Character Profile: Giles

Name: Giles ven Sancte

Aliases/AKAs: Spyboy

Title(s): King of Dolovai; Chairman, the ven Sancte Foundation

Hair Colour: Grey

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 76 kg

Build: Toned

Distinguishing Marks: Boulder tattoo over his heart, sleeping cat tattoo on his left buttcheek, scroll tattoo on his lower back, scriptural verse tattoo on his shoulder, constellation tattoo on his right ankle

Dick Size: Large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Yancy of Heart’s Stone (lover/husband), Geneva ven Sancte (wife, deceased)

Family Relationships: Grant and Gabrielle ven Sancte (parents, deceased), Genevieve Blackspire (sister, deceased), Gabriel Huntrose (brother), Eugene Draughten (brother-in-law), Belinda Blackspire and Irina Huntrose (sisters-in-law, deceased), Archibald Huntrose (brother-in-law, deceased), Gerard ven Sancte (son), Grace ven Sancte (daughter, deceased), Georgina ven Sancte (daughter-in-law), Edward ven Sancte (son-in-law, deceased), Gavin and Gabrielle ven Sancte, Gloria Sanct (grandchildren), Gretchen ven Sancte (granddaughter, deceased), Owen Sanct and Franz DiGorre (grandsons-in-law), Grey Rain and Greg Sanct (great-grandsons), Isaac of Clearwater (spiritual grandson), Bartimaeus Blackspire and Belle Redwater, Iphigenia and Gary Huntrose, Esther and Mason Draughten (nieces and nephews), Ginny Blackspire and Brenda Archerloft, Isaac Glakken, Easton Draughten and Simon Suntower (nieces and nephews, deceased), Jolene Blackspire, Lorelai Archerloft, Thomas Swiftcurrent, Roland Glakken (nieces and nephew-in-law), Alan Redwater and Julian Draughten (nephews-in-law, deceased), Boris, Jane and Ben Redwater, Landon and Bradley Archerloft, Andrew and Allison Redwater, Imogen, Tabitha and Ira Huntrose, Randy, Rachel and Isabelle Glakken (grand nieces and nephews), Emmanuel Draughten (grand nephew, deceased), Juniper (co-worker)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: On his back

Kinks: Dirty talk, scandalous clothing, body odour

Orgies Attended: Old-Time Academy Orgies

Bio: The eldest son of the king of Dolovai, Giles was destined to be king from the moment of his birth, and he knew that better than anyone else had ever known their destiny. He was also destined to die before most of what he started could be completed, which he also knew. Giles was educated at the academy for magecraft in Three Hills, and is one of the only ven Sancte monarchs to have ever had magical powers. Giles was also a powerful seer, and knew that for the sake of the world he had to give up his true love Yancy and become king, where he worked tirelessly to avert the apocalypse, rarely confiding in people that that was his goal. At the age of fifty, Giles was killed by a poison that was made to look like stomach cancer, and woke up in a different world full of people he knew but who didn’t know him.


  • Giles’s oracular powers were the strongest Nova had seen in millennia
  • Twins run in the ven Sancte family, and as a child, Giles was disappointed that he didn’t have one
  • Sometimes in his dreams, Giles dreamed he was a different version of himself living in a different world. These dreams stopped when he died
  • Giles came to love Geneva almost as much as he’d loved Yancy, but never to the detriment of his love for Yancy
  • As king, Giles made sure to travel to every part of Dolovai, and to as much of Kyaine as he could. He felt it was important to see the world he was trying to save in person
  • Giles never in his career found it necessary to resort to petty evils to serve a greater good. He knows some of his actions and decisions hurt people, but he always did his best to keep the harm he caused to a minimum
  • Giles slept poorly his entire life. He developed poor sleeping habits at school because he did so much work after Yancy had fallen asleep, and kept those habits
  • Giles knew that he would move to a different world when he died, but he didn’t know anything about it. The uncertainty of dying was terrifying for him, and that was one of the only times Giles felt like a normal person
  • Giles spent his life stymying a demon named Klaus while pretending he didn’t know Klaus existed. He found this hobby very satisfying
  • Giles maintained his powers when he went to the new world
  • Giles’s favourite thing about the modern world is that he can be with Yancy, though he does miss Geneva desperately
  • Giles has encountered multiple agents of the Temporal Bureau, and maintains cordial relations with them even as he refuses to allow them to send him back to his time on the loophole that his body belongs in its current time


