Character Profile: Denver

Name: Denver, Denver Dickby (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Dember, Bloodeye, Shark Tail

Title(s): Morale Officer, Eagle’s Wing (former); Morale Officer, Coral Witch; Emvel Degmen of the Imperium of Ran Errevir

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Hazel

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 66 kg

Build: Stocky

Distinguishing Marks: Chunk missing from his left ear, marriage tattoo around his right upper thigh

Dick Size: Slightly below average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Louis, Alse Nonth-Mel (tidal husbands), Edwin Carpenter (husband), Pax anNatalie (best friend/knifebrother), Nate anNadya (knifebrother-in-law)

Family Relationships: Dominique and Alan (parents, deceased), Ada, Alex and Davis (siblings, deceased), Christian (cousin, deceased), Greg, Roderick, Daniel, Bradley (fellow trainees), Sylvester (trainer), Pascal, others (fellow trainees, deceased), Natalie anNadya, Sheheren Janaj He’Sseri, Cedric, others (crew), Hardin (captain, deceased), Oggie, several other Eagle’s Wing crew (family/crew, deceased), Persephone (pelican)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: On his back

Kinks: Praise kink, excessive sex

Orgies Attended: Coral Witch crew orgies, Eagle’s Wing crew orgies, The Great Pelican Bay Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born to a reasonably well-off vegetable merchant and her husband in Merket, Denver was raised on an ethic of hard work and began running errands for his parents and other merchants as soon as he was old enough to be on his own. One day while he was out running an errand, a fire started at Denver’s house, killing his parents, siblings and cousin, and Denver suddenly found himself a homeless orphan. Not unusually for someone in his circumstances, Denver was picked up by a city guard and sold into slavery, where he was bought and trained by people who wanted an assassin. Denver then fell off a wagon and escaped slavery, running all the way to White Cape, where he enlisted as a sailor on a merchant ship called the Eagle’s Wing. The Eagle’s Wing soon ran afoul of pirates and ended up being coerced into joining them, and eventually, as much as it hurt him to do it to his new family, Denver participated in a mutiny that killed his captain and allowed them to prevent a pirate attack on Pelican Bay. Now the morale officer aboard the Coral Witch, Denver is completely committed to his job and his crew—his family—and is doing all that he can to help them save their first mate and the world.


  • Denver was trained in knife fighting like all his fellow trainees, but after running away he also learned how to use a cutlass and a quarterstaff with frightening efficiency
  • Unlike all the other slaves he was trained with, Denver was literate in Daolo when he was enslaved. He has since learned how to speak Kyn and Gronnde and become mostly literate in the latter as well
  • Even now, Denver doesn’t have a particular aptitude for sailing. He’s passably good at everything he needs to be—except for navigation, which he excels at—but he knows his skills lie elsewhere
  • Denver has always been able to understand birds. Mostly they talk to him about food and wind, but sometimes he can prompt them to say something useful
  • Denver likes sex more than anything—when he started having it, it was almost entirely to avoid properly processing his emotions, which is a tendency he still has, but he does also genuinely enjoy himself in every sexual encounter
  • Prior to Oggie, Denver had never killed anyone before
  • Meeting Pax has given Denver far more confidence to admit the things he’s skilled in, and the desire to increase his skills in other areas
  • Denver is afraid by how much he loves Louis, and even more afraid now that he realizes he also loves Edwin. At the same time, he’s extremely comforted by both of these things. The fact that he loves Pax has never frightened him
  • Denver wishes he didn’t feel so awkward around Greg and Roderick, but seeing them makes him feel bad because he escaped and they didn’t
  • Denver thought of Oggie as a father to him. He’s afraid to tell Natalie he thinks of her as a mother sometimes


