I was wondering, what’s your schedule?

I update the story every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 PM EST (give or take a few minutes). I also post bonus content Monday, Wednesday and Friday, also at 10:30 PM EST.

I break the story into two halves for posting purposes: Dragon, Witch, Team, Chosen One, Stowaway are the first half, as well as the occasional short story (Renegade recently filled this spot but it’s finished, so as of this weekend, Pauper is also in this group), and are all posted in the same weekend. The second half is Knighthood, Villain, Slavery, Prince, Noble and Others, and in the past there have been occasional short stories added in here as well, and those are all posted on the same weekend. Every third week, I update the Moments collection by filling as batch of requests, before starting the cycle over (every once in a while there’s also a week of Modern AU updates as a fourth week before restarting).

I know that might be unclear, so for ease of reading, the breakdown of when I update each story looks like this:

Week 1
Saturday: Dragon, Witch, Team
Sunday: Chosen One, Stowaway, Short Story (currently Pauper)

Week 2
Saturday: Knighthood, Villain, Slavery
Sunday: Prince, Noble, Others

Week 3
Saturday and Sunday: Request fills

(Optional) Week 4
Saturday and Sunday: Modern AU chapters

On Mondays, I post reviews of various media written from the POV of one of the characters in the story. On Wednesdays, I post a new character profile, and on Fridays there’s a lore post. Unlike the story, which is posted both here and on Ao3, the bonus content is only posted here.

I hope that’s clear! If you have any other questions about this or anything, feel free to ask!

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