Character Profile: Jesse

Name: Jesse son of Japheth, Jesse Japp (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: The Dawn Bird, Jesse Haman Da’Japt, Jesse of Three Towers

Title(s): Eyes of the Owl

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Hazel

Height: 170/183 cm

Weight: 88/104 kg

Build: Round, soft

Distinguishing Marks: Dark birthmark on his left knee

Vagina Size (Pre-Transition): Average

Dick Size (Post-Transition): Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Derel Haman Va’Rada (lover)

Family Relationships: Japheth son of Jehoshaphat and Jephthah of Wright’s Wall (fathers, deceased), Jada of Wright’s Wall (sister, deceased)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Riding his partner

Kinks: Intoxication, dirty talk

Orgies Attended: Ritual Days to the Lady of White

Bio: Born in the fortified city of Wright’s Wall to a writer and a horse trainer, Jesse spent his early days happy behind the city’s large walls and towers, playing with other children and planning to be a mason when he grew up, in spite of his fathers’ wishes. Unfortunately for the wishes of Jesse’s entire family, when he entered puberty Jesse also began to see the future, setting him on a very different career path. Finding work as an oracle in the temple of a goddess called the Lady of White, Jesse quickly learned that most of being an oracle wasn’t about seeing the future so much as it was about telling people what they wanted to hear, especially if their future was bleak. One day, he met a god who wanted to know the future, especially the bleak parts, and Jesse realized that his own future didn’t have to be bleak just because everyone else’s was. 


  • Jesse never tried to hide his power from anyone, but never wanted a formal job as an oracle. He was pushed into finding one by a city law requiring that oracles be in the service of a god
  • Jesse’s first prophecy concerned the destruction of his house, which happened a hundred and ten years after he left Wright’s Wall when the entire city was burned to the ground
  • Jesse spent several years ignoring everyone who called his power uncontrollable by experimenting with different conditions in an effort to refine his visions, all to no avail until he met Derel
  • Jesse knew, because of one of his own prophecies, that he would end up working in the Lady of White’s temple, but he tried to get the Owl’s priests to take him in anyway
  • Jesse’s biggest frustration when working in the temple was that people always expected him to know everything, which he never did
  • After going to live with Derel, Jesse’s only request was a spell to physically transition his body
  • Derel introduced Jesse to most of his friends, which at first Jesse resented because he thought he was being shown off like a pet, but eventually he realized that Derel wanted him to know the major figures who were likely to appear in his prophecies
  • Jesse didn’t consent to being made immortal. He doesn’t even know when it happened
  • At this time, Jesse has many of Derel’s powers, including access to his hold. He’s quite sure he’s no longer human
  • Jesse’s current biggest frustration as an oracle has been the growing realization that so many of his prophecies were delivered thousands of years in advance of their coming to pass, and that he had no choice but to wait alone for the world to need him


  • “I’m pleased to have delivered the gods’ plan for you.”
  • “Oracles from the gods are always true.”
  • “I’ve been called to serve the gods. As must we all. I’m happy with the life they’ve given me.”
  • “Beware the traitor.” 
  • “My Lord, I am but a mere human. I do need a short break.”
  • “I’m an oracle to the moon god called the Owl.”
  • “He’s nuts. Cameron ripped his heart out at the end of the Catechism War. He was the last god to die.” 
  • “He’s absolutely everything to me. I’d like you to kill him, please.”
  • “He won’t listen to me anymore, Cal.”
  • “I’ll talk to you again if I find out more.”


  • As a baby, Jesse only ever cried in his sleep
  • When he was a little boy, Jesse had a friend named Crow who only talked to him in his dreams. It wasn’t until he was an adult that he realized that Crow wouldn’t be born for four thousand years
  • Jesse’s earliest sexual experience was masturbating with his neighbour, which was also when he delivered his first prophecy
  • Jesse is afraid of alligators, despite having only seen them in visions
  • Jesse sometimes tries to live among humans again, but generally gives up after a year or so. He prefers to spend one night in a tavern or brothel before going back to his hold
  • Jesse never used to wear jewelry, but Derel kept getting him baubles and decorations, so he got used to having a lot of them on 
  • Though he had sex with a few friends and a lot of clients, Jesse never had a satisfying sexual relationship until he met Derel
  • Jesse has kept a detailed daily diary since he learned to write, and he still has all of his diaries
  • Even now, Jesse does have meaningful friendships with people. He just keeps them private
  • Jesse doesn’t often watch events from his prophecies play out. He knows they’re going to, so he often just has a drink and waits

Modern AU: Modern Jesse was a clairvoyant who ran a small business out of his apartment providing readings of the future for desperate people, but also sometimes consulting with the police, who unofficially knew he tended to have good insights even if they didn’t believe in his hocus-pocus. Talented at finding people, Jesse was consulted a number of times over the course of Nathaniel Harkness’s murder spree, and was instrumental in pointing the police in the right direction, though Harkness was ultimately caught for other reasons. Jesse was also consulted after Harkness escaped and did his best to help the police find him again, and after Harkness was killed, he found himself with a new wealthy client who wanted his services pertaining to occult matters. Jesse was never seen again after meeting that client, and his disappearance was never solved, the case quietly closed a few months after it opened as the police decided he’d simply left town. Prior to disappearing forever, Jesse was known to frequent underground clubs, do drugs with Satanists, audit university classes on anthropology and religion, and volunteer as a counsellor in a shelter for abused youth. 

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