Gavin, Owen, James, Ron, Out of Character

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“Hey, let’s kiss.”


“There are cameras,” Gavin explained, standing in front of Owen for a kiss.

“There are always cameras,” Owen said. He leaned down, though, kissing Gavin, letting Gavin put his arms around him and kiss back, and they did that for a good minute.

It looked realistic. They’d had a lot of practice.

Gavin stepped back, waved at someone, and Owen waved in the same direction without asking. When they were done waving, he asked, “Who was that?”

“Some tourists. They looked like they’d come a long way, so…” Gavin shrugged.

Owen chuckled, put his arm around Gavin. “Okay. Well, now they can tell their friends they saw us.”

“Exactly. Wait, let’s go up and give them autographs and stuff, I bet they’ll think that’s awesome.”

“Sure,” Owen said, squeezing Gavin’s ass. They only got a few steps before they nearly collided with someone.

“Hey,” said James, who was wearing giant sunglasses but then a t-shirt that said I’m on your favourite TV show. He was with Ron, who was dressed like a human. “What are you guys doing here? We’re shopping, I found this great coat that I can’t wear because it’s too fucking hot, so Ron’s going to keep it in his closet so I’m not tempted.”

Ron just smiled his put upon smile. “Hey, guys.”

Gavin gave them both hugs. “It’s so good to see you with clothes on. Or at all. I feel like we never see each other on set.”

“That’s because we’re never on set together,” Owen reminded him.

“Rude, tell the writers to let you visit me sometime,” Ron complained.

“No, we don’t like visitors, remember?” James sighed, shaking his head theatrically. “Stay in character, Ronald.”

Ron rolled his eyes. “No. You guys want to get lunch? It’d be a break from shopping.” The way he said it made it clear he wanted this break.

“Sure,” said Gavin. “Oh, but we’re going to go give autographs to those tourists, they look like they’re really excited.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful,” James said, and he started pulling Ron over. “Let’s go, and then we’ll get lunch. Do you guys want Chinese? I kind of want Chinese. How’s Pax, by the way?”

“He’s good,” said Owen, as they headed over. “He’s doing weird things with macrame. I’ll tell you guys later.”

Owen took Gavin’s hand and headed over to the group of tourists, who were indeed very excited to see them. It was a good way to spend their rare day off.



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