Character Profile: Rawen

Name: Rawen Janaj He’Matke, Rowen Matker (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Desh’ekh, Rory of Acacia Lake, Southpaw, Lord Matchstick

Title(s): The Devil

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Build: Portly

Distinguishing Marks: Bad fashion sense, bad hair, occasional glowing

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Nathen Jerrel De’Kerken (soulmate), Lyren Techen Le’Carden (ex-boyfriend)

Family Relationships: Sheheren Janaj He’Sseri (mother), Mekran Janaj He’Tenddek (father, deceased)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Partner against wall, on his side, behind partner

Kinks: Asphyxiation, anonymous sex, body odour

Orgies Attended: Divine Orgies

Bio: The only son of two members of a clan of fire gods, Rawen grew up in the lands of Clan Janaj with his cousins and friends, living as reasonably peaceful a life as gods ever lived. He always found himself drawn to his best friend Nathen, and when Nathen went insane and began slaughtering everyone—including much of Rawen’s extended family—Rawen dedicated himself to putting a stop to that. As part of his research into how to stop that, he discovered that half of his family were death gods, a much more powerful medium than fire and, based on the conclusion that that power came from his father, Rawen learned death-based magic and killed Mekran in order to inherit his powers. Unfortunately he was mistaken about which parent he needed to kill and ended up having to flee his clan. Rawen became integral in the gods’ plan to stop Nathen at Thunder’s Falls, writing and triggering the spell that was meant to stop Nathen in his tracks but which ended up killing everyone in the city. Betrayed, Rawen abandoned the cause after Nathen’s death, going into hiding until he saw an opportunity to make an alliance with a desperate human named Klaus to reorient the ensuing war so that humans wouldn’t be wiped out. When that became one in the long line of failures that characterized Rawen’s life, he left them to their own devices as well, satisfied that at least the human race wasn’t going to go extinct and distracted by the fact that Nathen had been reincarnating. Rawen has spent most of his time since then drifting, trying to obtain his mother’s powers, tracking Nathen’s endless reincarnations, and working on new plans to bring his soulmate back and return the world to what he believes it should be, all of which seem destined to go just about as well as any of Rawen’s past attempts to do something meaningful. 


  • Rawen always knew Nathen was different from everyone else, but wishes that that difference could have manifested in a different way
  • Rawen is rare for a god in that he can use two media to access his power. He is remarkably powerful in both fire and death magic
  • Rawen has never slept well for his whole life. He is plagued with nightmares that keep him awake
  • Rawen started dating Lyren to help him forget about Nathen during the period when Nathen was killing everyone. It didn’t work
  • When Nathen started being called God, Rawen started telling people he was the devil as a joke. He regrets this now
  • Unlike many other gods, Rawen has remained consistently in human disguise for the entire period of time since the Catechism Wars, moving on when his continued youth became suspicious
  • Rawen observes much of what he deems important through the eyes of birds. He learned the spell to do this from his ex-boyfriend Lyren
  • The summit at Thunder’s Falls wasn’t Rawen’s idea, but the spell was—though he had help from Keden Nesek De’Jeren to write it
  • Rawen has interfered in human affairs numerous times over the centuries, often to long-lasting effects, such as when he aided in the initial formation of the empire, or when he convinced a former king of Enjon to launch what became the first wave of the Flame War
  • Among those who know he is alive, there is debate over whether Rawen has given up and is just drifting, or whether he is biding his time as part of some elaborate plan. The only exception to this is Rawen’s mother, who knows the answer and doesn’t need to wonder


  • “I’ve always thought Har’chezt was too melodramatic a language, honestly, and I don’t understand why people persist in clinging to its lexicon.”
  • “Humans can’t win this war, Klaus. They need help.”
  • “Don’t worry, you’re not in danger.”
  • “I guess it doesn’t mean anything when they call me the devil.”
  • “I don’t have specific pet birds. Don’t worry too much about it.”
  • “I just want to help my friend.”
  • “Do me a favour. Just…don’t forget about me. Please? Think about me sometimes.”
  • “I don’t usually wear those out of the house. They clash with all my outfits.”
  • “Contrary to what you might think, I’m not actually interested in starting the apocalypse.”
  • “I don’t care about the Sorcerer King. I care about the powers behind him. If you look closely enough, you’ll start to see that most conflicts in your world are just proxy wars being fought between powers too big for you to understand.”
  • “Are you just going to ignore me?”
  • “You know, I spend all this time waiting to meet you again and as soon as I do, I remember how fucking annoying you are.”
  • “I’m not a monster.”


