Character Profile: Kyle

Name: Kyle of the Orange Witch Clan, Kyle Kamaka (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Whipping Boy

Title(s): Protector of Cabbar Island

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 197 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Build: Lean

Distinguishing Marks: Sun and moon tattoos on his chest, tidal wave tattoos on his arms, cliff tattoo on his upper back

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): John (baby boy), Jocelyn (wife, separated)

Family Relationships: Kayla and James (children), Kendra (mother), Keaton and Benjamin (brothers), Kelly and Hera (aunts), Hau and Kala (cousins), Julia, Tamah, Mano (sisters and brother in law), Jason and Titania, Keanu, Tino and Kai, Banu, Belle and Micah (nephews and nieces), Josephine (mother in law), Ron (son in law), Babak (father, deceased), Joey, Delilah, Timothy (brothers and sister in law, deceased), Joy (niece, deceased), Joel (father in law, deceased)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Behind his partner

Kinks: Power, submission, somnophilia

Orgies Attended: N/A

Bio: Kyle was born in a set of triplets to the sister of the leader of the Bevia Islands’s Orange Witch Clan. Like the rest of the children in his clan, he grew up learning their customs and magic , including the maintenance of critical protective spells and wards that keep the natural ecosystem of the islands—and thus the world—in balance. When Kyle was sixteen, his father was murdered, and seeing this as an imbalance against nature, Kyle decided to try and bring him back. He taught himself necromancy and tried to raise his father from the dead, which unfortunately went just a little too well and resulted in his father’s spirit nearly destroying the island. In the aftermath, Kyle was given the option of renouncing the practice of necromancy and remaining home on probation, but chose to be cut off from his clan after meeting a young Dolovin witch named Jocelyn who promised him she could help. They married and Kyle moved to the woods inhabited by her clan. They had three children, and then one night their plan to steal a powerful artifact was put to the test and failed, forcing Kyle to return to an isolated part of Bevia, where he has lived with Jocelyn and two of their children for the past year, with no option but to stay with them and plot their next move.


  • Individually, Kyle was one of the least talented witches in his family. But being part of a set of triplets gave him access to powerful magic that he could do with his brothers
  • Kyle always wanted children; losing James was very hard for him
  • Prior to his father’s death, Kyle was set to marry his cousin Hau
  • Kyle once attempted to learn divination using an old technique of the Orange Clan. He divined that he would one day sink an island, decided he’d done it wrong and never told anyone about it
  • Much to Kyle’s frustration, he’s no more talented as a necromancer than he is as a witch
  • Growing up, Kyle and his brothers were occasionally molested by their father, who preferred to watch them with each other but would join in sometimes. Though he now knows he was taken advantage of, at the time he fully believed his father when he said it was part of their training, and still has entirely fond and positive memories of his relationship with his father, who loved his sons unconditionally
  • Cabbar is an island Kyle found once as a teenager while he was exploring; it was uninhabited but had altar stones, suggesting people had once lived there, which intrigued him
  • It is only because his kids look like him that Kyle doesn’t assume that Jocelyn cheated on him with Solomon
  • Kyle never found out who killed his father. It remains a major source of upset for him that he doesn’t know who did it
  • Kyle can’t remember if he ever loved Jocelyn or if he was just lonely and desperate when they met


  • “I’m really proud of you, James. You’re growing up into a fine young man, and a fine witch.”
  • “I can’t have you getting hurt, son. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You need help and you’d rather me than your mom, right?”
  • “How you doing, baby boy?”
  • “It’s not your fault you got dosed with a libido-enhancing sap. I’m the one who couldn’t keep my cock in my pants and just make you the antidote.”
  • “Don’t worry about it, baby boy. Your mom and I tried to kill one of our sons, remember? Me fucking the other one is hardly the worst thing that’s ever happened in this family.”
  • “Aren’t you going to take your medicine, baby boy?”
  • “Do you ever pause to think that people would be more willing to help you if you weren’t such a catastrophic bitch?”
  • “No, you shut up, Jocelyn. I want a divorce.”
  • “I’m not my son. John’s a genius. What he did is practically impossible.”


  • When Kyle was eight, he accidentally set up a telepathic link with a snake and swapped bodies with it for two days
  • At ten years old, Kyle and his brothers decided they were going to ride tigers and went out into Alleli to find some. Miraculously, they succeeded at this and weren’t harmed
  • Kyle started messing around with his brothers sexually when he was nine, and they were sucking each other off within a few months and fucking by their tenth birthday. This was discovered quite quickly by their family, and because triplets are a powerful magical unit, they were encouraged to continue with anything that brought and kept them close together, especially because sexual energy is powerful. Shortly before they turned eleven, their father shifted from encouraging them to participating with them
  • Kyle, Benjamin and Keaton were completely identical and could easily switch places without anyone, including their parents, being any the wiser. They often did this as children, even sometimes taking each other’s places on dates
  • Rather unfortunately for an islander, Kyle is allergic to seafood
  • Growing up, Kyle’s dreams, especially the sexual ones, were linked to his brothers’ dreams. Even now he sometimes wakes from a sex dream sure it was Keaton or Benjamin’s, and revels in the fact that he still has that connection to his family, at least
  • One thing Kyle legitimately liked about living in the woods was learning the Black Clan’s plant lore and being introduced to so many new species of plant
  • Kyle sometimes fantasized about doing for John and James what his father had done for him and his brothers, but he never did anything about it or approached them while they were awake
  • Kyle never realized how present the ocean was in his life until he lived inland
  • Kyle has a very good singing voice

Modern AU: Modern Kyle is a former child actor and chemist who fell into the mob lifestyle about the same time he met his wife. Always an underperformer, his biggest success has been making addictive substances more profitable mostly by lowering their effectiveness. He managed to quit his marriage, but has never been able to wrest control of his career away from criminals smarter than he is, and is therefore still at the beck and call of people who’ve only read about morality on the internet. He still works with Jocelyn a great deal but is happy not to be married to her any longer, and lives on his own, his oldest child the only one whose life he remains particularly involved in. Recently he’s been getting back to his roots, hanging out at the karaoke bars he used to have fun at when he was a teenager, and trying to reconnect with his brothers. When he isn’t making or selling drugs, Kyle enjoys mountain climbing, nature walks, spending time with his baby boy, and film festivals. 

8 thoughts on “Character Profile: Kyle

  1. I’m guessing that Babak was murdered either by Jocelyn or on her orders. Either that or it was Klaus or Rawen, and in all cases it was specifically to push Kyle towards necromancy and into Jocelyn’s orbit.

    If it was Jocelyn, Kyle will undoubtedly discover this at the worst possible moment for her.


  2. Disaster witchcromancer has no idea what he’s doing, goes to exactly the wrong person for advice: becomes disaster dad.


  3. Did Kyle successfully avert his destiny when his father’s spirit was contained, or is he still due to sink an island at some point?


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