Character Profile: Amy

Name: Amy of Dark’s Hold, Amy Darke (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: N/A

Title(s): Company Spider #665, Crab Company

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Build: Thick, tall

Distinguishing Marks: Slashing scars across her back, crab tattoo on her shoulder

Vagina Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): N/A

Family Relationships: Abram and Hannah of Dark’s Hold (parents, deceased), Aaron of Dark’s Hold (brother, status unknown), Ham of Dark’s Hold (brother, deceased), the Crab Company (found family, deceased)

Sexuality: Asexual

Preferred Positions: N/A

Kinks: N/A

Orgies Attended: N/A

Bio: Born to a blacksmith and a stablemaster in the town of Dark’s Hold, Amy and her two brothers were destined to enter the service of the local god Vetnel Aeker Me’Nardi in some fashion. That happened far before they expected it to when she and her twin Aaron manifested spider powers and were pressed into service in Vetnel’s Crab Company. There, Amy ended up fighting in a pointless war that took too many of her friends from her and that she could see was slowly taking her brother, who was always the more powerful of the two of them. When it came time for a peace summit at the city of Thunder’s Falls, Amy went gratefully, hoping the fighting would be over, but unable to shake the feeling that they were marching into something far worse. 


  • Amy always knew she was a spider, even before her powers manifested
  • As a child, Amy always liked to imagine that she could talk to animals, and that they could talk back
  • Amy wasn’t as powerful as her brother, but she was the more creative spider of the two
  • Amy never considered the possibility that she or her brother might die in combat—she always knew the Web would kill them if they were going to die
  • Amy never fully realized her oracular power, though she did realize that she knew things others didn’t
  • Amy never believed she’d leave the Crab Company, but she’d hoped Aaron might
  • Across the company Amy had a reputation for being a hard worker; she rarely took breaks
  • Amy was fully trained in swordplay like her brother, but also proficient in hand-to-hand combat
  • Unlike most spiders, Amy never picked up the habit of moving her hands when she was touching the Web. This used to unnerve people, who found her use of magic uncanny
  • Amy used to cast protective spells over the Crab Company to ensure good sleep with no nightmares


  • “I’m sorry to interrupt. I heard you singing.” 
  • “I have a brother, and friends.”
  • “I’ll be happy once the war ends and takes my brother and my friends out of danger.”
  • “No, I don’t think that at all. I don’t think we have it in us to worry about the whole world, so we worry about the people we care about. It’s the only way not to go insane.”
  • “Hello, Meryan. It was nice to meet you.”
  • “Yes, I do, Meryan. I was glad to meet you too. I’ll see you soon.”


  • Amy could walk on her hands for over an hour
  • When Amy was little, she liked to pretend that she was the reincarnation of a moon princess who was in the world to fight evil
  • Amy and Aaron compared development in their bodies as they got older, but she was never interested in touching him. She once let a girl she knew from their neighbourhood touch her, but she didn’t like it enough to do it a second time
  • Animals without legs freaked Amy out, and she refused to bathe in rivers if there were fish nearby
  • For reasons nobody ever knew, Amy wore out boots faster than anyone in the Crab Company
  • Whenever the Crab Company passed by a mountain, Amy was struck with the urge to climb it
  • Nobody ever taught Amy to read, but she knew how, and it was a skill she taught to both her brothers
  • Amy and Ham used to team up to make sure that Aaron ate properly
  • Amy could fly using the Web, and was often used as a messenger for that reason
  • During the war, Amy developed a spell that would render a person permanently capable of having an unlimited number of orgasms in a row without pain or negative consequences, but she never told anyone about it because she decided it was useless

Modern AU: Modern Amy was a violinist and high school student who was more than talented enough to make a career out of her music. She had been accepted into a prestigious music programme early, but chose to stay in school the last few years until her brother could graduate. Unfortunately, in the spring of 1964, Amy was in the library with her brother and friend when an explosive went off, killing her. Prior to her death, Amy played soccer and baseball, and was known to dislike modern music, but frequently attended classical concerts and operas, of which she was a big fan. 

4 thoughts on “Character Profile: Amy

  1. “Amy developed a spell that would render a person permanently capable of having an unlimited number of orgasms in a row without pain or negative consequences, but she never told anyone about it because she decided it was useless”

    Isaac disagrees. Vehemently.

    So do most of the rest of the cast, but Isaac in particular.


    1. Yes, Isaac would be absolutely horrified to learn that someone had thrown away such critical knowledge. He’s not normally into cancel culture, but Amy might have to be cancelled for that one.



  2. How common is it for an oracle to also be a magic-user of some stripe? Did this change one way or the other after the shattering of the Web?


    1. Back in the day about half of oracles were magic users. The talents of oracles started to decline after the shattering of the Web so they’re way less common now than they used to be (which is saying something), but the overlap between oracles and magic-users has increased to about sixty percent since then, which may just be because now that the Web isn’t dangerous anymore, fewer magic users are dying before they can develop their powers.



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