  • “I’m not the one you should be paying attention to.”
  • “I know how the world’s going to end.”
  • “When have you ever known me to lie?”
  • “I’m going to…take over for my dad when he dies next year. I’m going to have kids. I’m going to lower taxes, and I’m going to make overtures that will turn into a really important trade agreement for my son. I’m going to tighten slavery laws in the north, and I’m going to…do other stuff.”
  • “I don’t know everything. And I knew a lot of what was going to happen here, and it was still the best time I ever had in my life.”
  • “I’m never going to love anyone the way I love you, Yancy.”
  • “Me too, Yancy. I swear to God and everything else that might be listening that I’m never going to stop loving you. I’m going to be thinking about you on my deathbed. And you know what else? I know that we’ll be together again. After we die. Our souls will be reunited. No matter who we marry or meet or anything, you’re my soulmate, Yancy. And I know that we’ll be together in heaven.”
  • “We’re all so much more than we seem, everyone is.”
  • “It’s not fair, and it’s so selfish of me, but I…well, I would hate it if you forgot about me. Most things I can stand, but that I couldn’t, Yancy. I’m sorry about that.”
  • “I came here about twenty years ago. Our world is in very, very serious danger.”
  • “The fact that worlds are ending—ours and this one—is no reason to act as though they already have. Just the opposite, in fact.”
  • “I don’t know the full story, but I do know this. At some point, the Left Hand will wake the Right. And the Right Hand of Creation will attempt to unmake the cosmos.”
  • “Knowing that the world is more important than one person doesn’t mean we can’t look out for each other and take care of each other, Juniper.”


  • Giles had a pet cat named Persistence as a child
  • When Giles was very little, he used to get in trouble in church for telling the High Presbyter he was wrong about things
  • Prior to going to the academy, Giles sexually experimented with a few noble boys and girls, including his brother and sister
  • Everyone in Giles’s family knew he had some precognitive powers, but it was considered a family secret, not to be spread around. Giles never told his children
  • If Giles hadn’t had to be the king, he’d have liked to stay at the academy to teach literature, or to travel the world as a mercenary
  • Giles’s first penetrative sex partner was Yancy. He knew this before he met Yancy, but he didn’t realize how much he’d like it, and ended up making sure to have as much sex as he possibly could with Yancy while they were together
  • Giles and Geneva had an open marriage, and they both had a number of discreet extramarital affairs over the years, though none serious
  • Shortly after returning to the castle, Giles sent Yancy a box full of letters he’d written him to be opened on specific dates. Giles wrote letters to Yancy every week for the rest of his life but never sent them
  • Like all Dolovin and Kyainese monarchs in the last three hundred years, Giles attended several diplomatic conferences at Yoel Fortress, which he spent large portions of fucking a serving boy named Remi alongside his counterpart, King Franco DiGorre
  • Giles’s favourite trivial things about the new world he inhabits are Broadway musicals, pizza, the ease of access to pornography, the knowledge that there no aliens on the moon, dinosaurs and Celine Dion

Modern AU: Modern Giles is the former CEO of Saint Holdings, a conglomerate owned by the ven Sancte family. He grew up in wealth and learned responsibility from people he cared about, including his long-time partner Yancy, setting up a large charitable foundation and making sure to provide extensively for his community. At the age of fifty, Giles experienced a fatal stroke and died in his sleep, only to wake up a new man, quite literally, with memories of two lifetimes. Migrated into a version of himself from another world, Giles began working doubly hard to save both worlds, using whatever compassionate means were necessary to do so, and making allies of whomever could help him save his families and the worlds they live in.

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  1. Oh, I was waiting for this!
    So, basically, Gerard and Gavin etc. don’t know about his powers? Or the other way round, what do they know? Can’t be much, right?


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