Character Profile: Charlene

Name: Charlene of Winter’s Depth, Charlene Winters (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: N/A

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: White

Eye Colour: White

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Build: Skinny

Distinguishing Marks: Curved horns emerging from her forehead, short tail, claws on her hands and feet, extra finger joints

Vagina Size: Below average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Sheila of Whitearbour (ex-girlfriend)

Family Relationships: Chase and Delia of Winter’s Depth (parents, deceased), Darlene of Winter’s Depth (sister, deceased)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Tied up on the bed

Kinks: Bondage, blindfolds, chastity, discipline, masochism

Orgies Attended: Spider Company Orgies

Bio: Born in the subarctic city of Winter’s Depth to the owners of a small mine, Charlene spent much of her early childhood underground. One day, a cadre of gods and their followers made a move on Winter’s Depth in the hopes of making it their base, partially because it was fortified and mostly because they wanted the metals pulled from the mine. Charlene’s parents stood up to the gods, and their younger daughter, Charlene’s sister, was brutally killed as an example, leading Charlene down a path of revenge that, once she’d manifested her magical powers a year later, led to her joining a resistant army and then being recruited into the Spider Company. After her transformation, like many spiders, Charlene had some regrets, but carried out what she felt was her duty as best she could, until she started believing the stories humans were telling about a saviour, and she chose to disobey one order and prevent something very dangerous from falling into her commanders’ hands.


  • Charlene had an impeccable sense of direction, always knowing where she was and how to get home
  • Charlene had a particular affinity for bats, always enjoying their company
  • When the gods and their followers took over Winter’s Depth, Charlene strongly considered joining them until her family was attacked
  • Upon joining the Spider Company, Charlene rapidly discovered a talent for missions that required subterfuge rather than open combat
  • One of Charlene’s most lasting contributions to the Spider Company was that she was the one who ultimately chose the site on which to build the Citadel
  • When Charlene first heard that humans were worshipping Nathen, she asked, quite loudly, whether they’d worship a venomous snake if it bit people they didn’t like
  • Charlene and Sheila dated for about eight years before breaking up a month or so before Charlene’s death
  • Charlene was always uncomfortable in the Citadel, finding it too high off the ground
  • Charlene’s biggest fear was that the Spider Company would someday replace the gods as the rulers of the world, which she would have hated
  • Like many early spiders, Charlene often wore an illusion spell to maintain her human appearance. She very rarely took it off


  • Charlene’s transformation rendered her immune to all manner of poisons
  • Charlene never really wanted to be a miner when she grew up. She wanted to go to the moon instead
  • Charlene dated one boy when she was thirteen, but then cheated on him with his hot sister, to whom she lost her virginity
  • Charlene was mildly disappointed that she didn’t get wings when she transformed, not that she’d have liked flying
  • Starting when she began puberty, Charlene experienced frequent, irregular and heavy periods that she controlled with daily medications 
  • Charlene had an unfortunate habit of developing crushes on any woman who beat her up
  • For a few years, Charlene had a pet eagle named Tickles
  • One time at a party, Charlene decided to give a man a blowjob, just out of curiosity. In doing this she confirmed that she didn’t like it
  • The biggest mystery in Charlene’s life was the mystery of why it was that every mission she went on, she encountered a human man named Dane, who was never the same Dane as the previous one
  • For most of her life, Charlene was made fun of for her insistence that the moon was made of rocks

Modern AU: Modern Charlene was a construction worker who was one of the many working on clearing the rubble and reconstructing damage caused by Nathaniel Harkness after his killing spree in the early sixties. One day while surveying some area that needed to be cleared, Charlene was trapped in a small cave-in that left her in a tunnel not charted on any of the city’s maps. Charlene was never seen again and was declared dead two weeks later, though her body was never found. Prior to her disappearance, Charlene was known to enjoy scrapbooking and wrestling, as well as poetry, though she was bad at the latter. 

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