Dragon, 92

When A Family Has a Plan in Place, Nothing Is too Hard to Handle

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“Okay,” Owen said, shoving Darby away from him one last time. The full moon had been in the sky for a few hours now and they’d been wrestling the whole time and even Owen had to admit that Darby’s energy was limitless.

Owen wasn’t tired, he could probably wrestle with a huge, heavy werewolf all night. But Darby kept trying to hump him every time he thought Owen wouldn’t notice a giant dog dick grinding against him, and it was getting more obvious that that was all he wanted to do, so that meant it was Edwin’s turn to do some wrestling.

Owen stretched out his arms, looking over at him. “You ready?”

“Yeah.” Edwin undid his pants, stepping out of them. Darby’s attention was still on Owen, and Edwin took off his shirt, coming over in just his smallclothes. He waved, getting Darby’s attention, and then took his smallclothes off, too. Now Darby was completely ignoring Owen, eyes on Edwin, who just smiled and brought his hands up. Let’s go, puppy.

Darby barked and leapt at him, even though that hadn’t worked on Owen once all night. Instead of catching him and crashing him to the floor like Owen liked to do, though, Edwin just stepped to the side, letting Darby crash himself to the floor, scrambling to get to his feet so he could lunge at Edwin again. Edwin moved aside a second time.

“That’s not going to work all night,” Owen warned.

Edwin shrugged, dodging Darby again. “Your son’s great, Owen, but I think you might overestimate his tactical awareness. Besides, getting caught is the point. May as well make him work for it.”

Made sense to Owen, and he sat down on the edge of the bed, since Darby and Edwin would probably use the floor for the first little while anyway. “Well, you’re the expert in werewolves.”

“Please don’t.”

“You know at least one intimately.”

“So does everyone else,” Edwin said, lifting his leg so Darby darted by him, crashing into a chair and getting tangled. Owen had no doubt they’d be replacing that chair in the morning. “See? He’s a two hundred pound horny puppy.”

“That’s my kid you’re talking about,” Owen teased.

“Yeah, your kid’s an easy lay.”

“I’ve noticed.” Owen gave a roll of his eyes. “Why not be, I guess. Sex feels good and makes you happy.”

“Yeah,” Edwin agreed. “That’s what I think too.”

“Well, you’re just a skank.”

“Oh, fuck you,” Edwin laughed. In his distraction, Darby tackled him, got him to the floor.

Owen grinned at him. “Like you’ll be able to do anything by the time the sun comes up.”

Edwin snorted, letting Darby lick his face. “I have tomorrow off,” he said, between licks. Darby was humping him now.

Owen knew that, because Gavin had made sure Edwin did. “They make you the head of Darby’s security, you’re going to mysteriously have full moons off every month, right?”

“Fuck no,” Edwin said, turning to give Owen a scandalized look. “I would never shirk my duties like that. I’ll take every full moon shift myself.”

“Yeah, I have no doubt that you’ll take it all,” Owen agreed, standing when the door opened. It was just Gavin, though, peeking in. He stepped inside. “Hey.”

“Hey,” said Gavin, opening the door a little more. Greg was with him, looking worried. They both were, really, but Greg wasn’t hiding it as well. “Heard you talking at the door and figured it was okay to pop in for a minute.”

“You came just at the right time,” Owen said, gesturing at Edwin and Darby. “Two more minutes and it would have been a very different show.”

Darby caught a scent in the air, lifting his huge maw from Edwin’s neck, snapping his head over to Gavin and Greg. Greg waved. Hi, he said, smiling nervously.

Darby climbed off Edwin, racing over to Greg way too fast. Gavin started to pull him to the side, but Darby skidded to a halt right in front of them, leaving big gouges in the floor. He started licking Greg’s face. “Hi,” Greg said again, holding Darby’s head in his hands. For all that he’d looked nervous, he didn’t seem at all afraid that Darby could easily bite his head off.

Gavin came over and sat beside Owen, helping Edwin sit. “Sorry, I know you were doing the sexy masculine werewolf wrestling bonding thing, but Greg was worried about Darby,” he said, though Owen was pretty sure Gavin could have reassured Greg just fine if he’d wanted to.

Owen nodded. “I don’t blame him. Seems like Darby ends up in a lot of pain before the sun goes down, so that’s his last mental image.”

“I figured it would do him good to see that Darby’s fine,” Gavin agreed. “And that you and Edwin aren’t getting hurt. We won’t stay long, I can see that Darby wants to get to work.”