  • “A ship’s crew, it’s really like a family, yeah?”
  • “We’ll sail with you. We don’t need until dawn. We’d be honoured to join your crew, Captain.”
  • “Dragons clean up okay.”
  • “It’s racist to think someone has a big dick?”
  • “I’m terrified and I’m using my libido as a way to distract myself from it. Uh. Fuck. I’m an escaped slave. My chain broke on the cart as I was being carried off to be sold. And I ran all the way to White Cape. I was never in control of my life until then. And I was supposed to be a virginal sex slave. So the first thing I did was go and have sex with as many people as I could so that wouldn’t happen if they caught me. And. I liked it, and I kept doing it, and it was the first thing that I was ever able to decide for myself, and it was the first time I ever had any control over my life, so I kept doing it, and so. I’m using my libido to distract myself from the fact that I don’t have any control over this situation and I’m scared. I’m scared, Pax.”
  • “I do want to talk about it, dummy. I was doing the thing where I act like I don’t so you’ll make me talk about it so I know you’re really interested and at the same time affirming that we’re friends who care about each other.”
  • “I’m a big boy and just because he’s bothering me doesn’t mean I want him to stop.”
  • “I’m good at the part where dicks go inside me. Feelings outside of the orgasmic variety aren’t my strong suit.”
  • “What’s the point of being a mage if you don’t get magic sex powers?”
  • “Half the reason to go on shore leave is to visit brothels, and I make that totally unnecessary.”
  • “I’m very persistent. Not in a gross way. I’m not going to force you or make you feel bad or anything. But I know for a fact that your dick is going inside me someday, Pascal.”
  • “Just…always wanting to hold me when we’re sitting together. It used to make me feel trapped, but now I feel warm when he does it. And wrapping his tail around me. And glaring at other people, which I thought was because he was trying to own me but now I get is because he thinks he’s protecting me. It’s cute. And giving me food all the time because he worries I don’t eat enough. And sleeping on top of me, and talking about how strong he is and…I think I love him too. Is that weird? I feel like that’s weird after only a few days. I shouldn’t tell him that, right?”
  • “Okay, if I’m going to share my boyfriend with you, you have to be on my side when we argue. It’s only fair.”
  • “Orgies are fun by definition.”
  • “But you guys can always borrow me for a while when you need touching time.”
  • “I love you. As a friend.”
  • “I’m not an oral learner! I mean, I do learn really well with a cock in my mouth. But that’s the whole problem!”
  • “You’re always fine. You’re like the finest person ever. But sometimes we need to be more than fine.”
  • “What? You were naked when I got here.”


  • Denver’s very first sexual experience was a sixty-nine with his brother Alex when they learned about sucking dicks when Denver was nine
  • Denver didn’t want to be a vegetable merchant as a child, because he didn’t like vegetables. He wanted to be a candy merchant instead
  • Denver had many friends as a child, mostly apprentices and children of the people he ran errands for. He enjoyed working and rarely spent time just playing
  • Prior to his enslavement, aside from his sixty-nine with Alex, Denver had jerked off together with a couple of his friends and gotten birthday blowjobs from both his brothers, but had no further sexual experience until after he escaped. He had all his remaining sexual firsts with a group of five sailors he intentionally lost a card game to in White Cape
  • Denver wasn’t planning to become a sailor in White Cape; he was hoping to become an actor, but the sea called to him (which is his way of saying that he decided he liked the idea of being gangbanged by sailors more than the idea of being gangbanged by actors)
  • In his capacity as morale officer, Denver has had sex with the entire crew of both the Eagle’s Wing and now the Coral Witch, with the exception of Sharon and Natalie. This includes the female crew members, to whom he happily makes himself equally sexually available as he does to the men even though he’s only attracted to men. Though he does use medicinal aids to maintain erections on long nights, he is proud to say that he has never failed to satisfy even the most female of his sex partners
  • A startling number of Denver’s sexual dreams feature anthropomorphic animals and/or humans dressed as animals. A small percentage of them feature actual animals
  • Games of all kinds come naturally to Denver, and if he makes even a minimal effort, he always wins. He finds it a more interesting challenge try and lose as spectacularly as possible, and not just because he likes to place wagers that he has to pay up on
  • Whenever he’s in port, Denver takes a bunch of his money and goes to a brothel to hire a bunch of prostitutes for one night. He does it for research; he wants to know how the pros do it
  • Denver’s favourite thing in the world is to sit in the crow’s nest late at night while Louis is asleep and watch the stars with Louis’s wings wrapped around him

Modern AU: Modern Denver is a kicker on the high school football team, which he only joined because high school football players are hot and he wanted to see them naked. He rarely talks about his home life, and really appreciates Pax, Nate and his two boyfriends pretending not to notice that he keeps clothes and other possessions at all their houses and never seems to go home. He also pretends not to have thought hard on why they all made space for him in their places and gave him keys as well, because emotions are annoying and he’d rather just be horny. When he’s not with his friends or boyfriends, playing football or playing with football players and other people whose equipment he’s interested in, Denver works in customer service at Seaworthy Shipping and volunteers at a local exotic bird rescue.

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