Chosen One, 92

Being Open Minded Can Lead to All Kinds of Fun New Things

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Isaac kissed Peter slowly, not letting up as he went, exploring his mouth with his tongue. He was sitting in Peter’s lap, riding his dick while making out with him. They were on a couch in the dorm’s biggest common room, celebrating Peter’s birthday.

Isaac wasn’t going to let anything else that had happened ruin this for Peter. Klaus and everything else could just wait one day. Garrett had been sick this morning, but he was feeling better, well enough that he was at the party. Almost everyone Isaac cared about was here, and they were having a good time, and Isaac intended to keep it that way.

It wasn’t an orgy—yet—but Isaac and Peter weren’t the only ones having sex, or at least they hadn’t been when they’d started. Peter had been getting birthday blowjobs all day, starting with the one from Isaac that had woken him up and going all the way to just a bit ago when he’d gotten one from Colby right here on this couch. Isaac had climbed into his lap after for his own turn.

It was a good thing Isaac’s second present for Peter had been a nice spell to keep him energetic all day. A while after the party had started, around when people had started to take clothes off, he’d put another one around the room, which nobody had objected to.

He hadn’t taken his mouth off Peter’s since they’d started, and Isaac would happily have stayed here all night, but he didn’t want to be selfish and keep Peter from everyone else. So, when Peter started to squeeze Isaac’s ass harder than he already was, Isaac kissed him deeper, pushing all the way down and letting Peter cum deep inside him.

“Happy birthday,” Isaac whispered, breaking the kiss.

Peter smiled at him, lips still touching Isaac’s face. He let go of Isaac’s ass with one hand and started jerking Isaac off. “Don’t do that.”

“Don’t do what?”

“Make sex a present.”

“Why not?” Isaac asked, kissing Peter gently. “It’s something you like and it’s something I want to give you. It makes a great present. Besides, I didn’t hear you saying that to all the people giving you birthday blowjobs.”

“That was different,” Peter said with a chuckle. “But fine. Just meant you’ve already given me a lot.”

Isaac had gotten Peter a new writing board and a set of fancy quills in fun colours, and a pair of cute eyeglasses because he’d noticed Peter squinting at his homework a lot. He’d also gotten him some books about adventurers and a biography of Peter the Martyr, and a little painting of a sunset over Teown’s Sound that he’d thought had looked pretty, and a saint’s icon of Saint Moby, because Saint Moby was hot and had a big dick in all his icons. “I didn’t get you that much.”

“You know I didn’t just mean the stuff you put in gift boxes. You even invited girls to the party.”

Isaac had, indeed, invited girls to the party. It was working out just fine. Some of the people having sex were girls. Some of the people having sex with the girls were boys, which was wild, but to each their own, Isaac figured. Jessica had helped him do a second spell that would prevent anyone from getting pregnant while he’d been doing the first one. “They’re our friends too. And apparently some people like girls.”

“Uh-huh,” Peter said, giving Isaac a hard stroke. “You know, I was thinking I might have sex with a girl if someone wanted to.”

At least two of Peter’s birthday blowjobs had been from girls. “Go ahead,” Isaac told him, kissing him. “It’s your birthday. And also your life, you don’t need my permission.”

“I know. You should give it a try too,” Peter said.

Isaac came then, resting his forehead against Peter’s as he shot onto Peter’s shirt. He stayed like that a second, just letting Peter hold him. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too. Thank you for all of this, really.”

Isaac nodded. “I’d have done more if I could.”

“You did plenty. Now get up, you’re heavy.”

Isaac nodded, and stood, kicking his pants aside. He looked around, didn’t see the point in putting them back on now that others had taken them off too. The room was lit with some magic lights that were a little dim to create atmosphere, and were a little blue and green because those were Peter’s favourite colours. Hemi and Chester and Moira were taking turns playing music in the corner, and there was a table full of food, including the cake Isaac had bribed one of the cooks to make. “Do you want any food or anything?” Isaac asked.

“I do, but I’ll go get it.”

“You don’t have to…”

“You,” interrupted Peter, gesturing for Isaac to pick up his cane, “don’t have to spend the whole night babysitting me.”

