Character Profile: Klaus

Name: Klaus of Thunder’s Falls, Klaus [Redacted] (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Itsy-Bitsy

Title(s): General of the Spider Company

Hair Colour: [Redacted]

Eye Colour: [Redacted]

Height: [Redacted]

Weight: [Redacted]

Build: [Redacted]

Distinguishing Marks: [Redacted]

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Osmond (partner, status unknown)

Family Relationships: Katrina (mother, deceased), Lucien (brother, deceased), the Crab company (found family, deceased), Aaron (mentor, status unknown)

Work Relationships (Known): Nicholas (homunculus), [Redacted], Estelle, [Redacted], Thomas, Neil, Ezekiel, Samantha, Darla, Rita, Elijah, Aubry, [Redacted], Parry, [Redacted], Daisy H’boll, [Redacted], [Redacted], Flora DiGorre, Silas of House DiGorre, [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], Javier Wettel, Drew, Gus Harrow, [Redacted] Clarice, [Several redacted] (puppets), Cyrus, Stephan Fyrhawk, Cassius, Raphael of Westmack, [Several redacted] (employees), Sawyer Mennd (puppet, former), Rawen Janaj He’Matke (benefactor, former), Cameron of Obentown (archnemesis)

Sexuality: Gay 

Preferred Positions: Riding his partner

Kinks: Power bottoming, threesomes

Orgies Attended: Crab Company Orgies

Bio: Born to a single mother in the city of Thunder’s Falls, Klaus and his twin brother Lucien spent their childhood learning weaving so they could help their mother with her shop. That plan went awry when both he and Lucien turned out to be spiders, developing their powers exceptionally young. Lucien was killed by the initial surge of power in the two boys, and Klaus was taken in by the Crab Company, where he was trained by the spiders and primarily by a spider named Aaron, whom he idolized. After Thunderfall, which killed Klaus’s mother and many of his friends, Klaus felt he was the only one who recognized that Aaron’s disappearance was tied to the sudden shattering of the Web. One of the youngest living spiders after the shattering, Klaus was at the forefront of the new way of understanding magic, and gradually became renowned as a pioneer of magic and a brilliant military tactician, as well as being exceptionally powerful. In the old age he never thought he’d see, Klaus embarked on a new career to turn the war around, founding the Spider Company and engaging in a series of experiments that changed the face of the world forever. Eventually, amidst a growing schism in the ranks over a theological dispute, Klaus disappeared from the Spider Corps, ostensibly killed by his archrival Cameron. Of course, ostensibly being killed is nowhere near enough to actually kill Klaus, and he retreated to the shadows, formulating and working on plans that would stretch centuries and millennia, always hiding in the background, watching everything. 


  • Klaus fully believes that he is responsible for Lucien’s death
  • Despite what others claim, Klaus was never the most powerful magic-user of any of his times. That distinction went first to Aaron and then to Cameron, and he knew that
  • Klaus has shared various things with various co-conspirators of his over the years, and a few of them know a large portion of his plans, but none of them have all the details about his many and varied sources of [Redacted]
  • Klaus’s possession spell is unique—no other mental magic compares to it in structure, scope or capabilities. It gives him theoretical access to all his puppets’ knowledge and memories, and he can learn the skills his puppets know by possessing them. The spell is entirely of his own devising
  • Klaus knows that if he shared everything he knew with everyone, he would have many allies. But he also knows that the ensuing bodies would be uncountable
  • On many occasions, Klaus ends up controlling so many of the people involved in a conflict that he ends up plotting against himself. He considers this a victory
  • Some people who know about him think that Klaus is waiting for something. He considers himself to be actively fighting several battles against several foes at once
  • At Thunderfall, Nathen held his sword to Klaus’s heart for a full minute before walking away. To this day, Klaus does not know why he was spared
  • Klaus is one of the few natives of the planet Nova to be aware that there is life on other planets, let alone to have been to [Redacted] of them
  • Klaus has considered shedding his permanent body and existing only in the minds of others, but thus far he has chosen not to do this, believing that no matter how much he must transform it, his body is the only part of the human he used to be that remains alive
  • Klaus has only recently learned what happened to Aaron after centuries of not knowing, and is still processing this information


