Todd/Quint/Sawyer/Hutch, Hitching Post

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Todd was just finished grooming the king’s horse when they found him. “Look who it is.”

He sighed. Quint was such a dick. And his friends were no better. Sawyer, which made him hate the new Sawyer all the more, and one whose name he hadn’t learned yet, one of the newer ones. Todd didn’t know his face but he did know his cock. It was curved. This was going to happen anyway, so maybe if they were just not assholes about it everything would be fine. There was a gap between them that Todd could see from the corner of his eye. He could run, probably get away. Claim the king needed him for something. But why bother?

So he didn’t bother trying to avoid them, because what would be the point? They grabbed him and pulled him over to an empty stall. “Ignoring us?” Quint asked.

“No,” Todd said, sullen.

“Don’t talk back to your betters.” Quint grinned, reached behind Todd, and came up with something. “Here.”

The other two held Todd in place while Quint forced the bit into his mouth, which hurt, and then strapped it around so he couldn’t spit it out. “You know, the puppy act Derek has you do is cute,” said Quint, as they pulled Todd over to a hitching post. “But I’ve always thought that since we ride you more than any of these horses, it makes sense for you to live here instead of the kennel.”

Todd tried not to whimper as they tied him to the post, his arms as far apart as they could make them. He could barely stand, which was the point. And then, once he was secured, it was barely ten seconds before Quint shoved his cock up Todd’s ass.

Fortunately, Quint’s cock wasn’t anything to write home about, but Sawyer didn’t live up to his namesake and was on the bigger side. “Come on, Hutch,” Sawyer said, after he was done. “Your go.”

Hutch, Todd thought. Sounded a bit like bitch. That would help him remember more than just the curve of the cock as it rammed inside him. He lasted a long time, which was annoying, but it wasn’t like Todd had anywhere to fucking go.

“Hey, we have a new horse.” That was someone new, a voice Todd knew but didn’t recognize. Art, maybe? It didn’t matter, a minute later he was fucking Todd, which was the important part. Then someone else came in.

Todd could already see exactly how this was going to go. People were just going to keep coming in, stabling their horses, fucking him, and leaving. Eventually everyone would be gone, and he’d be here by himself all night, unless Derek came to rescue him, which he eventually would, but…

Todd’s orgasm came as a shock, not just to him but to the others. “Hey, guess he likes being our little pony,” Quint teased, while Todd squeezed his eyes shut. Fuck. He never came from getting fucked unless Derek was doing it. What the hell?

Except he knew what the hell. He’d been thinking about Derek rescuing him, about Derek seeing him like this, knowing how pathetic he was but telling him it was okay anyway, that he’d done a good job. Fuck.

It was almost disappointing that Henry showed up and rescued him twenty minutes later. As much as Todd had hated being there, all he could think as Henry untied him was that he’d have rather stayed there until Derek came to save him.



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