Nicholas/Many Others, Liking Girls

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Nicholas yawned, humping his pillow a little as Chester fucked him. It was early morning and they were just getting in the only kind of exercise his roommates could handle before heading to breakfast.

“Bored?” Chester asked, giving a hard thrust.

Nicholas snickered. “Just stretching.”

“Don’t stretch too much, you’re nice and tight back here,” Chester said, squeezing Nicholas’s butt. “You’re just as good as a girl, you know.”

“Nah,” Nicholas disagreed, gasping a little as Chester hit him right. “Girls are better. That’s why I like them instead of boys.”

Chester snorted, gave a harder thrust. “Okay. Oh, Duke asked me to remind you to suck him off at breakfast.”

Nicholas nodded. “Yeah, I remember. You going to cum soon?”

“Yeah, you?”


They did, and started their day nicely stretched and warmed up.

“You have plans tonight?” Isaac asked, fucking Nicholas against a wall at lunchtime.

“Yeah,” Nicholas said, while Isaac kissed his neck. He liked that. “Yeah, uh, I have a date with Bianca.”

“Yeah? What are you going to do?”

“Have sex, I’m pretty sure.” She’d made it pretty clear what she wanted.

Isaac snickered, slowing down. “Should we stop, then? I wouldn’t want you out of juice by the time you get to her and I know Thomas still wants a turn before we go back to class.”

Nicholas shook his head. There was no reason to be silly about it. “No, I’ll be fine. I always have energy for sex with Bianca.”

“Oh, yeah? I’m sure I could drain you of that if I tried,” Isaac said, reaching around and jerking Nicholas off as he picked the pace back up.

Nicholas whimpered as he came against the wall. “No,” he managed. “That’s how liking girls works. You always have energy for them.”

“Makes sense, I guess. I always have energy for boys. Hey, can I cum on your face?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Nicholas, letting Isaac pull out. He got down on his knees for his face paint, grateful to have such a supportive boyfriend.

Nicholas was on his hands and knees in the shower room, Colby in his mouth and Jackie up his ass. They fucked him back and forth, a practiced rhythm between them as they thrust in and out of him, hands on Nicholas to keep him in place.

Footsteps approached them. “Can I have a turn when you’re done?” Ezekiel asked Jackie.

“Yeah, sure. Don’t take forever, though, I think he has somewhere to be after this.”

“Where could he want to be besides here?”

“I think he has a date with his girlfriend,” Colby said, shuddering. His cum touched Nicholas’s tongue, filling his mouth.

“Nicholas has a girlfriend?” Ezekiel didn’t sound convinced. “I thought he was, you know. Like Isaac.”

Colby pulled out after Nicholas had licked him clean. “No,” Nicholas said, panting as Jackie picked up speed in his ass. “I like girls, actually.”

“Oh,” said Ezekiel. “So…you don’t want me to fuck you?”

“Course I do. Come up here and let me get you wet while Jackie finishes.”

Honestly, what kind of question was that?

“How was your date?” Aaron asked, balls deep inside Nicholas.

“Great,” said Nicholas, smiling. This felt really nice. He was a bit tired, though. “It was really good.”

“You had sex, right? Was it good?”

Nicholas nodded. “Of course. It’s always good with girls. It’s why I like them so much better than boys.”

“Never had sex with a girl,” Andy said from beside Nicholas. “What’s it like?”

“Way better than with a boy,” Nicholas told him. “It’s all tight and wet and soft and even when it’s just the dick, it feels really good all over.”

“Huh. I’ll have to try it sometime.”

Aaron pulled out and came all over Nicholas’s front, and the brothers swapped places. “Liking girls seems like a lot of work,” he said, as Andy slid inside.

Nicholas shook his head. “It’s way easier than liking guys, or at least I assume it is.”

“If you say so. Oh, we stole a few bottles of wine from the canteen. You want to drink some and invite a few other guys over for a gangbang?”

Nicholas nodded. That sounded fun. “Sure!”



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