“Yeah, Edwin’s not going to fuck himself,” Owen agreed.

“You could do it,” Edwin offered, leaning against Gavin’s leg. The boner in his smallclothes was very prominent.

“And leave my ass exposed to the horny werewolf?”

Edwin laughed. “He really does want to fuck you, doesn’t he?”

“He really does,” Gavin said, rubbing Edwin’s head. “It’s kind of funny, to be honest.”

“Glad one of us thinks so,” said Owen, watching Darby and Greg. Greg had his arms around Darby now and was hugging him, petting him like a big dog. Darby was sniffing Greg affectionately. “Honestly, if Edwin didn’t need the privacy, there’d be no reason for us to hole up in here. Darby’s not dangerous, he’s just big and stupid and horny.”

“Like you,” Edwin and Gavin offered at the same time.

“Yes, yes, you’re both very creative and interesting,” Owen told them. Darby was snuffling Greg a bit more now, whinging as he tried to get closer and couldn’t. Owen stood up. “Okay,” he said. “I think we should probably let Darby start sniffing Edwin again, before he starts ripping your clothes off.”

“Darby wouldn’t do that.” Greg sounded surer than he ever had.

“He wouldn’t,” Gavin agreed. “But he’s a little different from his usual self right now.”

“Darby’s always himself,” Greg said, but he did step back, letting Owen pull Darby away from him with a whinge. “But yeah. I’ll go. Thank you for…letting me see him.”

“You can always see him,” Owen told Greg. “I just can’t promise you won’t see him doing something inappropriate to Edwin.”

“That’s okay,” Greg said quietly, smiling to himself. He gave Darby a hug one more time, kissed his muzzle. I’ll see you in the morning, he signed.

Darby whimpered, licked Greg’s face again. Then one more time. Greg retreated to the door, and Gavin joined him, kissing Owen’s cheek on the way by. “If Darby catches you off guard I want to hear all the details in the morning,” he teased.

Owen pinched his ass. “Have a good night.”

“I will. Greg and I are going to play cards.”

Greg gave one last look at Darby before stepping out of the room and shutting the door. Darby whinged at it, scratching once or twice before turning and pouting at Owen, which was surprisingly clear given that he had a huge wolf’s muzzle.

Owen rolled his eyes. You’ll see him in the morning.

Darby yapped and jumped at Owen again, and Owen caught him, tossing him to the side, and he tried to jump on Edwin, who was ready for him and rolled him over, putting him in a headlock. “Yeah, I’m going to top you tonight, how does that feel?” Edwin asked, letting go of his wrist to reach down and pull his dick out, which Owen could see from here weakened his grip.

Needless to say, Owen wasn’t surprised when two seconds later Edwin was on his belly and Darby was on top of him again, tearing his smallclothes away and licking his ass, getting his tongue in the crack. That was awfully thoughtful of him, even if Owen had stretched Edwin himself earlier.

That was all the preparation Edwin got, and he had about two seconds to get up on his hands and knees before Darby was inside him, and Owen winced at how fast it was. That had to sting.

Edwin didn’t seem to mind, though, so Owen just sat down on the bed. He didn’t really need to watch them, he was sure Darby wouldn’t hurt Edwin, at least not on purpose. It was very possible to hurt someone by accident, though, and Darby really did have even less control than usual, so he stayed. Edwin looked up at him, smiling. “Enjoying the show?”

Owen snorted. “Thinking it might be fun to have Erik put you through a bunch of drills tomorrow.”


“That’s me.”

“You’re also hard,” Edwin pointed out. Owen was, straining against his pants. “You’re getting off on watching your son fuck me.”

“Nah,” Owen said, squeezing his cock through his pants. “I’m getting off on seeing you on your hands and knees.”

“Remember I offered you a blowjob last time?” Edwin asked. “Still there if you want it.”

Owen thought about it for a second, looking at Darby. Then he shrugged, pulling his cock out of his pants. “Little brother enjoys the idea of a father and son doing him together, huh?”

“Do you…want a blowjob or not?” Edwin was probably just whinging from a lucky thrust.


Edwin moved closer, and Darby growled. “Oh, stop,” Owen said, tapping Darby’s head. I saw him first.

Darby relented, went back to pounding Edwin’s ass as Edwin started sucking Owen. It wasn’t as weird as it could have been, Owen decided. It was pretty good, all things considered.

The full moon shone its light down on them, and the three of them stayed up all night.

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