“Do…babysitters usually fuck the people they’re…”

“Shut it, I’m serious,” Peter said, standing. He was grinning. “I love you too, and I’m so grateful I get to spend my birthday with you. But it’s okay for you to spend time with other people, it’s a party. I can entertain myself, I promise.”

Isaac laughed. He hadn’t been doing it on purpose, but he had been kind of monopolizing Peter for a while. “Okay, sorry,” he said. “I’ll go party somewhere else. Have fun, even if it’s with a girl.”

“I was serious about that,” Peter told him, pulling up his pants. “You should give it a try.”


“Have you before? Maybe you’d like it. Sex is fun, remember?”

Isaac snorted. “Okay. I’ll think about it.”

Peter kissed his cheek. “Okay. See you.” He went over to the table, started chatting with the twins and picking at the cheese.

Isaac watched him for a minute, but figured Peter was right. Everyone else here was also his friend, so he shouldn’t ignore them.

Everyone seemed to be having fun and nobody looked lonely, so Isaac wandered around a bit, saying hi to people, catching up a little. None of the still dressed people seemed to care that he didn’t have pants on.

Near the wall close to the music was Jacob, who was on his knees, sucking Gus’s dick while Gus and Ignatius talked. Gus saw him and waved him over, so Isaac came, leaning on the wall beside them. “Hey, thanks for coming.”

“That’s what Jakey’s going to say in a few minutes,” Gus agreed, grinning. “But thanks for inviting us, really. We never get to come to parties.”

“You’re always welcome,” Isaac said, looking down at Jacob. Jakey. A week or so ago he’d come to Isaac and asked Isaac to boss him around, call him that. Seemed like Isaac wasn’t the only one he’d asked.

“Jakey,” Gus ordered, hand in Jacob’s hair. “Would you like to say hi to your boyfriend?”

Jacob pulled off Gus’s dick, looking up at Isaac with a big grin on his face, his expression just a little distant. “Hi. Peter’s having a good time, right?”

Isaac nodded. “Yeah, he is. So are you?”

“Definitely. Iggy, you’re having fun, right?”

“Yes I am,” said Ignatius, nodding. He was wearing tight pants and a shirt that was open halfway down, showing off his cute collar.

“I like your collar,” Isaac told him.

Ignatius smiled at that, looking down. “Thank you.”

“I should introduce you guys to Jackie and Colby,” Isaac said, thinking aloud. He looked around for them. “They’re…there they are. Colby’s the one who’s, uh, on the floor acting like a dog.”

“Looks to me like he is a dog,” Ignatius said thoughtfully. When Isaac looked at him, he shrugged bashfully. “Just, uh. When you’re in character, you become that character pretty thoroughly.”

“So Colby becomes a dog,” Isaac said, nodding. He could wrap his head around that. “And you become Iggy?”

“Exactly,” Ignatius—or Iggy, Isaac guessed—said. He didn’t look any different than he usually did, but, thinking about it, Ron had looked the same in the forest as he had at the academy, just more naked.

“And Jacob?” Isaac asked, looking down at him again. He was just kneeling there. Waiting, Isaac realized. For instructions. “You become Jakey?”

“I’m…uh…yeah, I think so,” Jacob said quietly.

“You don’t sound sure,” Isaac said, just as quietly. He’d never heard Jacob sound so indecisive.

“Jakey’s still deciding what he likes,” Gus said, stroking Jacob’s cheek. “It can be a hard thing to figure out. Speaking of which, you can get back to it.”

“Yes, sir,” Jakey said, sounding more confident in that. He went back to sucking Gus off immediately.

“And you,” Gus said, pinching Iggy’s arm. “Aren’t you going to offer to fuck Isaac? You know he likes that.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” Iggy said, looking at Isaac. “Isaac, would you like me to fuck you?”

Isaac thought about it a second, again remembering what James and Ron had told him. Ignatius; he was perfectly capable of saying no if he really didn’t want to. So Isaac nodded, turned to face the wall beside Gus. “Sure.”