  • “I don’t know why you bother. It’s futile in the end. Twenty years or seventy, you’ll die like the rest of us.”
  • “Do you know the name of this spider here?”
  • “I can hardly have my agents knowing what they are. It limits their usefulness.”
  • “I watch as many people of consequence as I can. Generally through eyes of little consequence.”
  • “You know my reputation. And I know yours, Lyren. We have a common enemy.”
  • “You seem very worried of late, Giles.”
  • “I require you not to panic.”
  • “I am someone who is very good at solving problems. And you have many problems, not the least of which is that you aren’t going to survive the next few weeks if things go as they have been.”
  • “I very rarely lie.” 
  • “Allow me to tell you a story about a young man named Daniel.”
  • “Few things, I find, are laughing matters these days.
  • “You know better than anyone, Cameron, that a party to which you are not invited is always the one you want to be at.”
  • “Do what? I’ve done a number of things. You shall need to be more specific.”
  • “Not all wars are won with armies, no matter how strong.”
  • “Information is more powerful than any other kind of power that exists. Dressing up as various humans allows me access to a great deal of information.”
  • “Wars have casualties, Jude. Sometimes our own morality is one of them.”
  • “I am well aware of what happened last time Nathen fought the other gods; I was there.”
  • “I do not intend to make enemies of any of you. I do not intend to fight you, even if you choose to oppose me. But I do intend to do this.”
  • “Your work is appreciated as always, Cyrus. I hate to burden you, but I’m afraid your next task awaits right away.”
  • “Samson is a most unpleasant young man, but he’s a necessary evil for the time being, I’m afraid.”


  • Klaus’s flair for the dramatic is powerful, though he’ll never admit that he [Redacted]
  • When they were little, Klaus and Lucien used to impersonate each other—they were only able to fool their mother if they were wearing each other’s smallclothes for some reason
  • About a year before their powers manifested, Klaus and Lucien were cornered by some older boys in their neighbourhood and made to suck them off. This became a regular thing and eventually escalated to anal sex as well, lasting up until Klaus was taken from Thunder’s Falls. The assumption that he could appease older boys with his body followed Klaus into the Crab Company, where he was taken advantage of a few times before Aaron found out about it and put a stop to it  
  • Klaus is in possession of a number of ancient artefacts, some of which predate any known civilization on Nova. These include a stone that floats, a solid box of high-density metal, a book written in a dead language, a small rectangular object with a glass screen, and a liquid disc. Trying to figure out where they came from and what they do is a pastime of his
  • Klaus has needed eyeglasses since he was in his forties, but doesn’t wear them
  • Klaus is allergic to [Redacted]
  • Klaus never had a serious long-term partner before Osmond, and was surprised by how much his libido seemed to increase after they got together
  • Klaus keeps an elaborate secret journal for the sole purpose of someone someday finding out he has it, going to great lengths to get their hands on it and stealing it, only to discover that all he puts in it are all the worthy recipes he has collected over the years
  • Klaus never uses his puppets to have sex, but he has on occasion been present in one while they were having sex either by accident or because that was the time he needed them
  • Klaus misplaced his favourite [Redacted] about twenty-six hundred years ago and has been frustratedly trying to find it ever since

Modern AU: [Redacted]

14 thoughts on “Character Profile: Klaus

  1. Are these redactions going to be removed as more is revealed in the story proper, or are they going to stay for the sake of [Redacted]?


    1. I do like keeping things redacted for the sake of [Redacted], but probably most of them will be un-redacted as they get revealed in-story. The plan is to for sure reveal the names of the redacted puppets once we know who they are, at least. 🙂



  2. If nothing else, we can reasonably assume that Klaus knows little, if anything, about modern Earth, or else he would recognize what the tablet/smartphone (which is it?) in his collection is and what it’s for.


  3. Does Klaus use anything instead of glasses? Like a custom light-refraction spell, or magic contact lenses? Or does he rely on the ancient mystical art known as ‘squinting’?


  4. As usual, Klaus’s motivations are about as clear as mud. I wouldn’t be surprised if even he doesn’t know what he’s really after—he’s exactly the kind of person who would edit his own memory and/or program himself with subliminal triggers as part of his convoluted scheme.


  5. Why isn’t Rawen anywhere in the list of Klaus’s relationships? We know that Rawen saved his life and taught him how to fuse with yaljen, which seems pretty significant even if they never saw each other again after that.


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