Character Profile: Meryan

Name: Meryan Gendan Do’Rovva, Maryan Matheson (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Buzzkill

Title(s): The Maiden of Spring

Hair Colour: Honey brown/grey

Eye Colour: Verdant green

Height: 161 cm/150 cm

Weight: 58 kg/40 kg

Build: Dainty/frail

Distinguishing Marks: Deep burn scars across her face and down her left side

Vagina Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Nathen Jerrel De’Kerken (former love, deceased)

Family Relationships: Rovina Gendan He’Larrna and Memel Gendan To’Varna (mother and father, deceased), Aesha Gendan Me’Memma (sister, deceased)

Sexuality: Fluid, panromantic

Preferred Positions: On her back

Kinks: Blindfolds

Orgies Attended: N/A

Bio: Born into a small clan of nature gods, Meryan lived an idyllic childhood in the green hills that were Clan Gendan’s home. Described by others as airy and detached, Meryan lived in a world of her own, never quite seeming to connect with what other people were doing. At a fairly young age, she left her clan’s lands and began to travel seemingly aimlessly, following the songs through which she sang the future. Meryan became something of a legend in the places where she passed through, known throughout the land as a goddess of spring. Meryan was in love with a young god named Nathen, and suffered greatly while he was missing and everyone was trying to find him. In the city of Thunder’s Falls, Meryan hoped to see her love again—and did, for a short time before he died. She was changed forever that day, and never danced again. 


  • Meryan is known as a goddess of spring, but her medium is wood
  • It was unclear to the people around her if Meryan realized she could see the future in her songs or if she was so detached from reality that she thought it was imaginary
  • Everywhere Meryan went before Thunderfall, she left people happier than they’d been when she found them
  • Meryan’s hold used to be a field of flowers that spanned eternity. Now it is a small cottage on the edge of that field
  • Meryan always knew that Nathen didn’t love her as she loved him, but she was resolved to wait for him to change his mind
  • Meryan does not recall ever being angry until the first time she saw Rawen after Thunderfall
  • Meryan’s constant companion since Thunderfall has been an ornery grey cat whom she rescued from the rubble of the city
  • Meryan alternates between being heavily involved in world affairs and heavily detached from them, with no rhyme nor reason that others can perceive
  • Meryan contemplates suicide frequently, but is resolved to live until she sees through the death of her species
  • All seers of notable power since Thunderfall have met Meryan. Most didn’t think their meeting was remarkable or know to whom they were speaking


  • “That’s so kind of you. I was singing for my love. I’m finally going to be able to see him again.”
  • “A selfless thing to worry about. You must think me foolish. Thinking only of myself and him when so many have died.”
  • “No, that’s all right. I believe I’ll stay out here and sing a while longer. But I’ll see you there, Amy, in the city. That’s a promise.”
  • “The world is ever unfair.”
  • “I’ve been waiting for you three, for Armageddon’s Vanguard.”
  • “The ancient gods were vicious things, better off dead.”
  • “You don’t know your own name? You’re the Doomed One, aren’t you?”
  • “All things are answers. Many of them are simply answers we do not understand or, perhaps, like.”
  • “There is much cruelty in the world. If I must be the cause of some of it, then so be it.”
  • “Fate is ever vagarious. Very well, such are humans.” 
  • “Can you not remember? Your vendetta? Your quest to rid the world of evil? The war you sparked, the deaths that you caused. Your own death, at the fall of thunder, the cataclysm that followed, the Shattering? Do you not remember the end of the world, Nathen Jerrel De’Kerken?”
  • “I know what can be known.”
  • “Names are the most powerful thing ever given to living beings.”


  • Meryan has never had any grasp of time passing. She does not know how much time has passed since Thunderfall, only that it has
  • Meryan’s family was always very grateful for her innocent nature, but worried that because she was far, far more powerful than any of them, she might hurt someone by mistake
  • Meryan wouldn’t let men touch her, but did occasionally share touches with women
  • Though it wasn’t in her purview, Meryan always enjoyed blessing weddings and births, and the people she blessed often went on to be very prosperous and healthy
  • Meryan always grew gloomy when it rained
  • Prior to Thunderfall, Meryan would cry if she stepped on an insect. Now, she believes that death is a necessary part of life
  • Meryan dreams about Thunderfall regularly. The dreams are never the same, but also never inaccurate
  • Meryan is the only person on Nova who knows exactly how many gods are still alive and where they all are
  • Those few who know her are certain Meryan is not sane, but equally certain she is competent and careful
  • Many attempts on Meryan’s life have been made. None have succeeded, and Meryan has never retaliated, but nobody ever tries twice

Modern AU: Maryan Matheson was a born artist, a singer and dancer whose teachers were driven to distraction by her inability to concentrate on anything for more than five minutes. She was deeply in love with a young man named Nathaniel, and no matter that he’d gone to seminary school and no matter that he was a serial killer. This did not stop Nathaniel from blowing up a theatre with her in it, scarring her for life. Today, Maryan lives in a small house outside of town, seeing very few and sitting with her memories. People who knew her before the attack describe her as a kind young woman who enjoyed finding new things, meeting new people, small animals and all manner of song. 

6 thoughts on “Character Profile: Meryan

  1. “Meryan’s constant companion since Thunderfall has been an ornery grey cat whom she rescued from the rubble of the city”

    The lion? The remnants of the alien god? Another surviving god? An amalgam of multiple beings, possibly including all three of the above? It can’t be a normal cat, not if it’s survived for hundreds of years…


      1. So…. Is the cat CURRENTLY with Meryan? Because I remember a certain grey, ornery cat who happens to be currently living with a couple of certain beloved witch husbands.


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