Iggy came around, undoing his pants to show off his clean-shaved groin, started getting into position, preparing Isaac, not that Isaac needed it. Once he was ready, he went still, waiting. Isaac looked over his shoulder. “You can…I mean, start now,” he ordered.

Iggy smiled and pushed in, pressing Isaac against the wall. This wasn’t so hard. “So you know a lot about this kind of stuff, obviously,” Isaac said to Gus.

“Obviously,” Gus said back, pushing Jacob further down on his cock. “You interested?”

“Well, if Jacob’s into it, I should learn a little bit about it. I’d like to help him figure out what he likes. You’d like that, right…Jakey?”

Jakey nodded enthusiastically around Gus’s cock.

“Iggy and I can come by sometime and give you some pointers,” Gus promised. “The main thing is that if you’re the boss, your only job is to make sure your boy stays safe and happy. And you have to figure out what that means for him.”

“Right,” Isaac said, thinking about Ron not cumming, going into the cold river. “It doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone.”

“Right. Iggy likes it when I hurt him. So I do that really carefully, because I don’t want to hurt him in the bad way. But if I do it right he likes it. I like it too, but that’s not the important part.”

Iggy was fucking Isaac nice and hard, seemingly not minding that Gus was talking about him. Isaac nodded, thinking he was following. “Because you have an agreement. That you both agreed to.”

“Yeah, exactly. You know more about this than you think.”

Isaac nodded again, shutting his eyes. Iggy was really good at this. Gus must have trained him well. “I think…I know another couple who’re into this sort of thing. I think I was an asshole to them by accident when we talked about it.” He’d been so put off by the way James treated Ron that even after they’d explained that they both liked it, he’d worried. Now he felt like a jerk. If Iggy got off on being hit and Jakey was enjoying being ordered to give blowjobs, who the fuck was Isaac to tell them not to like that?

James hadn’t been around the last time Isaac had gone for a witchcraft lesson. But next time Isaac saw him, he was going to apologize.

“Mistakes are easy to make,” Gus said, taking Isaac’s hand. “Don’t beat yourself up over it, not when you can find a boy who’s happy to let you beat him up instead.”

Isaac laughed at that. “Okay,” he said, falling quiet. He’d had people make assumptions about the way he lived his life too, hadn’t he? And it sucked. So he shouldn’t do that for other people. After a bit, Gus came with a gentle sound, holding his cock in Jakey’s mouth when he was done, just keeping it warm in there until Iggy was done fucking Isaac, which came not long after. Isaac came against the wall.

“Sir…” Iggy whinged, after a minute.

“Over here,” Gus ordered, and Iggy pulled out, turning. He came all over Jakey’s face, not getting a drop on Gus’s dick, and Jakey just smiled as he did it. “That’s my boy.”

Isaac turned around, watched them. Gus pulled out of Jakey’s mouth, wiped his dick in Jakey’s hair. “You did very well,” he said fondly. “Both of you.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jakey and Iggy said together. They both looked so happy.

It made Isaac happy too, so he knelt down, took Jakey’s head in his hands. “Hey. I love you.”

“I love you too,” Jakey said, grinning.

Isaac kissed him, tasting both Iggy and Gus on him. “I’m glad you’re having a good time. You be a good boy, okay?”

“Promise,” Jakey said, nodding.

Isaac pet his head and got up. “I’ll leave you guys alone,” he said to Gus.

“You can hang out if you want. I figure I’ll take them over to meet Jackie and his dog. Come with us, you could learn something.”

“I’ll pass this time,” Isaac said. “Say hi to them for me.”

“Okay. Jakey, you look hot. Why don’t you take off those clothes…”

Isaac smiled to himself and wandered off. The music had stopped, which was because Hemi and Moira were making out, and…no, both their pants were around their ankles, they were having sex. Chester was behind Hemi, eating him out as he went. Nobody seemed bothered, and there were definitely more people having sex than before, and Isaac had had nothing to do with that. Skip and Spencer were in the farthest corner, quietly kissing, Spencer’s pants down. Peter was bent over the back of the couch, Ezekiel inside him. Seth had been busy but had said he’d come a little later, but he wasn’t here yet.


