Character Profile: Juniper

Name: Juniper, Juniper Macklin (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Freezie, June, Juni

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 20 cm

Weight: 170 g

Build: Skinny

Distinguishing Marks: One round, pink wing

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): BL (boyfriend), Hemlock, Daffodil (ex-boyfriends)

Family Relationships: Justicia and Lotus (parents), Antagonized Penguin (spirit patron/best friend)

Sexuality: Fluid

Preferred Positions: All

Kinks: Rough sex, manhandling

Orgies Attended: Queen’s Clan Orgies

Bio: Born into the queen’s clan to an astrologer and a diplomat, Juniper grew up, like most faeries, with the assumption that he’d find his calling eventually. It seemed to take him longer than most of his friends to do this, and he grew up making a lot of bad decisions in sequence, mostly in terms of his dating life. When he made a spirit contract with a spectral penguin from another universe and got serious ice powers, Juniper was assured that the world did have a place for him. He didn’t like that much and made several more bad decisions before it became impossible for him to hide from his responsibilities any longer and Juniper ended up thrown in the middle of a conflict between powerful and dangerous entities, only one of which cares about his safety at all. 


  • Juniper has many friends, but very few whom he considers close friends
  • Juniper has never cultivated impulse control because he trusts his invisible friend to tell him if he’s about to do something dangerous
  • Juniper is usually male, but every so often he’ll wake up and be a girl for a day or two
  • Like all faeries, Juniper is a rebirth of someone who used to exist. He often feels that that person would be disappointed in him
  • It took Juniper four days to decide to accept his spirit’s offer
  • Excessive heat makes Juniper uncomfortable; he can’t even bathe in hot water
  • Juniper loves people very easily and has also, despite what he thinks, been deeply loved by many people
  • Juniper moved away from his parents because he felt like he was embarrassing them
  • When Juniper is in deep conversation with his spirit, he often slips out of linear time
  • Very few people can hear Juniper when he’s talking to his spirit, and Juniper avoids the ones who can


  • “You can’t just start the story with me flying for my life. What the hell is that? Where’s the buildup and the dramatic tension? Your readers don’t know me from a piece of dandelion fluff and you expect them to care that I’m fleeing for my life from some ambiguous force?”
  • “Congratulations, you’re about to characterize me as a horrible person.”
  • “Hey, fuckhead. You’ve ruined my life enough, don’t insult my dancing, maybe?”
  • “Also, whomever? Come on, that’s not the tone of this narrative.”
  • “Your readers can eat my dick, okay? If they have complaints they can complain to me instead of you. I’ll freeze-dry their organs or something.”
  • “The thing is, the forest doesn’t like it when you guys kill each other, and when the forest gets upset, I get indigestion.”
  • “Besides, there’s been enough fucking t-time travel in this story.”
  • “Come fucking get me.”
  • “I can’t help but notice the character death warning you put on the story. I’m going to die, aren’t I?”
  • “I don’t think I can do this, Pen. I’m not…there has to be someone better. The queen or someone. There has to be. It can’t be me. If all this rests on me, then we’re all fucked.”
  • “I didn’t get to say goodbye to them.”
  • “It wasn’t. I…crap. I’m so bad at this. I should say something meaningful to show that I’ve grown as a person or something, shouldn’t I? This is the end of the story, isn’t it?”
  • “So I’m just as crappy a human as I was a faery.”


  • Juniper’s wings taste like blueberries
  • Upon receiving his ice powers, the first thing Juniper did was get in trouble for turning a local spring into a skating rink in mid-summer
  • Juniper’s first time having sex was at a party when he was thirteen; he doesn’t remember who it was with because he was high, but he’s pretty sure it was multiple people
  • Every faery has a theory about why the queen and king broke up. Juniper’s is that they cheated on each other with the same person and it got awkward
  • Juniper was once snatched out of the air by a particularly large bird and almost fed to the bird’s young before he managed to escape
  • Juniper met Hemlock at a solstice ritual, where he invited him to a threesome with Juniper’s then-girlfriend
  • Juniper has a lifelong abiding hatred of rutabagas
  • Juniper has never been a fan of the moon. He feels like it’s watching him
  • Despite the omniscience of his spirit, Juniper has only asked for secrets of the cosmos twice. Both times he decided he didn’t like the answer and has never asked again
  • Juniper is fond of orgies, but at them he often just finds one person and ends up having sex with them
  • Even though he controls his powers very well, when Juniper spends enough time in one place, things around him start to passively freeze

Modern AU: Modern Juniper is a fine arts student and ice sculptor who spends most of his money on essentials like tequila and vibrators. He has a tendency to make a mess of his dating life by cheating on his partners, which may or may not be because of a deep sense of self-loathing. Juniper recently broke up with both his longest-term boyfriend and his rebound boyfriend, who then started dating each other, and didn’t take that well, but was saved from accidentally drinking himself to death by a close friend of his. When he’s not drinking, doing drugs, fucking around with ice or fucking around, Juniper likes trashy reality TV, dive bars and not being informed about local events, and he’s recently gotten another job working for an older philanthropist on a secret project that has something to do with a series of murders that happened in the late fifties. 

14 thoughts on “Character Profile: Juniper

  1. What secrets did you tell Juniper? Assuming they aren’t spoilers. I’m guessing that they’re not, because you did after all have no qualms about telling him…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You have good instincts, Juniper. The moon really IS watching you.

    Or the Escever are. From their outpost. On the moon.

    And they aren’t watching you specifically, so much as the world in general. Which up until recently, included you.

    But still! That impression is eerily accurate!


    1. “Yeah well, I know that now. Pen conveniently never told me that was a thing and just let me spend my life thinking the moon was a big fucking eye in the sky, so thanks for that.”

      Hey, I like to keep some secrets, sue me! 😀


      Liked by 1 person

    1. “I’m pretty sure if he ever met me he’d never let me go until he had answers to all of his literally endless questions…”

      I agree though! I think them meeting would be really fun. 🙂 They’d have a lot to talk about!


      Liked by 1 person

  3. You know, Juniper, relying on Penguin as a substitute sense of restraint would probably work a lot better if you didn’t blow off half the warnings he gave you.


    1. “I don’t blow off…okay but to be fair, he likes to give me warnings without telling me why!”

      And he likes to not listen because it makes him feel like he has control over his life. It’s a cycle, don’t worry. He generally listens when it’s important.


      Liked by 1 person

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