  • Rawen kept a dragon as a pet for many years when he was a boy. It eventually tried to kill him and escaped
  • Rawen has three testicles
  • From a young age, Rawen was expected to suck his father off for one full unbroken hour a day, which he did daily until he killed Mekran
  • As children, Rawen and Nathen used to play a game where they pretended they’d created the universe and had to run it. They always disagreed about the best way to do so
  • Rawen visited the tower many times before its destruction. He found it extremely unsettling
  • Rawen and Nathen had sex frequently and did all manner of sexual things together. Anything experimental they did was always Rawen’s idea
  • Rawen doesn’t breathe
  • Rawen’s favourite pastime is reading. He has read almost everything ever written, but has never succeeded at writing his own books
  • Once during sex on a balcony, Rawen and Lyren fell off and landed on the ground seven storeys below. Rawen later complained of the bruise on his dick for many weeks
  • Rawen keeps a journal of details of all of Nathen’s incarnations, trying to find patterns common between them

Modern AU: Modern Rowen was a student of the occult and collector of oddities, living in a cluttered basement apartment with a pet lizard named Ozymandias, when his best friend Nathaniel suddenly went crazy and became a serial killer for no good reason. Somewhat shaken by this, Rowen tried to convince Nathaniel to stop murdering people all over the place, with no success. He never told the police about Nathaniel’s crimes, and when he was interrogated after Nathaniel was arrested, he claimed not to have known about them. Rowen wasn’t allowed to visit Nathaniel in prison, but he did write him frequent letters. Rowen disappeared on Christmas Day, 1960, five days before Nathaniel escaped captivity and went into hiding. Nobody has officially seen him since, though recent photographs of him do exist, and he does not seem to have aged in them. Prior to his alleged involvement in violent crime sprees, Rowen was known to have liked antique shops and libraries, as well as underground fetish clubs and amateur candlemaking. 

16 thoughts on “Character Profile: Rawen

  1. Rawen seems to be quite an unfortunate person (god). I had the feeling of pity for him before, even if just a tiny bid, but he gives quite a sad vibe.


      1. Also has no ability to take responsibility for his own actions. Half the stuff he’s miserable about is his own fucking fault, and yet he constantly plays the victim as if he’s not the one who, entirely on his own initiative, decided to murder his father for power—and then, when that failed, go after his mother too. (Also, what idiot sees someone go on a god-killing rampage and decides that doing some god-killing of his own is a viable solution?) So yeah, no sympathy from this quarter.


        1. No Sympathy for the Devil from you? The Rolling Stones would be sad…

          But yes, you’re right. Most of Rawen’s problems are his own fault either through naivete, stupidity or laziness, and generally he tries to solve them and makes them worse, haha. Thanks!


          1. It would be one thing if he showed signs of acknowledging his failings. But no, it’s always “they tricked me” this, “I had no choice” that…always boiling down to “how dare you hold me accountable for my actions, can’t you see that I’m the victim here? Those orphans basically threw themselves under my knife and dragged my hand down to their chests, and how was I supposed to know that a bloody sacrificial ritual would have unpleasant side effects anyway?”

            Until Rawen starts owning up and taking responsibility, he gets nothing but contempt and disgust from me.


            1. I think that’s a very fair approach. He definitely takes very little and often no responsibility for his own behaviour and acts like actions don’t have consequences, at least for him. It’s really very childish all around.


  2. How much of Rawen’s…Rawen-ness is down to him being the Left Hand of Creation and embodiment of the primal force of Chaos? Because we’ve seen with Cal that that sort of thing doesn’t necessarily have to dictate your whole entire personality, but on the other hand I find it difficult to believe that someone being this much of a hopeless disaster is entirely natural.


    1. A good portion of it is just because Rawen is a loser, but I do think there’s a good amount of Left Hand of Creation informing his personality, probably moreso than there is with Cal and the Right Hand, to be honest.


  3. I think the most tragic thing about Rawen is how unnecessary his biggest mistakes were. He didn’t need to kill his father or sacrifice a city or fuse a dying spider with a dying spider to be a match for Nathen; he’s already his equal and opposite. The power was quite literally inside him all along.


    1. I agree, that’s probably the biggest tragedy in Rawen’s life. Literally none of this needed to happen, but at every turn he makes the worst possible decision in order to make happen something that was literally already true. It’s just dumb.



  4. So Rawen being the devil started because of a joke he made…it fits haha.

    Though what’s with this talk about Left Hand of Creation?

    And the gods have strange cultures if he’s expected to suck his father off everyday.


    1. Yes, it does! Poor Rawen can’t make a simple joke without it being theologically relevant for the entire history of civilization, ahaha.

      The Left Hand of Creation stuff is something that has come up recently in one of the stories in reference to him. 🙂

      I think Rawen having to suck his dad off every day was probably less because of the gods’ culture and more just because Mekran wanted blowjobs from his son every day, to be honest. 😛


      Liked by 1 person

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