“Hey,” Isaac said, to Garrett, as he passed. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m going to sit for a bit, but I’m okay. Shitty time to get sick.”

“Yeah,” Isaac agreed, nodding. “But it’s not your fault.”

“Nah, it’s yours,” Garrett joked, and Isaac’s gut clenched, because it was. Garrett looked at him for a second, and then leaned down and kissed Isaac, and Isaac forgot to be upset, because it was deep and nice and Garrett was holding him, oh wow. Isaac was out of breath when they were done, and Garrett stepped back. “I’m going to rest for a bit. Hopefully I’ll feel better later, and then we can…not rest.”

“Yeah,” Isaac said, feeling hazy. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

Garrett patted Isaac’s cheek, going to sit. He looked okay. He was okay.

“Isaac,” a girl’s voice called. It was Bianca. Isaac turned, found her over by the door, skirt up and Nicholas between her legs.

“Hey,” he said, smiling at her. “Having fun?”

“Yeah, turns out the boys’ dorm is pretty great,” she said with a smirk. “Might have to spend more time here.”

“Nobody’s stopping you,” Isaac said, wishing he had pockets to put his hands in. “But don’t blame me if you see a lot of guys fucking.”

“Well, I hear it’s basically all your doing, so I think I will blame you.”

“Guilty,” Isaac admitted. Bianca closed her eyes, hand on Nicholas’s head, and made a funny face. Girls’ cumming faces looked a lot like boys’, as it turned out, though boys’ faces were hotter. Well, Bianca was still very pretty, honestly. “So you’re enjoying the party.”

“Yeah,” Bianca said, slumping against the wall as Nicholas pulled away, wiping his mouth. “It’s fun. Listen, I was talking to Nicholas earlier. You want to fuck?”

Isaac blinked. “Who, you?”

Bianca burst out laughing. “Obviously me, dumbass. Come on, you’re fucking Nicholas, I’m fucking Nicholas, we may as well connect all the dots, right?”

“Uh…well, I’m not really into girls,” Isaac explained, having assumed this was common knowledge.

“So?” That was Nicholas, standing. He looked…heartier, Isaac thought? Than before. But maybe that was his imagination. It was so hard to look at him and not see him on that table in the library. But Isaac had to. He had to remember that Nicholas was the person in front of him right now with a pubic hair on his chin, not the…thing that had been on that table.


“So,” Nicholas interrupted, leaning closer, taking Isaac’s hand. “I seem to remember being told that sex is fun no matter who it’s with. And that you can have sex with a boy without liking boys. So it kind of…stands to reason that you could have sex with a girl and still like boys, right? Because it would be fun.”

“Wait,” Isaac said, pouting a bit. “That’s not fair. You can’t use my own horny logic against me.”

“Why not?” Nicholas asked. He was grinning now. Asshole. “Because you didn’t really mean it and just wanted to get laid?’

“No, of course I meant it!” Isaac did mean it when he said that. Why should who the sex was with matter if sex felt good anyway, and…


Isaac thought about it for a second, before nodding and turning to Bianca. “Fine, sure, yeah. I’ll have sex with you.”

“Great,” Bianca said, unbuttoning her shirt. “I’ve always thought you were cute.”

“You have?”

“You have?” Nicholas echoed.

Bianca smiled, and she gave Nicholas a kiss. “You can watch, if you want.”

Nicholas nodded, a tent in his pants. Isaac wondered if he’d cum yet tonight. “S-sure. I can, uh, give Isaac some pointers. Since I, you know, know more about this than he does.”

“Isn’t he a great boyfriend?” Bianca asked, slowly unbuttoning her shirt. She slid it off down her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. She bent over a little, sliding her skirt down as well, stepping out of it slowly, one foot after the other, moving closer to Isaac as she did. Then she reached around behind to undo the top part of her smallclothes.

Isaac nodded, watching her. She was pretty. He could see why Nicholas liked her. If he liked girls he’d probably also like her. Which he did anyway, just as a friend, was all. But liking someone as a friend had never stopped him having sex with them before. He took off his own shirt, just for something to do.

