.

      And as we know, Giacomo is more than talented enough to get kidnapped without leaving his windows unlocked. That part is just for fun. 🙂



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