Nicholas patted Isaac’s shoulder. “Now, it’s not the same as doing it with a boy. You’re not aiming for the same thing. You’ll, uh, want to angle your hips differently, and…uh…”

Isaac glanced at him. “Uh?”

“It’s, well, mostly pretty intuitive,” Nicholas promised, red in the face. “You’ll figure it out.”

Isaac nodded, turned his attention back to Bianca, who was now naked, smiling at him. She was…definitely a girl, but that was okay. Maybe it was just because of what they were about to do, but Isaac was definitely still hard looking at her. “What’s the matter?” she asked him, taking a step forward. “Never seen a naked girl before?”

“Well…no, actually,” Isaac told her.

Bianca smiled, taking Isaac’s chin in her fingers. She kissed him, putting an arm around Isaac and squeezing his butt, pressing her body against his. Isaac’s dick rubbed against the wetness between her legs, more than just Nicholas’s mouth could account for, and he kissed her back, holding her as well. He could do this.

Bianca walked him backward, but if she thought Isaac couldn’t kiss and move at the same time, she was severely underestimating him. He stayed on his feet, letting her direct him until they were at the couch, which she then pushed him onto, falling on top of him, kissing him harder now, grinding against him. They were sitting on one side of the couch, someone beside them taking up most of the…oh, it was two someones. Peter and Jessica were having a good time and didn’t seem to notice Isaac and Bianca there, so that was fine.

“Your parties all turn out like this?” Bianca asked, kissing Isaac slowly, sitting in his lap.

“Pretty much,” Isaac said, between breaths.

She snorted. “I should start coming to more of them, then.”

“I think…nobody would have a problem with that,” Isaac managed, dick twitching.

Bianca nodded. “Good. You ready?”

“Yeah,” Isaac said.

Bianca lifted her hips just a bit, taking Isaac in her hand. He supported her while she did that, and then she slid down onto him, Isaac sliding easily into her. It, it wasn’t like being with a boy, that was for sure. But it was…good. It was a nice feeling, fuck. Isaac kissed her as she came back down, taking charge of the kiss as she took charge of everything else.

Bianca moved up and down on Isaac, not letting him slide out of her, holding his face in her hands as she kissed him. Her hair was in Isaac’s face, another thing rubbing him, touching him, a smell, a taste, even. Isaac let his hands roam, feeling her sides, her back, her butt, finding it really nice. His hands kept returning there, touching her there as she fucked him.

His dick had never been so wet, Isaac thought, trying to move along with Bianca, at the pace she was setting. She was making noises, which he was too, kissing him harder, pressing against him more and more. Nicholas had been right. It really was pretty intuitive, wasn’t it?

There was so much going on that he almost didn’t realize Biance was getting tighter around him, biting Isaac’s lip. Fluid ran down Isaac’s dick and onto the couch, and he held her close while she came, right on the edge himself, and when she relaxed, he gave one big thrust up and came himself, holding his head against her chest while he did. That was quite a sensation to rest on. Isaac liked it.

Panting, Isaac sat there, Bianca still in his lap. She was smiling at him, moving his hair out of his eyes. He smiled at her. “That was…good.”

“Just good?”

“You know what I mean.”

“I do.” She kissed him. “You were good too.”

“Really?” Isaac wasn’t sure he believed that.

“Well. It was your first time. You’ll get better.”

Isaac snickered, glanced over her shoulder. Nicholas was sitting there watching, eyes wide and a mess all over his shirt and pants, hard cock still twitching in his hand. He looked like he’d seen a miracle. “Nicholas liked it.”

“Good. So?” Bianca asked, leaning closer. “Just as good as with a boy?”

“Hm,” Isaac said, hands on her hips. Peter and Jessica were still moving beside them, not even looking up. He was glad Peter was enjoying his birthday. Isaac was enjoying it too. “I couldn’t really tell.”

“You couldn’t?”

Isaac moved his hips, thrusting shallowly up into her again. “I’d have to try it again to know for sure.”

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